Our Podcast Recommendations for Corporate Innovators

September 19, 2019

InnoLead’s podcast, Innovation Answered, is back for its third season. You can find new episodes here, and listen to the trailer below to hear what we cover this season.  

Looking for more shows to binge? Below are five podcast recommendations for corporate innovators. From exploring the causes behind catastrophic failure to empathizing with the startup ecosystem, big company execs can gather tips to improve their performance. 

  1. Spectacular Failures — For innovators, “fail fast, fail cheap” has become a mantra. But what happens when you fail at scale? Host Lauren Ober guides listeners through some of the biggest corporate slip-ups in history. This show includes insights from founders, former employees, and academics. Start by exploring how Kodak went from prototyping digital photography to declaring bankruptcy, or how Schlitz Beer cut corners and lost favor with customers.  
  2.  Land of the Giants — Last year, Amazon became the world’s second trillion-dollar company, with a larger-than-life founder at the helm. Take a deep dive into the inner workings of the company. Host Jason Del Rey explores the company culture, what happens when a fulfillment center closes, and the company’s relationship with the law. Start with the first episode of the show, which explores the development of Prime and how it shaped the world. 
  3. Startup — Peek inside the mind of founders with a show that chronicles the trails of getting a startup off the ground. Produced by Gimlet Media, early episodes of Startup follow Alex Blumberg as he builds the, now acquired, podcast network. Subsequent seasons follow different companies on this journey. Listening to the show can help corporate innovators understand the anxieties that their startup partners experience. Start here with the very first episode
  4. HBR Ideacast — This podcast produced by Harvard Business School covers a wide array of challenges in the business world — from training to the importance of diversity. Get insights from experts in academia and the corporate world. The show also focuses on career advancement. Looking for a good place to start? Explore the three types of innovative leaders or the challenges in the hiring process, and their solutions. 
  5. Masters of Scale — While great ideas can come from anywhere, scaling requires expertise. Get tricks and tips on driving widespread adoption from the entrepreneurs who do it best. Not only will you leave with advice, you’ll also be inspired to build your innovation empire. Start listening with this episode about how Anne Wojcicki worked with the FDA when scaling 23andMe. 

Want More Recommendations? Here’s Our Members’ Podcast Picks