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Navigating Priority Changes at Your Company


Innovation teams are facing budget cuts and changes in strategy. Brant Cooper shares how teams can navigate priority changes and get inside the minds of senior leaders.


The 5 Trends Guiding the Food Industry Right Now


In this Master Class, Samuel Gibbon of Patsnap discusses where VCs are investing in the food industry right now, what consumer trends have emerged as a result of the lockdown, and more.


Video: Highlights from Digitizing the Innovation Team


Alex Slawsby of Innovation Leader, shares highlights from the recent “Digitizing the Innovation Team” report. Get best practices for integrating new tools into your organization.


Making the ROI Case for Digital Innovation Tools


Amy Kramer of Maritz Global Events shares the Executive Dashboard structure she uses to clearly communicate the value her team is creating in the current climate.


Here’s Our List of 2020 Impact Award Winners


A list of winners from our 2020 Impact Awards…


Why Did AI as a Capability Just Get More Important?

2020-09-21T17:30:00+01:00By , Karim Lakhani, Professor, Harvard Business School

What I’ve observed is that the much-talked-about but often delayed and deferred digital transformation of the typical company has been massively accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And that transformation work is an antecedent to artificial intelligence being deployed and scaled.


What Does the Future of Dining Look Like?

2020-09-18T13:00:00+01:00By Dan Wheeler, SVP, Marketing & Innovation, Wahlburgers. Illustration by Caitlin Lam.

The restaurant world is taking one of the hardest hits of any industry during the pandemic. What’s in store for the future? Dan Wheeler of Wahlburgers offers his take. 

Setting the Agenda 2019

Sanofi Pasteur’s Chief Digital Officer on Making Virtual Collaboration Work


As Chief Digital Officer for Sanofi Pasteur, Natalija Jovanovic leads a global, cross-functional team responsible for developing and executing the digital strategy of the largest vaccine developer in the world. In late July, the US government awarded Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline up to $2.1 billion to accelerate the development and manufacturing ...


Swiss Re Exec on Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Seduced by Big Data


Swiss Re Digital Catalyst Jerry Gupta discusses his approach to working with Big Data and AI, including why teams often fail when working with new technology.


How Ocean Spray Launched Three New Brands During a Pandemic


Ocean Spray is pivoting to health and wellness. Chief Innovation Officer Rizal Hamdallah explains how they launched three new brands amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 


Podcast: The Biggest Barriers to Innovation


David Lee shares how UPS has adapted to new demands in shipping and gives tips for innovators in 2020. He also reads his article “The Biggest Barriers to Innovation.”


What are the Biggest Barriers to Innovation?

2020-09-14T19:00:00+01:00By David Lee, Vice President of Innovation and New Ventures at UPS

This crisis is revealing aspects of our world that were broken, but hidden in the normal state of things. Now that the apple cart has been turned over, what can we see that is  broken? 


How One Accelerator Program Pivoted to COVID-19 Solutions


When COVID-19 took the world by storm, the engineering firm Black & Veatch’s IgniteX Growth Accelerator program pivoted in a matter of weeks…


How Would You Reimagine School?

2020-09-11T14:51:00+01:00By Simone Stolzoff, Senior Communication Designer at IDEO

In two months, education underwent a shift faster than it had in 200 years. How might we adapt to remote learning, while also using this moment to reimagine education?


What is the Future of Live Entertainment?

2020-09-11T13:00:00+01:00By Lauren Xandra, Vice President, Strategic Growth, National Research Group

Time spent streaming is up 60 percent since the start of the pandemic. But this not to say that digital will replace the physical. What’s the future of live entertainment?

Beth Devin Citi Ventures

Digital Tools for Innovation Can’t Just Be “Vitamins”


When it comes to digital tools, some offer real solutions. Others provide “vitamins” that are nice to have but not essential. Learn how to find the tools that solve real challenges. 


What is the Future of Sports Venues and Games?

2020-09-09T13:00:00+01:00By Angela Ruggiero, CEO of the Sports Innovation Lab

In the midst of COVID-19, many of sports venues are increasingly empty, and sport no longer holds as central a place in our lives. There is a real urgency to change how live sporting events operate. 


Digitizing Innovation: A Call to Action


Digitizing the management of startup ecosystems is no more daunting than managing complex processes in sales, marketing, or supply chain automation. Get best practices…


What is the Future of Theme Park Vacations?

2020-09-04T13:30:00+01:00By Algernon Callier, VP of Business Development, and Former VP Strategic Innovation & Emerging Tech, Universal Parks & Resorts

Temperature screenings and face coverings are now part of the park experience. So what elements of the theme park vacation will remain forever changed? What will bounce back? 


Mastering Virtual Presence and Communication


There are three elements that set the stage for successful virtual presentations: lighting, framing, and the right background. Find out how to master all three…

Aaron Proietti, author of Today's Innovator.

How is Sales Changing During COVID-19?

2020-09-03T15:00:00+01:00By Aaron Proietti, Former Head of Marketing Innovation Lab at Transamerica

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many business-to-business sales organizations are left with a pipeline of prospects that do not advance to later stages of the sales process… 

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Our August Coverage on Reimagining Innovation


We’ve gathered the best pieces of recent advice we’ve been given by innovators in our live show, report, and other online coverage.


Go for Launch


Go for Launch is a live webcast designed to give corporate professionals exposure to promising startups. Each episode features three startup demos in 30 minutes.


Innovation Leader Master Classes


Our team regularly hosts live conference calls and webcasts for our members on topics of interest. That includes our Master Classes with innovation experts.

Larry Schmitt Portrait

How Can You Foster Purpose-Driven Innovation?

2020-09-01T14:52:00+01:00By Larry Schmitt, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The Inovo Group

Every innovator is motivated by the desire to create positive impact in the world. But the positive effects often have unintended consequences.


Where Should You Focus Innovation Resources?

2020-09-01T14:51:00+01:00By Colin Nelson, Chief Consulting Officer, HYPE Innovation

During times of massive cuts, the building blocks for innovation are vulnerable — despite innovation being more important today than ever before. But what happens next? 

Ludwig_Melik_WhiteShirtL (1)

What Should You Look For in an Innovation Leader?

2020-09-01T14:51:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox

The best innovators recognize that discipline is not innate. We have identified five key areas leaders should focus on in order to build a strong innovation discipline. 


How Can You Stay Close to Customers Remotely?

2020-08-31T16:00:00+01:00By Eric Steege, Senior Innovation Advisory Consultant at Amazon Web Services

Eric Steege of Amazon Web Services shares how teams can stay close to their end users during a pandemic. Get his tips about leveraging learnings, customer insight channels, and more.

Christian Guirnalda 1

Why COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Adoption of 5G Technology

2020-08-28T17:00:00+01:00By ,

Christian Guirnalda, Director of 5G Labs and Innovation Centers, explains how Verizon is finding new use cases for their emerging 5G technology during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 11.42.01 AM

Visual Thinking: How To Draw Your Ideas


The first step of turning ideas into reality is to visualize and draw them out. Dave Gray shares drawing tips that innovators can use to communicate their visions. 


Podcast: Bringing Higher Education into the Digital Age


Experts in higher education share how they’ve tackled the challenges of 2020. Guests include Barnard President Sian Beliock and the co-CEO of edX, Adam Medros. 

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John Hancock Exec on Getting More Digital, Fast, in a Socially-Distant Era


As the pandemic surged, John Hancock saw more Google searches related to life insurance. But its traditional approach to policies involved in-person medical exams. Here’s how they adapted.


Digitizing the Innovation Team


Get insights and recommendations for innovation leaders seeking to get the most out of digital tools, and also for tool developers seeking to build productive relationships with those leaders.


Storytelling Skills for Innovators


According to journalist and author Evan Schwartz, while an epic adventure may have many storylines, all journeys boil down to a basic structure…


The Six Elements of Your Innovation Story


Evan Schwartz shares the six different choices that innovators must make when telling stories. He then asks the group to apply these skills to their businesses…


Transforming Anthem Blue Cross into an AI-First Enterprise


When asked about the role innovation plays at Anthem Blue Cross, Mariya Filipova said her team helps the insurance provider transform into an “AI-first enterprise.” Watch for more…


These are the Finalists for Innovation Leader’s 2020 Impact Awards


Our 2020 awards will be presented online this October, as part of the year’s biggest gathering of corporate innovators, Impact 2020. Here’s a look at which organizations made it to the finalists stage…


Kohl’s CTO on Curbside Pickup, Amazon Partnership & More


Paul Gaffney, the Chief Technology Officer of Kohl’s discussed the future of retail, curbside pickup, and working with Amazon.


Johnson & Johnson Exec on COVID-19 and Inequality

2020-08-17T13:00:00+01:00By ,

Michal Preminger explains how the innovation teams at Johnson & Johnson are working to find solutions for both COVID-19 and racism…


Understanding the Mindsets of Knowers & Learners


This workshop, led by the former Head of Innovation at Pfizer, explores the mindsets that separate learners and knowers. 

ExeriseTemplate_feat image game

Knowers & Learners: Invest or Pass?


This interactive game presents different business ideas to participants. They then must decide if they would invest in the business or pass…


Knowers & Learners: Different Psychologies


In our “Knowers and Learners” workshop, Dan Seewald explains the different mindsets that separates these types of thinkers, pulling from concepts in psychology.

ExeriseTemplate highwire_featimg

Knowers & Learners: Controlling for Variables


Dan Seewald explains the importance of running experiments through the case study of Philippe Petit, a high-wire artist who walked between skyscrapers. 


Knowers & Learners: Working through Killer Assumptions


In this section of our “Knowers and Learners” workshop, Dan Seewald walks participants through his “Killer Assumptions” exercise. 

Michael Keogh Headshot

How One Innovation Leader Grew His Team During COVID-19


One innovator from Stanley Black & Decker shares insights on how COVID-19 has impacted his innovation strategy in 2020 and how his team has managed to secure key wins during the pandemic.


Digital Leaders at Kaiser and J&J on Staffing, Acceleration


Innovators from Kaiser Permanente and Johnson & Johnson discussed how the healthcare industry pivoted to respond to the pandemic.

cxos and innovation feat img

CxOs & Innovation


In April 2020, we began planning this research initiative, CxOs and Innovation. It will consist of two mini-reports, interviews with corporate leaders, and thought leadership essays by our sponsor, KPMG LLP. The objective: to be helpful to C-Suite leaders and those professionals responsible for driving innovation inside large organizations.

One Quick Thing Webshow Social Graphics (1)

Manulife/John Hancock on How COVID Accelerated Digitization


Amit Bhatia, Head of Manulife/John Hancock Innovation Labs, shares details about his team’s digitization, his current projects, and more. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 4.07.19 PM

Turning a Global Disruption into Opportunity at Fidelity & Citi Ventures


Mona Vernon and Alex Sion discuss challenges in the financial services in 2020 and how their teams have responded.


Our July Coverage on Learning from Lockdown


We’ve gathered the best pieces of recent advice from our live show, report, and other online coverage to share the wealth of our knowledge from the last few months.


What is Innovation Really Like in the Trenches?

2020-08-03T16:00:00+01:00By Anonymous

”[Innovation] is like a movie set that looks stunning on-camera, but relies on…work behind the scenes.” An anonymous innovator offers his take on what innovation is really like…


Upgrade Online Meetings: Virtual Whiteboarding


The final exercise from our “Upgrade Your Online Meetings” workshop teaches particpants how to make the most of the whiteboarding software Mural, and gives suggestions for redesiging work. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Suzi Hamill, former Head of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments.


Upgrading Online Meetings: Doodling to Communicate


This exercise from our “Upgrade Your Online Meetings” workshop asks participants to reflect on how they have adapted to working remotely during COVID-19. In order to share there stories, she asks that attendees draw their experience. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Suzi Hamill, former ...


What Object Represents How You Work?


This exercise from our “Upgrade Your Online Meetings” workshop encourages participants to break out of the box and find a new format for facilitating online meetings. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Suzi Hamill, former Head of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments.


Upgrade Online Meetings: Why Do We Meet?


Exercise Length: 5 minutes

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 10.36.56 AM

Re-Designing Your Virtual Meetings


If you’re suddenly spending the entire day convening with colleagues in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, or another meetings platform, you already know the challenges of making them feel engaging and productive. As a host, how can you create the context for everyone to contribute, rather than tuning out or multi-tasking?


