Accelerating Innovation During Times of Disruption


Disruption. In the beginning of 2020 business disruption was largely viewed as an “Uber” or “Airbnb” taking mind and market share from industry stalwarts. Today business disruption is synonymous with COVID-19 closures and the corresponding economic slowdown. Join us on November 12 at 11am ET for a Master Class led by our partners at yet2 on accelerating innovation during disruption. 

Disruption is really about a change in business as usual. And it’s not always bad. In fact, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, there are some industries that are experiencing an unexpected boom. How do you accelerate your nine  to 12 month, or three  to five year innovations and put them into a compressed business schedule to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Attendees will hear from Stella Peace, Group R&D Director, Nomad Foods Europe, Europe’s leading frozen food company, and yet2 on how Nomad Foods Europe is accelerating innovation during this time of changing consumer choices as a result of disrupted supply chains.

This Master Class has passed. Watch our Master Class replays.