Storytelling Skills for Innovators

August 20, 2020

Telling a compelling story can help innovators cut through the clutter and garner support for their initiatives from across the organization. In this workshop, Evan Schwartz explains the different elements that make up memorable stories and other useful communication tools for the business world. 


Schwartz is an author and journalist, with experience at publications like MIT’s Technology Review, BusinessWeek, and Wired. Schwartz is also the former Director of Storytelling at the innovation consulting firm Innosight. This workshop is a part of our Professional Development Series.


According to Schwartz, while an epic adventure may have many storylines, all journeys boil down to a basic structure: A character goes from a situation that they know into the unknown, and defeats adversaries in that unfamiliar realm. He describes this structure in depth during the session.


Schwartz also walks participants through an exercise where they identify the common theme between their favorite movies. 


Watch the full video for part one of this workshop.