Living in the New Reality: The Reinvention Ultimatum

2020-07-29T13:00:00+01:00By Fiona Grandi, KPMG LLP

Fiona Grandi of KPMG LLP shares a simple framework to reinvent your business strategy across five primary pillars: employees, customers, financial model, supply chain and ecosystem, and unknown-unknowns.


Mercedes Lays Off Staff at Innovation Centers, Seeks Outside Partners


Daimler AG, the German company that makes Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Daimler trucks, has laid off more than 100 staffers at its Lab1886 innovation centers around the world…


How CVS, Carhartt & Elsevier Pivoted to Face COVID-19


How have teams pivoted to face the challenges of 2020? Rhett Alden of Elsevier discusses launching a COVID-19 Resource Center in four weeks. Innovators from Carhartt and CVS share insights.


Can Online Meetings Ever Surpass Face-to-Face?

2020-07-24T13:00:00+01:00By Jean-Marc Frangos, Contributing Columnist & Executive Fellow, INSEAD

“Hey, you’re on mute!” “Can you see my screen?” Jean-Marc Frangos, a former innovation SVP at British Telecom, assesses the world of today’s online meetings — and what may come next.


Navigating Priority Changes: Ranking Initiatives


The second exercise from our “Navigating Priority Changes at Your Company” workshop presents a two-by-two that helps teams rank their priorities. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Brant Cooper.


Navigating Priority Changes: C-Suite Zoom


This exercise from our “Navigating Priority Changes at Your Company” workshop describes how to create a stronger connection to your senior leadership.

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Trailblazing CEOs from Apple, Tesla, Starbucks & More Talk Innovation


These are 10 of our favorite videos that feature CEOs, founders, and trailblazing innovators sharing insights on how new things get created in their organizations.


The Evolution of Online & On-Campus Education


Sian Beilock of Barnard College and Adam Medros of edX discuss how their organizations have pivoted to address the challenges that COVID-19 has created for higher education.


Why Pampered Chef is Reinventing a Well-Established Sales Model


The migration away from in-person selling actually predates COVID-19 for Pampered Chef, but they’re taking advantage of the moment to experiment with social media.


The Rise of ‘Conferencing Competence’ and the Decline of Fancy Footwear


Thornton May contends that many leaders — and many organizations — are moving too slowly in responding to the dramatic changes that 2020 has brought. More insights inside…


Innovation Software Showcase


At our first Software Showcase, Innovation Leader’s strategic partners share their digital innovation tools. Watch the pitch sessions here. 

Web Photos

Discover, Access & Manage Ecosystem Relationships in a Low/No Touch World


How do you build ecosystems when travel and serendipity are limited for the foreseeable future? Watch this webcast to learn how to form partnerships during lockdown.


New Data About the Market for Innovation-Related Jobs


We asked 159 innovation professionals about the hiring happening in their organizations — or how long they’ve been hunting for a new role. 


Leveling Up Customer Empathy at Fitbit & More


How can teams use empathy to understand their customers? Irina Kozlovskaya, Director of Industrial Design at Fitbit, shares how her team uses empathy to design better products.


Scenario Planning in 2020: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Doing


The business and societal impacts of the coronavirus pandemic will be “more like World War I or the Great Depression,” says Matthew Ranen, a scenario-planning consultant.


Inside the R&D Culture at Pixar Animation Studios


Pixar’s VP of R&D, Guido Quaroni, explains how and why the company encourages collaborative work. ”A culture of too much individualism…is always a dangerous place to be,” says Quaroni. Here’s how Pixar’s culture operates.

new normal illustration@4x-8

Highlights from June on Anticipating “The New Normal”

2020-07-02T13:00:00+01:00By , Illustration by Caitlin Lam

We’ve gathered the best pieces of recent advice from our live show, report, and other online coverage to help you imagine the future and plan your next steps.


Quiz: Test Your Innovation Knowledge


How much do you know about corporate innovation concepts, key thinkers, famous failures, and Silicon Valley disruptors? Try our 22 question quiz…

OQT_Firdaus Bhathena

CVS Health Exec on Rising to the Digital Demands of COVID-19


Firdaus Bhathena, Chief Digital Officer of CVS Health, shares how his team has pivoted to meet consumer needs — like exploding demand for deliveries — during the coronavirus pandemic.


What Comes Back and When? Exploring Life After COVID-19

2020-06-30T10:00:00+01:00By , Additional Reporting by Molli DeRosa

What’s changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? What’s likely to come back? And when? Innovation Leader’s ”What the Future Looks Like” report seeks to answer that question.


Why Underinvesting in Innovation is Riskier Than Ever

2020-06-26T17:10:00+01:00By Ali Geramian, KPMG LLP

As the world grapples with the current public health crisis and its long-tail impacts on society and the economy, many CEOs and their boards of directors are looking for reasons not to invest in innovation.

AARP's The Hatchery

How AARP is Pivoting Innovation in 2020 and Investing in Startups


At Innovation Leader’s recent online event for nonprofit organizations, Andy Miller of AARP discussed how his team helps build an innovative culture that permeates the organization — and how they’re making new investments in startups.


Stop Trying to ‘Bounce Back’ to Normal


Rather than trying to restore all of the activities from February 2020 in the US, we should be thinking about how to “bounce forward” toward something new. 


Pulling Back the Curtain on Disney’s Storied Imagineering Department


What can you learn from the creative cultures of Walt Disney Imagineering and Pixar? Leslie Iwerks, a documentary filmmaker, has made films about both organizations. She shares what she observed in this replay of “One Quick Thing.” Iwerks is joined on the show by two unnanounced guests: her father, Don Iwerks, who worked directly with Walt Disney, and a former Disney Imagineer, Josh Wachman. 


How R&D Keeps the CPG Industry on the Cutting-Edge


Consumer packaged goods (CPG) describes any product that requires routine replacement — from personal care to food. No matter the item, companies in this space have to create new offerings that shoppers will buy again and again. To find out how big bets empower the process, we talked to Ranjani ...


Can COVID Actually Turbocharge Parts of the Economy? This VC Says Yes


Juan Enriquez, Managing Director of the venture capital fund Excel Venture Management, sees “crazy amounts of productive innovation taking place” as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. But the risk he sees is going back to the way things were pre-COVID in the life sciences sector.


The Three Crises Caused by COVID-19 — and How to Respond

2020-06-19T18:02:00+01:00By ,

Futurist Steve Brown sees the current pandemic as three overlapping crises — each requiring a different response. See how innovation plays into the solution…


Moving Museums and Universities into the Digital Realm


At our Innovation Strategy for Nonprofits event, Arthur Daemmrich of the Smithsonian Institution and Panos Panay of Berklee College of Music discussed how their teams have been pivoting to offer educational experiences online.


How MassMutual Is Reimagining Financial Education


In Good Company, a MassMutual initiative, wants to help participants manage their financial futures with workshops, free of charge. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 1.49.59 PM

The Secrets to Success at Intuit’s Lean Startup Program


In this episode of One Quick Thing, Bennett Blank shares how Intuit’s Lean Startup program generated $20 million in new revenue.


Podcast: Why Corporate Innovators are Like Pirates in the Navy

2020-06-16T10:00:00+01:00By Molli DeRosa

In this installment of Innovation Answered: Essentials, Tendayi Viki offers a look at his most recent book and discusses the importance of the “privateer” attitude. 


Batten Down the Hatches and Innovate

2020-06-15T16:00:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, Planbox

Leaders navigating the uncertain seas of innovation are a lot like sailors preparing to brave a long journey. Planbox offers tips on preparing for a storm ahead. 


IDEO on Practicing Empathy & Running Sprints from Home


How can we make our food supply chain more resilient? What are the best practices for running an engaging virtual sprint? How can teams redesign their offices to make them safe for employees? In this video replay of The Solution Set, Owen Rogers, Melanie Bell-Mayeda, and Carl Fudge of IDEO answer these questions and more. Throughout the conversation, the trio share how design thinking can unlock innovation and solve challenges during the COVID-19 global pandemic.


How COVID-19 Reversed ‘Tech-Lash’ and Other Lasting Trends


Lauren Xandra, Vice President of National Research Group, explains COVID-19’s impact on the relationship between consumers,  entertainment, and communication.

Ron Martin2018

Panasonic on Entertainment’s Immersive & More Personalized Future

2020-06-10T16:00:00+01:00By , with additional reporting by Kelsey Alpaio

Two leaders of the Panasonic Hollywood Lab predict how entertainment will become even more personalized in a post-COVID world. They also discuss environments that promote healing and relaxation.


What the Future Looks Like


For our latest report, our team asked members of the innovation community and futurists to forecast what our “new normal” might be. Respondents discussed what aspects of life before the crisis they think will return, and which aspects of the world will be permanently altered.


Enabling Innovation During a Crisis at MassGeneral Brigham


In this episode of One Quick Thing, Chris Coburn discusses working to improve healthcare during a pandemic and the role of digital innovation in this crisis.


How AARP Keeps the 50+ Market at the Center of Innovation

2020-06-09T10:00:00+01:00By Molli DeRosa

How does AARP use innovation to empower people as they age? Vice President of Product and Startup Engagement Rick Robinson explains…

SolutionSet_Featured Image

Leading Innovation Through Times of Change


How can you get operations leaders to think further into the future when constructing a strategy? How do you manage the transition to business unit ownership, so innovations don’t die on the vine? Ned Calder and Rob Bell of Innosight answer those questions and more during the most recent Solution Set webcast.

Untitled_Artwork 17

Highlights from May on Pivoting — and Planning for a Reopening

2020-06-02T13:30:00+01:00By , Illustration by Caitlin Lam

We’ve gathered the best pieces of advice on planning for a better future post-COVID from our live show, and other online coverage, to help you continue innovating this June. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.57.08 PM

Building a Strategy for the Low Touch Economy


The era after COVID-19 will have an economy shaped by new habits and regulations. Find out how behaviors will shift and what new opportunities are emerging.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 4.13.05 PM

Dignity Health is Designing the Digital-First Future of Medicine


In January 2020, only 337 of Dignity Health’s patients had experienced a virtual visit. By May 5, the number of virtual visits had raced past 82,000. Here’s how they’ve been training docs and bringing patients along.


Navigating Shifts in Reader Behavior at Dow Jones


When looking for updates on the impacts of coronavirus, many have turned to news publications for information. Edward Roussel of Dow Jones discusses the changes.


How Changemakers Innovate Within Government Agencies


Innovators in the public and private sectors face many of the same challenges: There’s resistance to change and internal politics that can bog down progress. However, teams in the government may have tighter budgets that come directly from tax payer dollars. These teams also face demands from both supervisors and ...


Peloton Exec: Emerging From the Crisis Stronger Than You Went In


Few companies have experienced more of a surge of customer interest than Peloton Interactive, the maker of Internet-linked exercise bikes. We spoke to Rick Paster, Peloton’s VP of M&A Integration…


How the Red Cross is Adapting to New Demands — and Getting More Digital


At Innovation Leader’s recent nonprofit forum, two innovation leaders from The Red Cross in the US and UK address how they are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Carhartt on Prototyping and Collecting Customer Insights from Home


Carhartt specializes in work clothes for industries including construction. Their Director of Global Product Innovation, Collen Hau, explains how the team is creating prototypes and staying in tune with customers.


Running High-Performance Innovation Labs


How have innovation labs shifted during this period of remote work? What sets labs up for success?  Linda Elkins, Chief Technical Officer of W.L. Gore’s Silicon Valley Innovation Center, shares.


Video Replay: San Diego Zoo Global CMO Ted Molter


Ted Molter, Chief Marketing Officer of San Diego Zoo Global, discusses social media, online educational resources, sponsorship shifts, and more in an al fresco Zoom chat with Innovation Leader. 


Book Excerpt: Think Like a Privateer, Not a Pirate

2020-05-15T13:00:00+01:00By Molli DeRosa

Steve Jobs once said that it’s better to be a pirate than to join the Navy. Pirates refer to startups that churn out innovative ideas. Jobs likens large organizations to the bureaucratic Navy.


