New Book: What It Takes to Succeed as a ‘Corporate Explorer’

By Collin Robisheaux |  March 7, 2022

Can big companies actually beat startups, when it comes to innovation? That’s the case made in the new book from Michael Tushman, Andy Binns, and Charles O’Reilly, Corporate Explorer.


We invited veteran corporate innovator Russell Rogers, formerly at DuPont, Lennar, and Blue Cross of California, to interview two of the book’s authors for InnoLead. 


Rogers asks:


• How do corporate explorers develop new concepts and businesses without creating confusion or conflict with others who are working to support the status quo?


• Is there a “right” number of ideas that companies should be seeking to collect? How many is too many? 


• How can you derisk new concepts as you ideate, incubate, and scale them?


• How can you avoid being held to the same traditional metrics used by the core business?


• Are insiders more effective as corporate change-makers than outsiders?


A 25-page excerpt from Corporate Explorer is available below, in PDF form.  

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