Upgrading Online Meetings: Doodling to Communicate

July 30, 2020

This exercise from our “Upgrade Your Online Meetings” workshop asks participants to reflect on how they have adapted to working remotely during COVID-19. In order to share there stories, she asks that attendees draw their experience. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Suzi Hamill, former Head of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments. 


Take a few minutes to doodle the story of a time when you realized that you needed to change the way you work. First, separate a sheet of paper into three boxes for your story by drawing three vertical lines across the page. Label the first box “before,” the second “during,” and the third “now.”

What was your work life like before the COVID-19 pandemic? What was the moment you realized you needed to change something? And, finally, what does your work life look like now? Draw the story out (stick figures are okay). When everyone is finished, after three minutes, hold the paper up to the webcam and discuss.