Ecosystem Relationships in a Low/No Touch World


Innovation like many other aspects of business is undergoing profound changes as a result of the global pandemic. While remote work has been a trend in some industries for a while now, COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated this movement for all businesses everywhere, in a timeframe that went from years to mere months. Companies are scrambling to modernize their systems, tools, and processes while helping their workforce to adjust to what is likely to be the new normal. 

Join us on Wednesday June 24 at 1pm ET for a panel hosted by Startgrid. During this interactive conversation, Rishi Roongta of Bain Innovation Exchange and Tom Wagner of AstraZeneca will discuss challenges when forming partnerships during lockdown — and how to persist. They will also share how they’re continuing to build and grow ecosystems around the world, and make meaningful connections with partners both internally and externally.

This session will explore the following topics:

  • Innovation agility in times of crisis
  • The increasing importance of local partnerships in ecosystem building
  • Gathering market intelligence to inform strategic planning including Black Swan events
  • How to stay aligned when strategies are in flux, and demand for new technology is increasing

Join us to hear from these thought leaders who don’t just talk about innovation, but are on the front-lines putting new strategies into practice.

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