Job Descriptions: Technology Companies

By Scott Kirsner |  December 1, 2013

We’re assembling collection of job descriptions for a wide array of innovation-related roles, including in the technology sector. We hope it’ll be useful as you’re trying to build out your own innovation team — or to see how other companies have set up the innovation function, who innovation leaders report to, etc.

Director/Product Innovation, Samsung Electronics America

Position Summary

  • The Director of Innovation position reports directly to VP of Product Innovation
  • Director of Product Innovation will lead the New Concept Development capability development at PIT

Director of Product Innovation will be responsible for the following areas:

  • Supervise the quality of outputs from all innovation projects (including VD, Home Appliance and Mobile products) led by PMs. Primary goal for the Innovation director is to provide thought and strategic leadership in crafting the deliverables to top quality output.
  • Review. Critique, inspire and suggest best option forward for PMs to proceed with producing top class outputs
  • Identify and systematically establish training programs for PIT members to acquire and develop to have world class innovation management skills
  • Provide individual mentoring and coaching to each PMs
  • Develop new agencies and manage the quality interfacing with the agencies
  • This is a leadership role for supervising all PMs as well as providing leadership to build the overall product innovation capabilities at PIT
  • This is a critical role to provide strategic alignment with SEA and GBM and to build foundation for future growth for PIT to better support creative activities within North America such as with MSCA and UXCA.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Lead quality control of NCD projects as a subject matter expert and supervisor to all NCD projects (30%)
  • Identify NCD capability areas and proactively lead the development of assets in NCD activities (30%)
  • People management and supervise performance of individuals within PIT (25%)
  • Organize and manage collaboration efforts with other silicon valley creative Samsung organizations such as MSCA, UXCA & SDA and develop how to effectively work with SEA and HQ (15%)

Background /Experience

BS with minimum 15 years of overall experience or MS or higher with minimum overall experience of 12 years in creative strategic work in design development with major creative agencies, advanced product planning work with leading technology companies or creative business planning and strategy work with business consulting companies.

Years of experience preferred in one industries:

  • High tech or technology industry and product exposure: 7 + yrs
  • Innovation and creative work : 8+ yrs with higher degree, 10+ years with Bachelors
  • Project leadership or supervisory experience of creative staff: 7+ years

Critical skills required for this position:

  • Critical, creative and strategic thinking capability
  • Understanding new concept generation process
  • Understanding insight generation process
  • Strategic frame working form concept generation
  • Consumer research methodologies
  • Ability to run ideation sessions
  • Ability to synthesize market and customer insights and generated platform level innovative concepts
  • Excellent communication skills cross divisions and cross cultures
  • Passion for technology and good understanding of current technology landscape and issues
  • Good consumer research knowledge
  • Ability to create compelling creative story telling
  • Ability to understand business issues for product development
  • Patience and perseverance required for big corporation for pushing innovationBeing extremely resourceful in getting things done

Innovation Manager, Sonos

Traditional will not work. We are looking for a strategic and creative person who thrives on innovation and holds a belief in better. You will play a vital role by engaging with talented people throughout Sonos to radically amplify the way people experience music. You must believe that knowledge gathering and education are essential to stimulate and channel innovation, and intellectual property is a core asset in this high-growth business of audio technology. The individual will use their skillful abilities to stimulate, capture, and ultimately help protect the technological leaps at Sonos, and ensure that Sonos continues leading the charge to innovate in audio. This engaging individual will share a passion for audio and possess a desire to understand the Sonos business. The ideal candidate will be dynamic and flourish in a fast-growing organization that consistently challenges the status quo.


  • Interface regularly with individuals across the organization to stimulate innovation and creative thinking
  • Develop ways to energize cross-disciplinary teams to push technological boundaries and enhance the user experience
  • Work with relevant teams to determine innovation development strategies
  • Capture and document innovation
  • Gather in-depth knowledge from the patent database and inject the knowledge back into the organization
  • Work with counsel to prepare and/or prosecute patent applications on a global stage


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree required, advanced degree preferred (Master’s, Ph.D., or JD)
  • Have a technical background in engineering, physics, or computer science
  • Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills
  • Possess a strong desire and innate ability to collaborate with people
  • Ability to synthesize challenging technical concepts
  • Passion for music and strong desire to provide the ultimate home music experience
  • Willingness to travel to Sonos locations