Video: How Do You Scout New Tech and Identify Good Use Cases?

By Collin Robisheaux |  September 14, 2022

Scouting technology can be an important part of innovation — but what’s the best way to do that? We spoke with leaders from large companies and organizations to discuss that.

Our leaders told us that problem identification is an important part of technology scouting. Without a clear problem to solve, new technology may be unnecessary.

“You should not be chasing for a use case to pilot a technology, so then it becomes technology for the sake of it. A use case should beg for a technology,” said Uma Meyyappan, SVP, Head of Digital Innovation at LPL Financial.

Once a problem is identified, there are multiple ways to bring in new technology — through startups, existing companies, or otherwise. Several leaders explained that having teams devoted to scouting makes clear sense in their organizations, rather than trying to identify technologies themselves. 

This video is part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series. 

(Featured image courtesy of Marvin Meyer on Unsplash.)