Video: Working with Startups vs. Working with Established Tech Vendors

By Collin Robisheaux |  August 5, 2022

Is it better to work with startups, or to work with established vendors, when you’re exploring emerging tech? Each one has upsides and drawbacks. In this video, we dive into how your organization can think through which might be a better option. 

“The huge upside of working with a startup is, startups actually tend to be obsessed about finding the real problem, and then building a good solution to that problem,” says Paul Gaffney, the former Chief Technology and Supply Chain Officer at the retailer Kohl’s. “The flip side of that is, as a large enterprise, you might actually confuse the startup about what the real problem is — especially if you allow the startup to spend too much time at headquarters, versus with customers and front-line associates.”

As part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series, we’ve spoken with leaders from across industries. Leaders from LPL Financial, GS1 US, Kohl’s, and more spoke with us about their perspectives on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

(Featured image by Desola on Unsplash.)