Harvard Business School Prof: You’re Probably Over-Using Zoom


Harvard Business School Professor Tsedal Neeley offers insights on new approaches to prototyping, and what happens when some people begin transitioning back to the office.


New York Life SVP on How Corporate Venture Capital is Changing in 2020


How might corporate venture funds need to adjust their strategy in 2020? Joel Albarella of New York Life Ventures answers this question and more, as part of a recent episode of One Quick Thing.


What Corporate Venture Funds can Learn From VCs


What are the risks when large companies dive into the venture capital game? How are venture teams responding to challenges posed by COVID-19? All that and more in this episode…


State of Innovation 2020


As the coronavirus pandemic has led to shelter-in-place orders and sharply reduced economic activity, innovators are wondering about what the future could look like for their teams, organizations, and industries. To better understand what’s happening in corporate innovation and R&D right now, we fielded a survey from April 27-May 4, 2020.


How Hain Celestial Keeps Innovation On Track


Hain Celestial Group, known for teas and pantry staples, has pivoted down a new path in response to COVID-19: hand sanitizer. The company is also conducting remote product tasting with its senior leaders. SVP of R&D Jeff George explains…


An Ambidextrous Approach to Innovation Has Never Been More Important

2020-05-06T13:00:00+01:00By Dan Olley, Contributing Columnist and Chief Technology Officer, Elsevier

We all know that innovation is important. But do we really know how to innovate effectively, even in chaotic times such as these? It’s all about finding the right balance…


Innovating on the Frontlines of a Pandemic


Roberta Schwartz, Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer at Houston Methodist Hospital, discusses how her team is responding to the challenges posed by coronavirus.


10 Ways to Humanize Your Video Meetings

2020-05-05T15:16:00+01:00By Suzanne Hamill, Contributing Columnist and Former Head of Design Thinking, Fidelity Investments

The former Head of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments shares how to make online meetings more produtive and more human. 


Creating Culture at Wayfair

2020-05-05T10:00:00+01:00By Molli DeRosa, Additional Reporting by Kelsey Alpaio and Kaitlin Milliken

How can digitally-native companies maintain their innovative culture as they grow? To find out, we visited Wayfair’s co-founder Steve Conine at the company’s Boston office.


How Innovation Allows Wayfair to Keep Growing

2020-05-04T13:00:00+01:00By , Additional Reporting by Molli DeRosa

Wayfair, an online furniture and home goods retailer, maintained an innovative culture as it grew from a two person operation to a company with thousands of employees.


Highlights from Our April Coverage on COVID-19 and Innovation


We’ve gathered the best pieces of advice on adapting to the current public health crisis from our live show, and other online coverage, to kick-start your May.


Veteran Disney Exec: 5 Things That Impact Innovation


“Any step a company takes to foster innovation is praise-worthy,” says Marty Yudkovitz, formerly of The Walt Disney Company. “But…a lot of what is going on…is window dressing.”

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 3.10.39 PM

Why Now is the Time to Kill Zombie Projects and Clean House


Rita McGrath discusses the importance of killing zombie projects that somehow survive despite not making progress — one of her five steps for assessing your innovation portfolio in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


How COVID-19 Prioritized Digital Innovation at Wahlburgers


As the coronavirus pandemic spread, Wahlburgers SVP Dan Wheeler says it required careful thought about people’s safety, but it also “accelerated…my innovation agenda.” 


A New Model for Teams Adapting to Disruption


Tad Haas and Ivan Lloyd of edison365 discuss a revised model for innovation that combines an innovation office with a project management office. 


At Kaiser Permanente, a Major Moment for Telemedicine


During this global pandemic, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are spending long hours saving lives. To protect both healthcare workers and patients, hospitals have shifted most non-emergency appointments to the digital realm. Prat Vemana, the first-ever Chief Digital Officer at Kaiser Permanente, discusses the shift to telehealth and other changes ...


Pursuing User Research When Everyone’s in Quarantine

2020-04-21T15:30:00+01:00By Timothy Berendt, Contributing Columnist and former Director of Innovation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass.

We all know that the innovation and design world rely on interactions with customers and users. So how do you preserve that input into your process when everybody is locked down?


From Our Sponsors: Advice for Challenging Times


We asked our strategic partner firms to share their latest resources and advice for corporate innovators who are grappling with uncertainty.


Is Your Organization Earning ‘Trust Points’ with Customers — or Losing Them?

2020-04-16T15:00:00+01:00By , Graphics by Maddie Cameron

Every action your organization takes in the digital world either racks up or loses “trust points” with your customers. Apurva Shah, CTO of Duality, explains.

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What's BANCA? Fidelity Investments on Their Criteria for Assessing Ideas


Sean Belka discusses how the financial services firm assesses new ideas and scales them when the time is right, along with more best practices for running an innovation lab. Belka is a Managing Director in Fidelity’s Corporate Business Development group.


Ex-DreamWorks Animation CTO: How the C-Suite Can Foster Innovation


”In my experience, the most powerful motivator to encourage innovation was peer recognition,” says Ed Leonard, Co-Founder of Bred Ventures and former CTO at DreamWorks Animation. Leonard shares more on what senior leaders do at companies like DreamWorks Animation and Disney to shape a culture of innovation…


At NASA, Introducing a New Openness to Innovation


In a safety-obsessed culture, how do you suggest new ways to innovate? Omar Hatamleh, the first Chief Innovation Officer for the engineering group at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, shares.


Maintaining C-Suite Support: The Four Key Questions


For many innovation teams, this is a chance to create significant short-term value for business unit leaders who may become your long-term allies. Unfortunately, when it comes to cutting costs, it is all too easy for senior executives to simply put innovation teams and their budgets on the chopping block.


AXA Next on Shifts in the Startup World, and Fueling Innovation Virtually


The team from AXA Next US shares tips for running distributed teams, and changes they are seeing in the startup landscape. 


SNHU’s Paul LeBlanc on Higher Ed in a Time of Intense Change


Paul LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University, discusses how colleges are managing the shift to online education and adapting during the coronavirus pandemic.


Every Online Event We’re Hosting


We have a really simple aim: to put on the best virtual events on the Internet. Here’s what is coming up, both for members and non-members.

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Coming Soon: Innovation Answered Season 4

2020-04-07T15:00:00+01:00By , Molli DeRosa

Innovation Answered’s fourth season starts May 5, 2020. Find out what you can expect to learn from the show’s producer, Kaitlin Milliken, and intern, Molli DeRosa.


New Resource: Strengthening Your Case for Continued Investment


Will you need to defend your initiatives in 2020? Is it possible to make the case for continued, or even increased, investment in innovation right now? Here’s a new downloadable resource to help.


How One Corporate Innovator Assembled a Volunteer Team to Print Face Shields


Shashi Jain’s day job is Intel. But he’s working almost another full-time shift  as an organizer of the Portland 3D Printing Lab, which has been producing face shields for healthcare workers… 


What Innovation Metrics Matter Most in 2020


Innovation execs shared what metrics their teams track on a recent IL member videoconference. Contributors joined in from the pharmaceutical, food and beverages, financial services, health care, luxury goods, tech, and materials industries.


Five Tips to Navigate Uncertainty This April


Innovators have faced unprecedented challenges in the past month, as COVID-19 grew into a global pandemic. Suddenly, teams have become completely remote and, in some cases, may be dealing with budget scrutiny or strategic pivots. This March, our coverage has focused on providing your team with resources to navigate this uncertain period. 


How Your Team Can Acclimate to Remote Work


Scott Berkun, author of the book The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work, shares best practices for running a distributed team. Watch the video.


What We Stopped: 16 Activities That May Not Improve Culture


As part of our recent research, we asked 259 leaders of innovation if there were activities they’d stopped doing that were initially intended to influence organizational culture…


Pursuing Innovation During COVID-19


Experts share best practices for teams as they navigate uncertainty. Topics include shifting teams’ priorities, switching to remote work, and cultivating a “service oriented” mindset.

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Changing Culture in Large Organizations


In our view, fostering a culture that is supportive of innovation has never been more important than right now. 2020 will be a year of tremendous stress, pivots, and reprioritizing in every organization. Will your organization be able to source and act on the best ideas — ideas that may come from anyone? Test them fast enough? Get them deployed with help from colleagues who are working from home? 

Ed Leonard

Working from Home: Seven Tips for Doing It Productively


Christian Ponce from LogMeIn shares tips to help teams effectively innovate from home, stay connected, and balance their jobs and home lives.

OneQuickThing_ftimage copy

One Quick Thing: IL’s Live Zoom Meeting


Join us for a half-hour Zoom meeting to talk about what’s happening right now in the world of corporate innovation.


12 of the Best Tools for Real-Time Team Collaboration


What are you using to collaborate, run brainstorming sessions, and move projects forward at this moment of remote work? Here are some tools our community recommended.


Navigating through Chaotic Times


Do you feel like challenging times may be ahead? Experts with experience at DuPont, Starbucks, Bayer, and more discuss how they’re reading the tea leaves.


Eight Practices to Fire Up Your Innovation Culture


Victor Assad and Arthur Liberian share eight practices that can help companies fire up their innovation culture. Find out how your team can unleash creativity. 


Keeping Innovation Alive in the Time of COVID-19

2020-03-17T14:30:00+00:00By Blade Kotelly, Contributing Columnist and Senior Lecturer, MIT

“We’ve entered an unstable and economically volatile period that may serve up the biggest challenges of your career,” writes MIT senior lecturer Blade Kotelly, ”and will require every business to innovate in ways they never have before.” Here’s his concrete advice on how you and your team can keep innovation moving forward as teams suddenly go remote…

Santana Row

How to Create the Foundation for a Corporate VC Program


Amish Parashar, a Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist, share tips for building more successful corporate venture programs. Get tips on staffing, collaboration, and more.


Podcast: Loonshots — Crazy Ideas that Just Might Work

2020-03-10T10:00:00+00:00By , Molli DeRosa

How can companies embrace risky — but potentially revolutionary — ideas? Authors Safi Bahcall and Hugh Molotsi tackle this question at Innovation Leader’s 2019 Impact event.

lab1886_820081 (1)

An Annotated Map of 20 Corporate Innovation Hubs in Atlanta

2020-03-09T15:00:00+00:00By Molli DeRosa, Kaitlin Milliken

We put together this map of 20 key corporate innovation hubs in Atlanta. The list includes innovation centers, accelerators, and corporate venture capital funds. 

Silicon Valley Deep Dive 2020

Scouting Emerging Tech at Our Silicon Valley Deep Dive


At our Silicon Valley Deep Dive, innovation leaders met in Sunnyvale, Calif. to discuss tactics for scouting emerging technology and plugging into the startup ecosystem. 

Brick Wall

Boundaries, Blockers, and Overcoming the Limits of Innovation


Learn  methods for recognizing the boundaries to innovation practices, and how to work around them. Get advice on how to move your organization into a position to thrive.


Overcoming Politics and Internal Resistance: Advice from Your Peers


At our Silicon Valley Deep Dive event in February, we asked a group of 30 innovation, emerging technology, and R&D leaders from industries like apparel, financial services, telecom, and manufacturing to discuss the things that can help overcome organizational resistance to innovation — as well as some of the things that can increase it. Here’s their list of do’s and don’ts…


Five Innovation Best Practices to Kick Off March


We released one video from Impact 2019 each week this month. We have also gathered five best practices from our February online coverage below.


Don’t Celebrate Failure, Celebrate Trying to Solve Hard Problems

2020-02-27T12:00:00+00:00By Brian Mullen, Contributing Columnist and Assistant Professor, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Instead of celebrating failure, writes Brian Mullen, a former hospital innovation team member, teams should celebrate attempts to solve problems.

Impact 2019

General Motors and IBM on the Role of a Silicon Valley R&D Outpost

2020-02-24T15:00:00+00:00By , Molli DeRosa, Video by Andrew Starzak

R&D leaders from General Motors and IBM discuss the mission of the companies’ Silicon Valley outposts, and the importance of tracking first movers in an emerging market. 


Six Ways to Integrate Startups Without Crushing Their Spirits


Raphael Guillet was a co-founder of the first startup that the $4 billion hospitality company Accor acquired. Since then, Accor has bought about a dozen other startups…

Jodi Benson

How General Mills Uses ‘Breakup Letters’ to Better Understand Consumers

2020-02-18T13:00:00+00:00By , Molli DeRosa, Video by Andrew Starzak

Jodi Benson shares how General Mills puts consumer needs first, and how a 150+ year old company is evolving the way it innovates to better meet those needs.


