Google Execs Share Slides on Innovation, Culture & Hiring

By Scott Kirsner |  October 16, 2014

Here’s a must-view slide presentation from Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and former head of product Jonathan Rosenberg, based on their new book “How Google Works.”

Their premise: “Technology is transforming virtually every business sector. All the world’s media is online. Mobile devices can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Cloud computing puts a supercomputer in your pocket. As a result, barriers to entry that have stood for decades are melting away. Every incumbent business is vulnerable to competition and disruption.”

Schmidt and Rosenberg have a sharp eye for how things change as companies get big, and how powerful an established culture can be. “Most companies today are run to minimize risk, not maximize freedom and speed.” The design of organizations “is a vestige of an era when failure was expensive, and deliberation was a virtue.”