PepsiCo Exec on Business Unit Ties & the Perils of Too Many Ideas

By Kaitlin Milliken |  December 28, 2017

Robert Perri, Senior Director of Innovation Strategy and Portfolio Management at PepsiCo, recaps some of the key points from his session at InnoLead’s 2017 Teach-In. In this video, Perri talks about the importance of budget, borrowing resources when necessary, and close ties between innovation or R&D teams and their business unit partners.


“Having your business unit partner there, alongside of your innovation team…when the idea is really starting to grow, is a key to success,” he says.


Perri also touched on the perils of collecting too many ideas from around the company. “The worst thing that can happen is you have this great kick off, you get thousands of ideas, and then you don’t know how to manage the influx of ideas,” he says. “These ideas don’t get answered, employees get dissatisfied, and it goes into a death spiral.”