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Innovation Leader has partnered with XPLANE, the renowned “visual thinking” firm, to create a series of maps and guides that highlight some of the key choices and challenges in corporate innovation:

Innovation Illustrated: Measuring Innovation

Here’s Innovation Leader’s look at how you can design an effective “Mission Control” for your innovation work, along with questions to discuss with your team and senior leadership.

Navigating the Maze: A Guide to Five Stages of Innovation Evolution

Innovating inside an established organization can feel like navigating a maze. What can slow you down – or help you move forward fast? Here is a maturity model showing choices, activities, and risks to consider, based on Innovation Leader research and interviews with executives at Global 1000 companies.

Map: These are the Key Players — and Tensions — Involved in Corporate Innovation

In any organization, there are plenty of stakeholders involved with innovation, and plenty of dynamics that can prevent them from attaining alignment. We wanted to explore those forces — and create a guide to dealing with them thoughtfully. So we partnered with XPLANE, the renowned “visual thinking” firm, to create a map of the corporate innovation ecosystem, along with discussion questions to get you working toward better alignment and more impact. You can download it here…