Data on Tactics That Support a Culture of Innovation, by Industry

August 9, 2021

What are the specific tactics that help foster a culture of innovation? We posed that question to 270 corporate leaders in early 2020, as part of our report on Creating a More Innovative Culture, sponsored by Kalypso.

This resource presents their answers, and allows you to sort by industry. 

How to use this visualization: Pull down the “Industry” menu at right to see which non-financial metrics are most often used in your industry. (First, uncheck “All,” select the industry or industries you’d like to see, then click “Apply.”) You can also click the “down arrow” at bottom right to download the data in various formats.

“Other” responses included:

  • “Publicizing new technology via press releases and other means.” (Professional services.)
  • “Measured forgiveness of failure.” (Automotive, transport and logistics.)
  • “A dedicated innovation budget, which is separate from the yearly budget cycle.” (Did not disclose industry.)
  • “Programs that support education on innovation methodologies and mindsets.” (Pharmaceuticals & life sciences.)
  • “Consistent messaging and branding that promotes innovation.” (Pharmaceuticals & life sciences.)
  • “Innovation as part of performance metrics and part of company values.” (Financial services.)
  • “All-volunteer approach. You must volunteer (without manager approval) to participate.” (Energy & Utilities.)
  • “Tying lean startup, design thinking, and agile together (otherwise they compete).” (Energy & Utilities.)

(Featured image by Kaleidico on Unsplash.)