How to Create a Culture of Experimentation


Relying on intuition often leads teams down the wrong path. Stefan Thomke, a professor at Harvard Business School, explains how to rely on experiments instead.

Impact 2019

‘Loonshots’: How to Support Crazy Ideas That Just Might Work

2020-02-13T13:00:00+00:00By , , Video by Andrew Starzak

Ideas that have the potential to reshape industries may end up stuck in the corporate basement. So how can companies embrace risky ideas? Authors Safi Bahcall and Hugh Molotsi serve up answers in this video.


Drones, Self-Driving Cars & the Silicon Valley Problem


While drones present a world of opportunities, these unmanned aerial vehicles face regulations across different levels of government. Chris Anderson — CEO of 3DR, a drone software company — shared his experience building and deploying drones at Innovation Leader’s 2019 Impact event. During the conversation, Anderson also discusses use cases ...


Six Tips for Getting ‘Customers’ to Buy What You’re Selling

2020-02-06T16:30:00+00:00By Chris Mayer, Contributing Columnist and Former Chief Innovation Officer, Suffolk Construction

“One way to ensure alignment,” writes Chris Mayer, “is to think of the innovation initiative as a consumer-oriented business with colleagues as customers.” Mayer, who served as the first Chief Innovation Officer at a large construction company, offers guidance on how to do that.

Impact 2019

Innovation Insights from Our 2019 Impact Main Stage

2020-02-03T15:00:00+00:00By , Video by Andrew Starzak

Chris Anderson — CEO of 3DR, a pioneer of the drone industry — shares his experience building and deploying autonomous vehicles at Innovation Leader’s 2019 Impact event. Includes video…


Best Videos: Corporate Innovation Concepts and Methodologies


Watch our favorite YouTube videos on key innovation concepts and methodologies like the three horizons, the Innovator’s Dilemma, design thinking, and rapid prototyping.


Book Excerpt: Incentivizing the Behaviors That Support Innovation

2020-01-29T15:00:00+00:00By Alex Goryachev, Managing Director, Cisco Innovation Centers

What if businesses focused on company performance today as well as a year from now? Alex Goryachev of Cisco explains.


How Disney’s Philosophy on Failure Drives Growth


“I have always tried to make everyone aware that failure is not a corporate death sentence,” says former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Here are some of the biggest failures Disney has experienced in the last 20 years — and how the entertainment giant has bounced back.


Former LEGO Exec: 5 Habits of Successful Corporate Intrapreneurs


David Gram, formerly a leader at LEGO Ventures and LEGO Creative Play Lab, outlines five habits that set corporate intrapreneurs up for success. The first one: Accept that people will hate your project. 

"Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018" Launch

Ask Us Anything Webcast, with General Mills & Citi Ventures


Beth Devin of Citi Ventures and Kirsten Aune of General Mills joined us to answer innovation questions submitted by our members.


How Innovators Can Prepare for Tough Times


To help you plan for (and survive) challenging times, we sought advice from seven people who have guided innovation, insights, and incubation groups through difficult stretches, at companies like Starbucks, Whirlpool, Intel, and Levi Strauss & Co. What can you be doing to put yourself and your team in the best possible position? Read on…


What to Do When the Cost-Cutting Knives Come Out

2020-01-16T17:00:00+00:00By Rick Waldron Contributing Columnist & Former VP of Innovation Strategy Nike

When times are good, corporate innovation groups often get a pass. What do you do when things aren’t so good? Here’s advice from Rick Waldron, a former innovation leader at Nike and Intel.


Banking Insights and Identifying Post-Recession Opportunities

2020-01-16T17:00:00+00:00By Michael Perman, Contributing Columnist and Former Dean of Global Innovation, Gap Inc.

“Being seen as a group that is purely visionary and focused on idea generation can make your group vulnerable to cuts,” writes Michael Perman, a former innovation and marketing leader at Gap Inc. and Levi Strauss. Perman explains how to avoid that fate when recessions, or other organizational stressors, are on the way.

Mark Polson

Three Steps to Preparing for an Economic Downturn

2020-01-16T17:00:00+00:00By Mark Polson, Contributing Columnist and former VP, Creativity and Business Innovation, Estée Lauder Companies

Former Estée Lauder Vice President Mark Polson offers a succinct guide to navigating an economic downturn, starting with an innovation agenda that “is laser-focused and closely aligned with the organization’s strategy.”


Demonstrate Value by Looking for Gaps to Fill

2020-01-16T17:00:00+00:00By Dennis McGrath, Contributing Columnist and Former GM of Retail Innovation, Plated

“Whenever the business softened just a little…Time horizons would shrink from years to ‘today,’” writes former Starbucks VP Dennis McGrath…


Three Recession Scenarios, and How to Survive Them

2020-01-16T17:00:00+00:00By Nancy Tennant, Contributing Columnist and former Chief Innovation Officer, Whirlpool Corp.

Nancy Tennant, a professor at Notre Dame and former Chief Innovation Officer at Whirlpool, lays out three recession scenarios that may hit your innovation group…


Living Through Budget Cuts: Mission, Communication & Metrics

2020-01-16T17:00:00+00:00By Naomi Fried Contributing Columnist & Former Chief Innovation Officer Boston Children's Hospital

“In recessions…groups get shut down completely,” says health care innovation expert Naomi Fried. Fried discusses defending the mission when times are tight…


How Downturns Impact Innovation Teams

2020-01-15T01:33:00+00:00By Sean Bayrakal, Contributing Columnist and former innovation strategy leader, Adidas Group

”In a time of business contraction, innovation initiatives tend to be identified as an easy place to cut,” writes former Adidas Group innovation leader Sean Bayrakal. 


Innovation Hub Utopias and Dystopias: What Can Go Right (And Wrong) in Setting One Up

2020-01-08T17:08:00+00:00By Amanda Ramos, Contributing Columnist & Innovation Director, Gensler

Gensler Innovation Director Amanda Ramos worked with colleagues to capture all of the things that make innovation hubs thrive — or flop. Includes a large-format graphic.


Customer Focus, Culture, and Decision-Making at Amazon and Google


Faisal Masud has held senior roles in a range of organizations, from Staples to eBay to Amazon. He was most recently Chief Operating Officer at Wing, a drone aviation business that is part of Google. In several videos, he shares his perspective on attracting the best talent, and why a commitment to innovation at the top doesn’t always trickle down.

Alex Slawsby Headshot

The First 5 Things to Do When You’re Given Responsibility for Corporate Innovation


There are major risks of failure that surround every new innovation program. But there are also ”clear steps that innovation leaders can take to mitigate these risks, while increasing the likelihood that they can generate a concrete ROI for their company,” writes Alex Slawsby, a Director of Innovation at the Brazilian aerospace firm Embraer. He lists the first five inside…


Connecting Startups in a Portfolio with Business Units


Ayal Somech, Director of Portfolio Development, Boeing Horizonx Ventures, shares how his team executed a quick win. 


Getting Scientists Thinking More Like Businesspeople


Alex Byelashov, VP of Innovations & Brewing Solutions at John I. Haas, shares some insights on quick wins. 


Designing a Bounty Program for Innovators


Gwenn Peters, Innovation Leader at Rockwell Automation, shares the story of her organization’s bountry program for innovators.


My First Big Failure: 4 Pieces of Advice for Intrapreneurs


Dan Seewald, Founder + CEO of Deliberate Innovation and Former Head of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer, discusses what he learned from the failure of his first startup. 


Top 10 Innovation Leader Articles, Podcasts, and Reports: 2019


What were the most popular reports, case studies, and resources that the Innovation Leader team produced in 2019? We pulled the data! 


New York Roundtable Hosted by Tiffany & Co.


In December, we brought together innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations at Tiffany & Co.’s headquarters to discuss building a system to support innovation at scale. 


Centralized vs. Embedded Innovation: Which is Right for Your Organization?

2019-12-18T15:00:00+00:00By Jennifer Kirby, Contributing Columnist and Former Managing Director of Strategic Innovation, Hyatt Hotels

Jennifer Kirby, a former Managing Director on the innovation team at Hyatt Hotels, lays out the advantages of centralizing innovation versus embedding it within teams.


Failure: The Other F-Word

2019-12-17T15:00:00+00:00By , Molli DeRosa

Innovators often repeat the mantra, “Fail fast, fail cheap.” But is that the right approach to projects that flop? 


15 Slide Presentations from Big Company Innovation Executives


These 15 slide presentations offer insights into innovation strategy at organizations like NASA, Google, Nike, Mastercard, and Procter & Gamble. Get them all here…


Quick Wins: Data and Case Studies on Delivering Results Fast


What role should quick wins play in your innovation or R&D portfolio? That’s the question we set out to answer with a survey and a set of qualitative interviews in our most recent research report. 


Inside the Mind of Alex Osterwalder

2019-12-10T11:00:00+00:00By ,

“What’s the latest from the mind of Alex Osterwalder?” We sat down with Osterwalder to discuss business model innovation and the themes in his upcoming book.


What Large Companies Can Learn From Failure


Ari Ginsberg, professor of entrepreneurship and management at NYU, discusses gazelles, elephants, and why it’s important to build a company culture that talks about successes — and failures.

Copy of innovation answered (1)

Innovation Essentials: Revera Senior Living

2019-12-03T11:00:00+00:00By Molli DeRosa, Kaitlin Milliken

“How can teams use co-creation to innovate?” Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken discusses how the team at Revera Senior Living navigates this challenge. 


What Can Go Wrong with Corporate Venture Capital Initiatives


Hunter Ashmore, co-founder of IndustrialML, laid out nine things that can go wrong when companies decide to set up a corporate venture capital group.


Three Tactics to Spur Innovation Inside Highly-Regulated Companies


If you’re on the inside of a traditional, regulated industry and want to shake up the status quo, here are three things you need to start doing, according to the former Head of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer. Includes a downloadable set of tips.


How Haskell Uses VR to Keep Construction Sites Safe


Get an inside look at Haskell’s VR safety simulation, which seeks to train employees on potentially dangerous situations…


Counter-Intelligence: Lessons from Whirlpool’s WLabs


Brett Dibkey knows what he shouldn’t be doing at Whirlpool’s WLabs: delivering incremental improvements to the refrigerator. Instead, his 4-year-old incubator, located in Benton Harbor, Mich., is tasked with something a whole lot harder: creating new kinds of appliances in categories that aren’t yet well-established. 


Pointers: Upgrading Your Innovation Initiative


For this edition of Pointers, we gathered advice and insights from our Strategic Partners about upgrading and expanding programs that have been in place for a year or more.  


Inside the Supply Chain


How can supply chain innovation deliver serious value? Guests from Retail Business Services, J&J, and MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics discuss.


Innovation Mentorship


“What types of mentoring programs do other corporate innovation centers offer?” We gathered the best pieces of advice from the Innovation Leader network…

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 10.47.46 AM

Uncovering Breakthroughs — Six Steps


How do you solve a problem if you don’t know the biggest challenges to focus on? Ludwig Melik and Sara Husk of Planbox explain.

Test Run - New Balance

Racing the Calendar: Inside New Balance’s Test Run Project


The traditional process for creating a shoe takes 18 months. New Balance’s new record, as a result of their Test Run program, is seven months…

Benchmarking Innovation Impact Roundtable 2019 — Boston

‘Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020’ Roundtable in Boston


To coincide with the release of our Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020 report, sponsored by KPMG, we gathered innovation professionals in Boston to discuss the findings.

Podcast Season 3 Getting Started

Getting Innovation Started


How can teams set innovation initiatives up for success? To get best practices, we sat down with guests from Marriott, Comcast NBCUniversal, and Innosight.


25 Recent Data Points and Charts for Innovators in Large Organizations


This presentation includes 25 charts, graphs and rankings—all published in 2018 or 2019—that are relevant to people working on innovation and R&D initiatives in large organizations. The material comes from Innovation Leader research reports, as well as reports produced by Deloitte, KPMG, BCG, and others. You can download the presentation in PDF or PowerPoint form.

