Blue Cross Blue Shield on Using AI to Accelerate Pre-Approvals

By Meghan Hall |  July 6, 2023

As part of our recent event, Leveraging AI in Business, we invited a handful of dynamic speakers to share their experiences working with artificial intelligence. Sim Kahlon, Director of Innovation at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, shared a case study of how his company partnered with Olive AI to speed up the prior authorization process, which is focused around getting prior approval for a medical appointment or procedure.

The team’s system, FastPass, aims to help eliminate inefficiencies in prior authorization by automating aspects of the process for patients, medical providers, and insurance providers.

“The way we were able to use AI, in simplifying, in automating [prior authorization’s] important steps… ended up not only admin saving, but also [cost] savings for all of us who were involved,” Kahlon explained.

Learn more about FastPass, which won an Impact Award in 2022, by watching the video, or download Kahlon’s slides below.

Video shot and edited by Pablo Minier, Longwood Media.

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