How the Boston Celtics are Upgrading the Fan Experience

By Kaitlin Milliken |  December 28, 2017

Matt Griffin of the Boston Celtics recaps some of the key points from his session at InnoLead’s 2017 Teach-In, “How the Boston Celtics Leverage Technology and Data Analytics to Predict Demand, Set Dynamic Pricing, and Maximize Revenue.”


“One really great example has been, we do in-arena seat upgrades at all of our games,” Griffin says. “We give our fans the opportunity, if you’re in a balcony location and we have some seats closer to the court, to purchase those upgrades in real-time and move downstairs. It’s a fluid venue concept, where the seats you vacate are then made available to other fans. …[It’s] all done in real-time on your mobile phone.”


Griffin also discussed ways the Celtics are working to enhance the home viewing experience. “We created a second-screen experience called ‘Game Time Live,'” which includes box scores, stats, and chats “to help [fans watching at home] really engage and immerse themselves in the game.”