Thou Shalt Act With Humility

September 3, 2021

Innovators at large organizations are tasked with navigating uncertainty, and often are at risk for being fired if ideas fail to work out. One tactic for building the right relationships to sustain innovation, says Moisés Noreña, is deploying humility.

“Humility is another soft skill that helps innovators navigate a wide range of situations we’ll be facing,” says Noreña, the former head of innovation at Whirlpool, Allstate, and Moen. “If my team and I find an unmet consumer need that is worth solving for…that problem will drive the passion to overcome all the obstacles we’re going to find in our way… [But we must] be humble enough to put solving the problem ahead of any egotistic attachments we may have.”

In his seventh commandment, Noreña explores how humility can help innovation teams stay alive and create better experiences for end users. He also discusses the importance of being a “servant leader” at large organizations.

“[Innovators] must approach innovation as a practice that empowers others and develops qualities employees can use towards the success of others,” Noreña says. “This will contribute to your company’s prosperity. Your team’s and your own humility is one of the most important soft skills we can bring to bear in innovation.”

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