PepsiCo Chief Scientific Officer on Innovation & Sustainability

December 26, 2017

In this video, Mehmood Khan the Chief Scientific Officer at PepsiCo, discusses how the company brings together experts to change its supply chain in order to create new products — like truly gluten-free oatmeal. Khan also talks about how the food and beverage giant integrates sustainability and innovation into a global organization.


Khan also touched on the challenges of obesity, and a global population boom. “We are going to have 2.5 billion more mouths to feed by 2050…70 percent [will be] living in cities,” he said. “How are we going to feed 9.5 billion people with less water, climate change, no greater land, and greater congestion? Our current systems and processes will not be able to do it. If our industry continues to do what we do today, we actually will not be able to meet that challenge. We’ve got to increase food supply by 40 percent, and yet not have an impact on the environment.”


For more information, read this interview with Khan, focused on how he has been reshaping the R&D organization at $63 billion PepsiCo.