AARP's Hatchery

Innovation at AARP: ‘No Money, No Mission’


According to Andy Miller, SVP of Innovation at AARP, the Washington, DC-based nonprofit, “Social mission is great, but we often say ‘No money, no mission.’” So how can nonprofits make the case to create or scale their innovation teams with both funding and social mission in mind? 

Innovation at The Nature Conservancy


Stepping inside The Nature Conservancy’s New York City office is like finding an oasis in a concrete desert. Tucked into the 14th floor of a seemingly standard skyscraper in Chelsea…


How TeakOrigin Survived the Death of Two Innovation Labs


It’s rare that a project survives the death of the innovation lab that hatched it. But a handheld scanner that could analyze the freshness of a piece of fruit or fish created in the Hong Kong offices of the multinational grocer Tesco, survived not one but two near-death experiences.


The Four Stages of Commercial Innovation

2019-11-06T11:00:00+00:00By Rob Erman, Contributing Columnist & Former Head of Client Solution Innovation, BNY Mellon

Companies do fine when it comes to incrementally improving a product line. But when they want to come up with an entirely new offering that will drive revenue, they struggle. Rob Erman, the former Head of Client Solution Innovation at BNY Mellon, offers a model for succeeding.


Fast Times in Quick Service


What can we expect from the future of fast food? We sat down with Jessica Anselmi, Panera’s Director of Innovation and Category Growth, to find out…

Impact 2019

Innovation Leader’s Impact 2019 Conference in San Francisco


Innovation Leader brought together 350 strategy, innovation, and R&D executives from around the world to San Francisco for Impact 2019. Photos from the conference inside…


Five Tips for Innovators This November


Our team has been focused on creating resources to guide you through success and failure. Here are five pieces of advice from our October coverage. 


Illustrated Notes from Impact 2019: General Mills, IBM, and More…


At our Impact 2019 member conference in San Francisco, we brought in the talented “graphic facilitator” Bree Sanchez to capture all of our mainstage sessions, as well as selected others. Here’s a look at some of her work…


Innovation Essentials: The Nature Conservancy

2019-10-29T10:30:00+00:00By Molli DeRosa

”What can corporate innovators learn from the world of non-profits?” To find out, we break down one of our articles and read it aloud for you. Listen here…


Why We Give Out an ‘Epic Fail Award’ to Employees

2019-10-24T14:00:00+01:00By Mike Proulx, Contributing Columnist, Chief Innovation Officer at Hill Holliday

Mike Proulx, Chief Innovation Officer at Hill Holliday, shares why the ad agency he works for gives out an “Epic Fail Award” every year, and how it has impacted the way the organization thinks about success and failure. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 5.05.59 PM

How to Build an AI-Ready Organization


The truth about AI? It’s easy to throw away millions on infrastructure without seeing any impact. IDEO’s Joe Brown and Mike Stringer describe a different approach…


All Your Innovation Questions, Answered


We answer questions on corporate innovation submtted by listeners. Get advice on H3 innovation, going from good to great, and spreading innovation company-wide. 


Book Excerpt: How to Avoid the Post-Design Sprint Slump

2019-10-21T15:30:00+01:00By Douglas Ferguson, Author, "Beyond the Prototype"

What exactly is a post-Design Sprint slump, and how do you know if you’re in one? Author and facilitator Douglas Ferguson lays out the symptoms in an excerpt from his new book, “Beyond the Prototype.” 


How Innovation, R&D, and Strategy Executives Get Paid


If you’re doing innovation-related work in a large organization, how much should you be earning? 


Learnings From the Sudden Death of the World’s First Social Robot

2019-10-16T13:00:00+01:00By Blade Kotelly, Contributing Writer

Blade Kotelly, former Vice President of Design at Jibo, shares the story of creating the world’s first “social robot,” and what led to its ultimate failure. 


High-Tech on the High Seas


Once you’ve identified some promising technologies, how do you test and deploy them in the real world? To find out, we went to Miami to visit Royal Caribbean.


Staffing Innovation Teams?


What…information might there be about innovation staffing? In-sourced vs. out-sourced? Types of roles/functions on innovation team?


The 20 Mistakes New Corporate Innovators Make


Being tapped to lead innovation inside a big, established organization is a tough assignment. Here are the 20 most common mistakes that we see new corporate innovators make.

KPMG Roundtable in Chicago 2019

‘Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020’ Roundtable in Chicago


To coincide with the release of our Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020 report, sponsored by KPMG, we gathered innovation professionals to discuss the  findings.


Scouting Emerging Technology

2019-10-08T10:00:00+01:00By , Molli DeRosa

How do you scout for new technology that’s the right fit for your business? Marc Lavallee, Head of R&D at The New York Times, shares best practices…

Navigator of the Seas

How Royal Caribbean is Deploying New Technologies


We go inside Royal Caribbean’s innovation lab in Miami and on board their ship, Navigator of the Seas, to see the company’s digital transformation in action. 

Boston Field Study 2019

Inside the Boston Ecosystem: Wayfair, Blue Cross & More


In our 2019 Boston Field Study, attendees visited Wayfair, Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Well-B space, PTC, Suffolk Construction, and LearnLaunch.


Failing Fast: An Illustrated Fable

2019-10-04T14:00:00+01:00By Dan Roam, Contributing Artist and Founder, The Napkin Academy

“We kicked off in a sequestered innovation lab, well protected from the unpredictability of the market…” Dan Roam draws you a picture of what happened next…


Five Pieces of Advice to Jumpstart Your October


As the third quarter of 2019 comes to a close, innovators approach the future with positivity. Looking for other ways to share the optimism? Get advice here…


Does It Scale?


How do you successfully scale new ideas? To find out, we traveled to Shell TechWorks in Cambidge, Mass. Experts from ESPN and KPMG also shared their advice. 


Insights from Winners of the 2019 Impact Awards


In this webcast, several winners of our 2019 Impact Awards share tips on how they’ve been making change happen inside their organizations. 


Running More Innovative Meetings?


“[Is] there any…content/statistics around smart meetings and techniques that companies are employing in the brainstorming process to encourage innovation?”

Alex Slawsby Headshot

How to Win Over the Two Kinds of Customers That Matter


Every idea needs a strategy to win over two kinds of customers in parallel: internal customers and external customers. Alex Slawsby of EmbraerX, serves up five tips.

Ludwig_Melik_WhiteShirtL (1)

Seven Techniques to Tell a Great Innovation Success Story

2019-09-24T18:32:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, Planbox

Everyone loves a good story. Stories are a great way to inspire, engage, and share lessons learned, and this is especially true for companies that want to step up their innovation game. Without stories, everything is just a report.

Ned Calder, Innosight

How Do You Launch a New Business?

2019-09-24T15:26:00+01:00By Ned Calder, Innosight

Through waves of technological change, the Bose brand has remained synonymous with state-of-the-art sound. But like many successful companies, as it faces new competitors and blurring industry boundaries, the company’s search for new growth has forced a kind of existential dilemma: Are we an audio company? Or something more? 


Finding Your Innovation Allies


How can you find innovation allies? We pull insights from our recent Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020 Report, and head over to the Bose headquarters to find out…

Ludwig_Melik_WhiteShirtL (1)

How Can Failures Fuel Learning?

2019-09-24T07:29:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, Planbox

Failure in some of your innovation initiatives is, more often than not, inevitable. The lack of visibility into the ROI of innovation activities and the fact that today’s duds can sometimes become tomorrow’s commercial successes tells you everything you need to know about this problem. Innovation remains the most elusive ...


Here’s Our List of 2019 Impact Award Winners


This year’s winners include companies in the US, Portugal, and Germany that leveraged analytics, virtual reality for education, software “robots,” a totally digital accelerator program, and venture capital investing.


Our Podcast Recommendations for Corporate Innovators


Our podcast, Innovation Answered, is back for its third season! Looking for more shows to binge? Here are five podcast recommendations for corporate innovators. 


Innovation as a Career Path & Breakthrough Capabilities


Large organizations have a history of stopping and starting when it comes to breakthrough innovation. Babson’s Gina O’Connor and Andrew Corbett tackle these pain points.


Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020


Data, insights, and advice from more than 200 of your peers to help you overcome innovation challenges.

Copy of innovation answered

Innovation Answered, Season Three


We’re back and better than ever. Listen to the trailer to see what’s in store, and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts for new episodes starting next week on Tuesday. 


How Customer-Centric Innovation can Lead to Big Wins


Olivier Toubia of Columbia Business School discusses factors leading to failure, how connecting with customers lays the foundation for success, and the role machine learning should play in sifting through ideas.


Why Innovations Fail (and How to Avoid It)

2019-09-10T14:00:00+01:00By Josh Bernoff, Author, Former SVP of Idea Development at Forrester Research

Why do some innovative ideas fail and others succeed? Bad timing, corporate politics, and rigid regulations are among the culprits. Here are some tips to avert disaster.


How Tiffany & Co. is Turning Prototypes into Products Faster


The legendary jewelry-maker Tiffany & Co. dates back to 1837. A new Jewelry Design & Innovation Workshop is changing how the company creates products…

2019_08_26 Moves the Needle Feat Image

Getting Leadership on Board with Corporate Innovation


Learn how to get executives on board with your innovation program in this webinar replay. Brant Cooper, CEO of Moves The Needle, demonstrates how to build strategic consensus.


Five Innovation Tips to Start Your September


Vacation season is over, so brush up on what you missed while you were at the beach. Check out five takeaways from our August coverage of corporate innovation…


Working with Startups after Acquisition?


“I’m looking for insights into how to work with a startup when they are bought out,” one member asks. “We…wonder if someone has insights they would be willing to share.” 


‘If This Works’: The Secret to Avoiding Projects that Become Too Big to Fail

2019-08-29T14:00:00+01:00By Zeeshan Sheikh, Contributing Columnist and Director of Emerging Technologies, Everbridge

A common mistake when companies try to become more accepting of failure and to act like a startup is that the effort becomes “too enterprise-y.” Zeeshan Sheikh explains…


The Five-Step Approach to Disruptive Thinking


Luke Williams of NYU walks through the five steps of disruptive thinking, the “hybrid” approach to innovation, and what innovators can learn from professional chefs…


Finalists for Innovation Leader’s 2019 Impact Awards


The 2019 awards will be handed out this October in San Francisco, at the year’s biggest gathering of corporate innovators, Impact 2019. Here’s a look at who made the cut as finalists…


Expedia Exec: Three Elements for Successful Innovation


David Krieger, Sr. Director of Strategy and Business Development for, shares his advice on making innovation happen inside large organizations, and three trends his team is watching. 


A Magna Carta for Corporate-Startup Collaborations


In this book excerpt, Trond Undheim, entrepreneur and former head of the MIT Startup Exchange, shares four elements of effective corporate-startup interactions, and some of the factors that can lead to failure or frustration.


Inside Autodesk’s SF Technology Center

2019-08-13T16:00:00+01:00By , video edited by Rachel Callahan

Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center is an innovator’s paradise, equipped with a wide array of tools and a skilled staff to help with the prototyping process…

Day 01- Drone Show 01

Inside Intel’s New VC Strategy: Fewer, Bigger Bets


Intel Capital has put over $12 billion into 1,500 startups since it was founded in 1991. Mark Rostick offers explains how it has endured.

Dan Roam

Closing the Innovation Blindspot with a Visual Story


Using just a pen and paper, Dan Roam shows you how to tell your innovation story under 10 minutes — even if you can’t draw to save your life. 

Prime Air in-flight 2

Five Truths about Amazon


No one there is going to tell you to stay in your lane, explains former Amazon program manager Jerry Gupta. He shares other insights about the corporate culture inside…

Minneapolis Roundtable Moves the Needle 2019

Minneapolis Roundtable on Embracing Failure


In July, we brought together 15 innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations in Minneapolis. The gathering was hosted at Target’s headquarters.


Five Corporate Innovation Tips to Kick Off August


Looking for the advice to kick start your month? Check out five takeaways from our July coverage of corporate innovation…

New York City

Innovation at The Nature Conservancy


Jennifer Chin of The Nature Conservancy discusses the organization’s Sustainability Accelerator, and what corporates can learn from nonprofits…

Chicago Roundtable PA Consulting 2019

Chicago Roundtable on How to Achieve Organizational Agility


In mid-July, we brought together 10 innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations at Hyatt Hotels’ headquarters to discuss organizational agility. 


