Re-Designing Your Virtual Meetings

July 30, 2020

If you’re suddenly spending the entire day convening with colleagues in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, or another meetings platform, you already know the challenges of making them feel engaging and productive. As a host, how can you create the context for everyone to contribute, rather than tuning out or multi-tasking?

This workshop will show you ways to design meeting agendas and create the right conditions; get your team energized and connected; and elicit active participation. This session is led by Suzi Hamill, the former Vice President of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments.

This video also includes an exercise from the workshop, which describes how to properly open up an online meeting and get all participants excited. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation. 

It’s important to set accurate (and positive!) expectations for Zoom meetings as they begin. Hamill begins this session by telling participants that they should expect to move around and to play through a few exercises and ideas. 

Another Zoom meeting trick is to begin with some motion. Slowly roll your head in one direction for that time period, and then roll your shoulders for a few seconds. 

Finally, get out a pen and paper and prepare for introductions. In this workshop, Hamill advises participants to write three words describing how they’re feeling, break up into groups of three, and then share.