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    A Simplified Guide to Web3 and the Metaverse


    Web3 and the metaverse are two concepts that catapulted out of the world of startups, venture capital, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in 2021. Now, many larger companies are exploring potential use cases and developing strategy for both Web3 and the metaverse. So we’ve created a jargon-free guide to these two concepts, and how they may eventually be linked.

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    Thought Leadership

    Winning in the Metaverse: 5 Lessons Learned from Gaming


    As more brands venture into the metaverse, they can learn a lot from the ever-evolving gaming industry. Here are five lessons to consider as you develop your strategy.

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    Should You Close Your Physical Innovation Lab and Open One in the Metaverse?


    A recent conversation among InnoLead members spent less time on brick-and-mortar innovation labs — and more time discussing the possibilities of bringing people together for meetings and collaboration in virtual reality, and some of the training and support hassles that produces. 

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    How Software-Maker PTC Prototypes the Future of AR and VR


    The $1.8 billion software company PTC makes software used to design physical products, and to connect them to the Internet of Things. In 2017, the Boston company created a new Reality Lab. Its leader, Valentin Heun, says, “We look at problems in the company that cannot be solved wth short-term business perspectives.” Heun talks about the lab’s objectives, metrics, and where it sits within PTC.

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    Leveraging Analytics and Envisioning the Future of VR at the Indianapolis Colts


    For decades, sports teams have relied on stats to track their performance on the field. Today, a growing number of teams are using more sophisticated data and analytics software to optimize their business performance as well. That includes the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, where Charlie Shin serves as VP of Data Strategy and Analytics.

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    Is Augmented Reality the Next Disruptive Technology?


    Entrepreneur and author David Rose shares his vision of the future of augmented reality. “What the web was in the 90s and what mobile was in the aughts, this is what AR will be in the next decade,” Rose says.

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    Disney CEO Bob Chapek Shares His Vision for the ‘Metaverse’


    Disney CEO Bob Chapek is looking beyond theme parks and video streaming services toward building an immersive digital “metaverse” — a kind of virtual reality environment that might enable Disney fans to take part in games and theme park-like experiences without hopping on a plane to Orlando, Anaheim, or Tokyo.