How Brands Adapt to Disruption in Retail


Thought leaders with experience at Amazon, Ahold Delhaize, Roche Brothers, and L.L. Bean share industry trends discussed at Revolution Retail, a food retail pop-up.

London Field Study 2019

Inside London's Ecosystem: General Assembly, Barclays’ Rise & More


Our 2019 London Field Study brought executives together to discuss creating an innovative culture in established organizations. See pictures from the event here…


Inside the Mind of Bob Metcalfe


What’s the difference between innovation & invention? Bob Metcalfe shares. He also discusses founding 3Com and the company culture that allowed him to invent Ethernet…


What NASA has Learned about the Power of the Crowd


Crowdsourcing can help your team discover new ideas. Steve Rader of NASA’s Johnson Space Center will discuss his experience with harnessing the power of the crowd. 

Suzi Hamill Play Video

Suzi Hamill on the Power of Play


 Suzi Hamill, the former Vice President of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments, shares how play can help teams work more cohesively. Watch the video…

Bharat Rajaram

Aflac Exec on Growing a Venture Capital Fund


Bharat Rajaram of Aflac discusses how the company grew its corporate venture fund in a year and the role of Aflac Venture Labs. Get advice here…


Advice on Ecosystem Development & Co-Creation


Andy Michuda of Sopheon, Shannon Lucas of Ericsson, and Michael Britt of Southern company explore best practices for ecosystem development. Get advice here…


Advice for Horizon Three Innovation?


We asked the Innovation Leader community: “Who does [H3 innovation] well? Do you have best practices or process overviews on this front?” Get advice here…

Boston Roundtable 2019

Execs Discuss Digital Challenges at Google


Our June roundtable focused on the challenge of creating an organization that is digital at its core. Photos inside…

Paul Campbell

‘Culture Matching’ with the Right Startups

2019-07-03T11:00:00+01:00By Paul Campbell, Contributing Columnist & Chief Innovation Officer, Gore Innovation Center

“Corporate innovation…teams spend little time assessing culture’s role in…[working] with startups,” writes W.L. Gore’s Paul Campbell. Get advice on how to avoid that fate…


Top 15 Global Hotspots for Corporate Innovation

2019-07-01T20:22:00+01:00By ,

For our list of the top cities for corporate innovation around the world, we examined an array of factors that create a constructive context for big companies that want to engage in ecosystems outside of their home turf.


At Experian, Data is an Innovator’s Best Friend


How are big companies working with data? Find out how Experian’s DataLabs spread innovative data solutions across the company. Listen to the full episode here…


Inside AXA Next’s Innovation Avenues

2019-06-20T11:30:00+01:00By , Graphic by Rachel Callahan.

AXA Next unites the French insurance company’s innovation initiatives. Learn more about AXA’s different innovation funds and how the company explores the insurtech.

Captain Steve Lauver Featured Image

Five Elements of Successful Startup Engagement from the US Air Force


Steve Lauver, a Captain in the US Air Force, shares five elements of successful startup partnerships. He also discusses AFWERX, a program innovating within the Air Force.

096_35342_Haskell (1)

Partnerships at Bayer’s Innovation Center


Dr. Chris Haskell discusses how Bayer partners with startups, academic institutions, and other corporates at the company’s Innovation center.


Six Tips From Google on Implementing AI


During a talk at MIT, Rajen Sheth, Product Manager for Google Cloud, outlined the six lessons he’s learned while implementing AI at Google and other companies.


Chick-fil-A’s Hatch Innovation Center & the Future of Fast-Food


Innovators throughout Chick-fil-A gather at Hatch — the company’s hub for innovation — to solve common problems in the business. Get insights from the initative…


How Construction Giant Bechtel is Building the Future


David J. Wilson of Bechtel says, “It’s becoming…a necessity to find ways to improve construction productivity…” Wilson explains what Bechtel is doing, including its “Future Fund.”


ExxonMobil Exec on Getting Your Innovation Program Started


Starting in 2014, Christopher Bailey helped to create a new Digital Ventures team and new innovation programming within ExxonMobil’s IT organization, under an umbrella group that was known as #innovation. Here’s his advice on getting a program started. 


Evolving the Innovation Mission at Humana


Humana’s Roberto Roitz talks about the importance of creating a common language around what innovation means for the organization, and getting buy-in from operational colleagues. Roitz is a Director of Stratgeic Partnerships at Humana, the $57 billion health insurance and managed care provider based in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Peter Berger_Feat

EmbraerX Director of Innovation on Competing for Budget


We sat down with Peter Berger, Director of Innovation at EmbraerX, a disruptive innovation group inside Embraer, the world’s third-biggest maker of aircraft. Among EmbraerX’s projects is development of EVTOLs — electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles — in collaboration with Uber. 

Boston Roundtable Deloitte 2019

Execs Discuss Elevating the Human Experience in Boston


We brought together innovation, technology, and R&D leaders from large organizations in Boston. One topic of interest was responsible data stewardship. Photos inside…

Arjun Chowdri and Tenniel Chu

The PGA’s First Chief Innovation Officer on His 2019 Agenda


The PGA of America represents 29,000 golf professionals and runs top golf championships. The PGA’s Chief Innovation Officer discusses his plans for catalyzing innovation.

Coca Cola 3

How Coca-Cola Created the Soda Fountain of the Future


The inside story how how a skunkworks team of Coca-Cola engineers created the Freestyle soda fountain back in 2007 — and what they’re working on and imporving for the second iteration.

New York City Deep Dive 2018

Expanding Innovation at Our NYC Deep Dive


At our recent New York City Deep Dive event, leaders from around the US met in New York to discuss tactics for starting and expanding innovation initiatives. See photos…

Podcast Season 2 Episode 7

Inside Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture


We ask, “What makes FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google ) more innovative than other companies?” We ask Faisal Masud of Wing Aviation to find out. 

The Innovation Universe

Building the Right Foundation for Innovation


Nancy Tennant, a professor the University of Notre Dame and the former Chief Innovation Officer at Whirlpool, explores how to build the right foundation for innovation at your company. 

Jason Hsu

Taiwan’s ‘Crypto Congressman’ on Infusing Tech into Government


Jason Hsu of Taiwan discusses cryptocurrencies, blockchain in Taiwan, and the culture of innovation in his office. 

Revera Senior Living

Revera Senior Living on Tackling the Challenges of Aging Collaboratively


From involving residents to running internal idea challenges to partnering with young tech companies, Revera Senior Living seeks to innovate aging collaboratively. 

Comcast Danielle Cohn

How Comcast NBCUniversal’s LIFT Lab Created a Startup Program


Over a four years, Comcast NBCUniversal’s Danielle Cohn built LIFT Labs, a startup engagement program. She shares advice on how to design a startup strategy.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 6

Remaking R&D at the Kellogg Company


How is Kellogg reimagining their business through R&D? We sat down with SVP of Global Research and Development Nigel Hughes to find out. 


Agile AF: How Kessel Run Lab Innovates in the Air Force


In the Air Force, passing clearances reigns, slowing down projects. But, Kessel Run seeks to go from ideation to getting software to users in as fast as 88 days.

London Map

25 Corporate Innovation Hubs in London

2019-04-29T19:18:00+01:00By , with additional research by Caitlin Harper and Scott Kirsner

Explore our interactive map to see the key players in London’s ecosystem, from corporate innovation labs to venture capital funds to accelerators.


‘Office of New Urban Mechanics’ Nudges City Gov to Take Risks


Boston’s Office of New Urban Mechanics is a civic innovation incubator and R&D lab. It’s also the city’s “risk team, the failure team,” says co-founder Nigel Jacob.

Master Class

Balancing Sustaining and Strategic Innovation


In our most recent Master Class, Larry Schmitt and Steve Schwartz from The Inovo Group discussed how to balance sustaining and strategic innovation. 

By Ken Toombs, PA Consulting

How Do You Unlock Innovation?

2019-04-24T20:11:00+01:00By Ken Toombs, PA Consulting

Ingenuity isn’t the preserve of a select few. It’s the fundamental driving force of humanity. It pushes us all to go further, faster, and it’s central to innovation. Get five aspects of agility that can help your team unlock innovation.

Larry Schmitt, The Inovo Group

Can Corporate Innovators Learn to Dance?

2019-04-24T20:08:00+01:00By Larry Schmitt, The Inovo Group

The tension between operational excellence and transformational growth has been exposed. Find out how your company can balance the two…


Sure, You Should Act Like a Startup…But Can You?

2019-04-24T20:04:00+01:00By Katherine Londergan, IDEO Cambridge & David Schonthal, IDEO Chicago

Big companies know they should act more like startups, but how do you actually achieve that culture in your organization? Get insights from our partners at IDEO…

Podcast Season 2 Episode 5

Innovators vs. the Rulebook. Who Wins?


How do you get innovation wins in a highly regulated industry? Mohan Nair of Cambia Health, Steve Faktor of the McFuture Podcast, and Ludwig Melik of Planbox share…


Startup Engagement: Best Practices for Large Organizations


Learn how some of the top-performing organizations in the world design strategies to engage with startups.

Post-It Wall

Innovation Answered: The Podcast for Corporate Innovators


Innovation at large, established companies is hard. So we made a podcast to help you overcome obstacles and create change at your organization.


Blank Checks for Innovators and ‘Getting the Hell Out of the Way’


We talked to Northwestern University’s Professor Mohanbir Sawhney about the benefits of a blank check, getting buy-in from the C-Suite, and measuring results.

Foundations 1

Foundations: A Five-Day Email Program for Getting Corporate Innovation Started


Foundations: A Five-Day Email Program for Getting Corporate Innovation Started

World Medical Innovation Forum

Philips, GE Healthcare, Siemens CEOs Talk AI in Healthcare


Read highlights from a conversation with CEOs from GE Healthcare, Philips, and Siemens Healthineers approach AI at their companies.

Georgia Pacific Point A Center

Innovating the Supply Chain Georgia-Pacific’s Point A Center


Georgia-Pacific’s Point A Center launches collaborative pilots between different companies to tackle complex supply chains with increased visibility and sustainability.


Co-Creation & Ecosystem Development


Get data from 275 innovation professionals on co-creation and ecosystem development.


How the Shubert Organization Puts Startups on the Broadway Stage


We sat down with Kyle Wright, the Digital Projects Director at Shubert Ticketing, to learn more about the company’s innovation focuses and their new Broadway Tech Accelerator.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 4

Bringing Star Wars to Life at Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB


What will the entertainment of the future look like? We sat down with Vicki Dobbs Beck of Lucasfilm’s Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment ILMxLAB to find out. 


What Powers the Business Models of Apple, IKEA, and Uber?


In this book excerpt, Langdon Morris lays out a framework and questions that can be helpful in designing new business models or improving existing ones.

March 2019 Roundtable - PA Consulting

Organizational Agility & Emerging Tech at Our NYC Roundtable


In late March, we brought together 15 innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations in New York City to discuss organizational agility and emerging tech.


Innovation & Risk


How well-aligned is your innovation group with colleagues in legal, compliance & security? Our 50-page report is packed with advice.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 3

Playing In the Startup Sandbox


Should big companies even try to plug in to the startup ecosystem? We talk with Arvind Purushotham, the Head of Venture Investing at Citi Ventures, and others to find out.


How Truck Manufacturer PACCAR is Innovating for the Long Haul


 Tesla isn’t alone in the ring of companies experimenting with electric, autonomous, and smarter commercial vehicles.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 2

Can the Retail Industry Stay Relevant?


Can the retail industry stay relevant with today’s consumers? We went to New York City for NRF’s Big Show to find out. Guests work at Footlocker and Retail Minded. 

San Francisco Field Study 2019

Inside the Bay Area's Ecosystem: Target, W.L. Gore, and More


Inside Gore Innovation Center, Target Open House, the Bolt makerspace and venture firm, AppDynamics, the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium, RocketSpace, and Andreessen Horowitz.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

Inside the Mind of Clay Christensen


How do Clay Christensen’s ideas apply in 2019? Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner discusses his coverage of Christensen. Clips from interviews with Christensen are played throughout.


