Suzi Hamill on the Power of Play

By Kaitlin Milliken |  July 16, 2019

Many people believe that playtime should be reserved for outside the office. However,  Suzi Hamill, the former Vice President of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments, shares how play can help teams work more cohesively.

“[Play is] something where you’re learning and growing,”  Hamill says. “You can explore new [ideas], and you can imagine things.”

During a conversation with InnoLead, a Hamill emphasized that activities should be tailored to the different personality types in each team. However, she said, successful incorporating play into work requires three elements:

• Curiosity. Team members need to be curious and willing to learn from their co-workers. Hamill encourages that teams participate with an open mind and ask questions.

• Time. “Time is a way of showing you respect this activity of…growing together,” Hamill says.

•Purpose. Team members need to see the larger purpose of activities, Hamill says, in order to find value in play.

To learn more about unlocking the power of play at your organization, click the video above or watch Hamill’s hour-long Master Class on play.