Whose Approval do you Need to Spend Your Budget?


We asked the Innovation Leader community the following question: “What’s the top innovation issue you’re going to tackle in 2019?” Inside are a few of the best responses…

Alexander Osterwalder

Overcoming the Challenges of Business Model Innovation


Alex Osterwalder, inventor of the Business Model Canvas, shares how testing new business models can help companies prepare for the future.

Mark Nitkey

Citi Ventures Leader: Not All Transformations are Digital

2019-03-11T11:54:00+00:00By Beth Devin, Contributing Columnist & Head of Innovation Network & Emerging Technology, Citi Ventures

As software continues to “eat the world,” there’s a tendency to assume that all transformations are digital. But that is not entirely true. Beth Devin of Citi Ventures explains.

Unlocking Play Webcast

Unlocking Play, the Secret Ingredient of Teams that Work


Suzi Hamill, the former Vice President of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments, shares strategic approaches to designing play into work.

Quad Bicycle

The 25 Best Anti-Innovation Quotes Ever

2019-03-06T12:19:00+00:00By Dan Wheeler, Contributing Columnist & SVP of Marketing & Innovation, Wahlburgers

Many of history’s most respected intellectuals — not just the senior leadership at your company — have said silly things about new ideas that had not yet realized their potential.


The State of Innovation 2019


What are corporate innovators thinking about in 2019? We sat down with Professor Gary Pisano of Harvard Business School and Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner to find out.


An Annotated Map of 25 Corporate Innovation Hubs in New York City

2019-02-22T20:38:00+00:00By , additional research by Kaitlin Milliken & Caitlin Harper

It’s hard to compete with Wall Street when it comes to global influence and importance. In fact, in 2018, New York’s financial hub surpassed London in one key ranking (thanks, Brexit!).


Why Agile Retail Needs to be on Your Radar

2019-02-15T13:01:00+00:00By Lindsay Angelo Contributing Columnist & Former Strategy Manager at lululemon

As 2019 unfolds, physical retail is undergoing a major transformation — one characterized by freshness, nimbleness, and curation. Lindsay Angelo explains…

American Greetings moved their headquarters from Brooklyn to Westlake, Ohio in 2016.

Inside American Greetings, Where ‘Meaningful Connections’ Are Made


Most think of American Greetings as a purveyor of greeting cards. But VP of Innovation Carol Miller says the company is in the “meaningful connections” business.

Participants at CHILL

How Cisco Brings Multiple Companies Together to Innovate


Cisco executive Kate O’Keeffe explains the format of the company’s 48-hour “living lab” program, which brings together multiple companies to explore opportunities.

Master Class

How Innovators and Risk Managers Can Work Better Together


In this Master Class, Mastercard’s Bob Reany and Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner shared best practices for working productively with security, legal, and compliance teams.


How a Network of Innovators Impacted the Culture at Pfizer


Daniel Seewald, Head of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer, shares how Pfizer created and honed a global program called "Dare to Try," and the organizational impact it has had so far.

Marvin Ellison, CEO of Lowes

What Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison Talks ‘Retail Fundamentals’


Lowe’s CEO has a mantra for the company: “Retail fundamentals.” Read highlights from his talk at the National Retail Federation’s annual conference in New York.

Robots inside Autodesk's BUILD space focuses on the future of the architecture and construction industries.

50+ Corporate Innovation Hubs in Boston and Cambridge


Boston houses a fertile innovation scene that attracts corporates who want to keep an eye on the latest research; hire recent grads; and invest in startups. See 50+ hubs here…


TGI Fridays and AI? The Chains’ Chief Experience Officer Explains


How are companies implementing AI? We talked to Sherif Mityas, the Chief Experience Officer of TGI Fridays, to find out how AI helps the company stay relevant with customers.

Society of Grownups CEO Nondini Naqui shares learnings so far, and expansion plans for 2016.

Foundations Day 4: What Does Your “Influence Chart” Look Like?


If you’ve got a whiteboard or a piece of paper handy, who are the 3-6 key influencers you need a constructive relationship with? Find out what your influence chart looks like in this video.

Harvard Business School professor and author Len Schlesinger

Foundations Day 2: Understanding C-Level Executives


Leonard Schlesinger of Harvard Business School discusses how CEOs think about Box 1, Box 2, and Box 3 innovation — and offers advice for innovation leaders working with their CEOs. 

Jeffrey Schnapp Piaggio Video

How Piaggio Fast Forward Brings Engineering Cultures Together


How do you ensure that an innovation lab takes advantage of the engineering smarts of the core business? Find out how Piaggio Fast Forward tackled the challenge.

Management Systems Wheel

How Management Systems Can Support Innovation


How do companies become innovative for the long haul? Nancy Tennant, an adjunct professor at Notre Dame and UChicago, addresses this question in her new book.

Albert Vita (right), Director of Store Strategy, Insights, & Visual Merchandising at The Home Depot.

Four Ways Retailers are Combatting Disruption in 2019


At the National Retail Federation's Big Show 2019, attendees discussed how to vie for attention from customers in the age of Amazon and thousands of options at their fingertips.


What’s Your Top Innovation Issue for 2019?


We asked the Innovation Leader community the following question: “What’s the top innovation issue you’re going to tackle in 2019?” Inside are a few of the best responses…

Tenure by Title

How Long Do Corporate Innovation Jobs Last, and What Happens Next?


How long do people typically stay in corporate innovation roles — at all levels? And where do they go next? We analyzed data from over 150 LinkedIn profiles to find out.

Genevieve Juillard, Managing Director, Global Expansion Credit Services, Experian

Big Corporates Can’t Innovate — And Other Myths

2019-01-22T20:09:00+00:00By Genevieve Juillard, Contributing Columnist & Managing Director, Experian

Genevieve Juillard of Experian, the $4.6 billion credit reporting agency,  writes that large companies “must change the way they approach innovation.” Here’s how…

Setting the Agenda 2019

What Innovators are Thinking about in 2019

2019-01-22T20:01:00+00:00By , Photos by Kara Swenson, Contributing Photographer

To start off the new year, we brought together some members of the Innovation Leader community for breakfast, to discuss their innovation agendas and goals for 2019. Photos inside…

BonusContent_Future of Mobility

Lyft, Tesla & the Future of Mobility


What will the future of mobility look like? We talked to Jon McNeill, COO of Lyft, about what consumers can expect moving forward. Jon also discussed his experience at Tesla.

Allegion Live Call

Finding the Right Mix of Internal and External Innovation


Rob Martens of security company, Allegion, discussed how his team uses venture capital to balance internal and external innovation. Elliot Parker of venture firm High Alpha also shared his experience.

Aaron Proietti, author of Today's Innovator.

Advice on Innovation Governance, Budgeting, Metrics


In his new book, former Transamerica exec Aaron Proietti talks about innovation not as an outcome, but as a competency that helps organizations escape the status quo.

Brian Cornell

Target CEO on Making Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Work Harder


Read edited highlights from Target CEO Brian Cornell’s speech and onstage Q&A session with NRF CEO Matthew Shay.


Inside Cadillac’s Brand Building Initiative, Cadillac House


Opened in 2015, Cadillac House space includes a free art gallery, pop-up stores, a café, as well as the latest Cadillac vehicles. Take a look inside the space in this video.

Astrid Fontaine

Selected Speakers from Past Innovation Leader Events


Since 2014, Innovation Leader has hosted dozens of events in the US and Europe. These are a few of the speakers who have been part of them…

Embraer X's current projects include electric-powered vertical take-off and landing concept aircraft, or eVTOL.

An Annotated Map of 50 Corporate Innovation Hubs in Silicon Valley

2019-01-03T17:19:00+00:00By , with additional research by Caitlin Harper

Our list of sites for "big company" innovation in the Bay Area looks at the region though the lens of public companies investing in R&D, innovation, or corporate venture capital. 

Kate O'Keefe

Kate O’Keefe on Building an Innovation Bootcamp with Impact


In our "Building Idea Challenges that Work" conference call, Kate O'Keeffe, founder of Cisco's Hyper Innovation Living Lab (CHILL), shares how she built a 48-hour bootcamp with impact.

Steve Blank Video

Steve Blank on Building Innovation Teams


Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur, Steve Blank shares how companies can set up a system that fosters innovation and effectively creates change. 

All birds

Innovation and Blurring Sectors: Where Will You Blur the Lines?

2018-12-28T13:01:00+00:00By Lindsay Angelo Contributing Columnist & Former Strategy Manager at lululemon

Contributing columnist Lindsay Angelo says we'll see more sectors colliding in 2019 to create something bigger and more impactful than each could do on its own.


Best Innovation Coverage of 2018


We pulled data on the most popular reports, case studies & resources that our team produced in 2018. Get insights from our 12 top resources and another 15 from our partners.

Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive-in-Charge at ILMxLAB

VR, AR, and Hyper-Reality Star Wars Experiences at Lucasfilm

2018-12-21T13:30:00+00:00By , video by Pablo Miner

Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive in Charge at Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB, discusses Star Wars, immersive experiences, and bringing people together through story. Watch the video excerpts…

Atlanta Roundtable

Atlanta Innovators Discuss Idea Generation and Execution


The latest roundtable dove into the challenges of sourcing ideas, moving those ideas through pilots, and eventual releasing them into the world. See photos inside...

Atlanta Field Study

Inside the Atlanta Ecosystem: NCR, Honeywell, and More


Our 2018 Atlanta Field Study brought over 50 executives together to discuss strategies for cultivating talent and building competitive advantage. Photos inside...

Pano Anthos Live Call

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Engage with Accelerators


 Pano Anthos, managing partner of New York-based retail accelerator XRC Labs, shares best practices for working with accelerators.


What Software Do You Use for Managing Ideas?


One member of the Innovation Leader community asked: “What software do you use for managing ideas — specifically, dealing with an idea backlog?” See the responses inside…

Lyft COO Jon McNeill

Lyft COO Talks Tesla, “Peak Car,” and the Future of Mobility

2018-12-07T15:13:00+00:00By , videos by Pablo Minier

Lyft's COO Jon McNeill has spent his career scaling companies in the mobility industry. McNeill discusses the innovative culture at Tesla, Lyft’s mission, and the future of mobility.


What Metrics Do You Track for Your Innovation Center?


We asked the Innovation Leader community: What metrics do you track to prove out the value of your innovation center? Here are some of their answers.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 8

Startup Culture in Big Companies


Can big companies behave like startups and capture their culture? To find out, we interviewed Steve Blank, a key player in the lean startup movement. This episode also features insights from Lyft COO Jon McNeill.

Christie McCarthy, Director of New Product Realization, Corning Life Sciences

How Corning Focuses R&D Efforts and Sources Ideas


Christie McCarthy of Corning’s life sciences division, discusses the 345 Model, the importance of patience, scalability, and where ideas come from. 


Successful Collaboration and Partnerships with Outside Teams


Bob Klein from Digital Scientists explains how to partner with outside teams, including four types of partnerships: startup collaborations, staff augmentations, teams for hire, and collaborative teams.

Leo Chan, Senior Innovation Lead, Chick-fil-A

How We’re Building a Culture That Supports Innovation at Chick-fil-A

2018-11-19T14:59:00+00:00By Leo Chan, Contributing Columnist & Senior Innovation Lead, Chick-fil-A

Imagine if your team joined the world’s most innovative companies like Apple, Netflix, or Amazon. It’s possible, writes columnist Leo Chan, but only with the right culture.

Volocopter and Car2Go at the grand opening of Lab1886's Atlanta location. © Daimler AG

How Daimler’s Lab1886 Develops and Rolls Out New Businesses


Susanne Hahn, Director of Lab1886 Global shares how the company inspires and supports its employees to innovate, and why they chose Atlanta for Lab1886’s newest addition.


Fidelity Investments CEO Talks Blockchain, VR, and Deflation


At a FinTech Sandbox event, Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson discussed the history of the company’s innovation unit; some recent innovations; and the company’s goals for the future. 


Sports iLab’s Angela Ruggiero on Sports and Technology


How are sports and technology converging? Angela Ruggiero, CEO of the Sports Innovation Lab, talks about how technology can help teams avoid disruption...

Podcast Season 1 Episode 7

Innovating the World of Sports


What’s disrupting the world of sports, and how are teams adapting? To find out, we talked with Angela Ruggiero of the Sports Innovation Lab, and Jack Elkins of the Orlando Magic.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 6

Moving Fast…Full Speed Ahead!


Can a big, slow company really move fast? And is faster necessarily better? To find out, we talked to Rachael Schwartz, formerly of Keurig. This episode also features Trip Advisor CEO Steve Kaufer.

Seattle Roundtable

Seattle Roundtable Exploring the Process of Getting Ideas to Market


Our latest roundtable dove into the challenges of sourcing ideas, and how to move those ideas through prototyping, pilots, and eventual release into the world. 

Jennifer Hyman, Co-Founder and CEO of Rent the Runway.

Spanx and Rent the Runway Founders on Building Brands


Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman and Spanx Founder Sara Blakely discuss brand building, using humor, and empowering women at Forbes 30 Under 30.


How to Build a Winning Business Case for Innovation Management


Ludwig Melik from our strategic partner, Planbox, focuses on how to manage the innovation pipeline and pitch innovation to the C-suite. 

Podcast Season 1 Episode 5

What’s Digital Transformation, Anyway?


What’s the right strategy for making digital transformation? To find out, we interviewed Patrick Bass, the CEO at thyssenkrupp North America, and Marcelo De Santis, formely of Mondelez International and Pirelli. 

Kathy Fish

P&G’s Top R&D Exec on Startup Disruption and Lean Innovation


Kathy Fish, P&G’s Chief Research, Development, and Innovation Officer, discusses lean innovation, data science, and measuring productivity. Our exclusive interview is inside…

Impact 2018

Innovation Leader’s Impact 2018 Conference in Boston


Innovation Leader brought together 350 strategy, innovation, and R&D executives from around the world to Boston for Impact 2018. Photos from the conference inside...

Sunil Gupta

Peloton, Goldman Sachs, and Designing a Digital Strategy


In a recent interview, Harvard Business School professor Sunil Gupta talks about going beyond the buzzword “digital transformation” to design a digital strategy that works.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 4

(Better) Business Model Innovation


 Can changing your business model make your company an innovation powerhouse? We sit down with Rick Paster of Walmart Global eCommerce and Mark Johnson of Innosight to find out. 


Partnering with Startups to Drive Innovation


Brian Christian from The Inovo Group offers advice on how to forge meaningful relationships with startups, and explores the reasons companies work with startups.

Bonny Simi, President of JetBlue Technology Ventures

How JetBlue Navigates the World of Corporate Venture Capital


JetBlue Technology Ventures has put money into 20 startups, which build everything from weather prediction tech to AI assistants that manage travel plans.


How Platform is Changing What it Means to be a Mall


Despite the dire forecasts in the retial industry, Joseph Miller and his partner, David Fishbein, set out in 2013 to create something that was anything but mall-like.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 3

The Ex-Files


What is it really like to head innovation at a large company? We talked to former innovation executives from Nike and Manulife John Hancock to find out — warts and all.

Pontus Siren

Extending Your Business in the Digital Era

2018-10-04T20:27:00+01:00By Pontus Siren and Utsav Bhatt, Innosight

In the digital era, both extension strategies are viable. Look at the choice from the point of view of companies who are incumbents in their industries.

Ludwig Melik, CEO Planbox

10 Most Popular Innovation Management Questions

2018-10-04T20:24:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, CEO Planbox

Here is a collection of the most popular innovation management system questions we have been asked over the years and strategies to address them.

Mariko O’Neill

Does Measurement Kill Innovation?

2018-10-04T20:21:00+01:00By Steve Dry, Mariko O’Neill, Allison Cook, and Saba Tahseen, PA Consulting

Measuring innovation can feel sterile, uninspiring, and judgmental. Here are three subtle changes to your measurement process to improve your program…

Bob Klein_DS

Accepting the Challenges of IoT

2018-10-04T20:18:00+01:00By Bob Klein, CEO Digital Scientists

Understanding the challenges of IoT will open unimagined opportunities—changing the way you do business, even changing the nature of your business…

London Executive Forum 2018

London Innovators Discuss Risk-Taking and Experimentation


Our 2018 London Executive Forum brought 25 executives together at Royal Bank of Scotland to discuss how to create a culture of risk-taking and experimentation. See photos inside...


Crafting a Winning Innovation Strategy Using Data


In our most recent Master Class, we delved into data from our recent “Benchmarking Innovation 2018” report and explored how innovation teams could use the findings to improve their innovation strategies. 

Moon Javaid

How the San Francisco 49ers are Gathering Real-Time Fan Data


Moon Javaid, Vice President of Strategy and Analytics at the 49ers, discusses his team’s goals, with a special focus on how they collect real-time data to improve the fan experience.


Integrating Strategic Planning with Portfolio Management


Innovators face a common challenge: aligning their investments with product strategy. Our friends at Sopheon discuss how strategic planning can help…

Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

Those Darned Millennials


Are millennials really killing established brands? We sat down with Nondini Naqui, a millennial engagement consultant and former CEO of Society of Grownups, to find out.

The Impact Award trophy.

Winners of Our 2018 Impact Awards


Innovation Leader’s Impact Awards honor companies that have achieved extraordinary outcomes related to their programs. Here's the full list of winners and runners up for 2018...

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner tosses a Nerf Football with Hasbro employees Nate Fernando and Kate Martino.

Hasbro CEO on Resistance, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Game Evolution


Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner shares how Hasbro navigates the changing retail landscape and why changing things as fast as the market demands can often run counter to human nature. Part three of three...

KPMG Roundtable in Chicago 2018

‘Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018’ Roundtable in Chicago


To coincide with the release of our Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018 report, sponsored by KPMG, we gathered a group of innovation professionals to discuss the report’s findings.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 1

The Innovation Survival Guide


What kills innovation initiatives at large companies? And what can you do to survive? To find out we talked to Innovation Leader’s Editor Scott Kirsner and Assistant Editor Kelsey Alpaio.


Hasbro CEO on Idea Generation & How Innovation is Structured


Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner shares how the company navigates the changing retail landscape; how they managing Wall Street’s expectations; and more. Part two of three…

Hugh Molotsi

Exclusive Book Excerpt: ‘The Intrapreneur’s Journey’


“Giving employees time and freedom to work on their own ideas makes great business sense,” write Hugh Molotsi and Jeff Zias in the forthcoming book “The Intrapreneur’s Journey.” 

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner

Innovating in Physical & Digital Realms at Hasbro


In the decade since Hasbro Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner took charge, the company has begun to take a “digital-first” approach to everything it does. Read our three part interview…


Former Pirelli Exec on Digital Transformation as a Team Sport


What role should digital transformation play at your company? Former Chief Innovation Officer Marcelo De Santis shares advice in this podcast bonus episode...

Kelloggs NYC

Inside Kellogg's NYC Cereal Café


At Kellogg's NYC, playing with your food is encouraged. Kellogg's launched its New York City cereal café in 2016. See how the brand connects with its customers. 

Jennifer Dunn of HYPE

Your Innovation Questions Answered


We had our members ask us anything on their minds. HYPE Innovation’s Jennifer Dunn and Scott Kirsner from Innovation Leader answered questions.


Where Does Innovation Fit & Who Should It Report To?

2018-08-28T12:00:00+01:00By Rachael Schwartz

Former Keurig Green Mountain VP Rachael Schwartz lays out the pros and cons of several different org structures in our newest downloadable resource.

Gwen Nguyen

How Big Companies are Using Indiegogo Enterprise


Indiegogo Enterprise allows brands to test products with consumers and get their feedback on the experience. Watch this video for more.

What is an innovation leader

What is an Innovation Leader? Three Definitions


When people talk about innovation leaders, there are three definitions: the individual, the company, and the community of corporate innovators.

Daniel Seewald, Senior Director of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer

Leveraging the Power of Crowds to Enhance Design Thinking


Crowdsourcing should take place before a design session, contends Pfizer exec Daniel Seewald. In fact, it can be the difference between a mediocre session and a high impact one.

Blueprints - Report Spread

Blueprints for Corporate Innovators


One of the big projects we’ve been working has been building tools, templates, and other resources to help people working on innovation in large organizations…


Storytelling Skills for Innovators


Noted author Evan I. Schwartz, Director of Storytelling at Innosight, discusses the storytelling devices that innovators need to know. 


How the I-Team is Working to Amplify Civic Innovation in LA


LA’s i-team tackles ambitious projects, from improving recruiting at the Los Angeles Police Department to helping residents stay in their homes as neighborhoods gentrify. 

Embraer VTOL

How the Aerospace Firm Embraer is Pursuing Disruptive Innovation


David Rottblatt of EmbraerX, a disruptive innovation team at Embraer, explains how the team is set up and some initial projects, including a collaboration with Uber. 

Baker Hughes Energy Innovation Center

Inside Baker Hughes’ Energy Innovation Center


Four years ago, Baker Hughes opened its Oil & Gas Technology Center in Oklahoma City. This July, the company reinvented the facility, unveiling the Energy Innovation Center.

New York City Round Table 2018

Exploring Business Model Innovation at Our NYC Roundtable


At our roundtable in New York City, co-hosted with Innosight, we gathered 10 innovation professionals to discuss the intricacies and challenges of business model innovation...

Dennis Devine at Cleveland Field Study

Why KeyBank is Investing in Digital Innovation and Acquisitions


KeyBank is one of the biggest in the US, with over 1,100 branches. While investing in its digital relationship with customers, it remains committed to face-to-face interactions.

2017 Dairy Accelerator participants visit the Land O'Lakes cheese plant in Melrose, Minn.

Lessons from the Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator


Change is coming to the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store. And the $13.7 billion dairy giant Land O’Lakes is looking to startups to help it cope.

Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018 Round Table SF

‘Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018’ Roundtable in San Francisco


To coincide with the release of Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018, sponsored by KPMG, we brought together professionals to discuss some of the report’s findings.


The Best Ways to Communicate Innovation Activities?


A member of the Innovation Leader community asked the following question: “What are some of the most effective ways to communicate what the innovation team is up to?”

Fidelity Key Ring

How Fidelity Used a Key Ring to Capture Project Learnings


What happens after the debrief on a project you’ve completed? At Fidelity Investments, the innovation team came up with a clever way to capture their learnings.


Assessment: How Sophisticated is Your Startup Engagement Strategy?


Are you ready to engage with the startup ecosystem? How comprehensive is your startup strategy? Answer these 15 questions to find out.


L’Oreal VP on the Effective Use of Design Thinking in Business


Jackson Wang shares his advice on the most effective ways to use design thinking, highlighting lessons from his work as VP of Retail Design at L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble.

Fire Alarm

What’s the Level of Innovation Urgency at Your Organization?


How much urgency is there around innovation at your company? Check the answers that describe your organization, and get an instant assessment of where you stand.

Cleveland Field Study 2018

Inside Cleveland's Ecosystem: Cleveland Clinic, KeyBank & More


During our Cleveland Field Study, we toured the offices of Cleveland Clinic Innovations, American Greetings, KeyBank, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Progressive Field.

"Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018" Launch

‘Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018’ Launches in New York


Alongside the release of our Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018 report, sponsored by KPMG, we gathered 16 innovation professionals to discuss the report's findings. See photos...


Does Measurement Kill Innovation?


Watch this Master Class to find out the difference between “activity metrics” and “impact metrics,” where to start, and how to evolve your measurement regimen over time. 

COVER - Benchmaring 2018

Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018


Innovating inside large organizations is not easy. So how do you deliver concrete, tangible impact — over the short-term, medium-term, and long-term? Innovation Leader and KPMG have collaborated to create the go-to resource on corporate innovation, based on detailed survey data and interviews with senior executives at Whirlpool, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Southern Company, General Motors, and more.


Inside the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Transformation


Greg Harris, CEO of Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, shares what innovation means to his organization, as well as how he measures its impact.

Digital Transformation Round Table 2018

‘Underground’ Roundtable on Digital Transformation


At roundtable in Chicago, we tackled several topics around digital transformation: how to define it, who should be involved, and how to overcome cultural barriers...

Cleveland Clinic

How Cleveland Clinic Sifts Ideas and Spins Out New Ventures


Cleveland Clinic seeks to help as many inventions as possible find their way into the health care system. Executive Director Pete O’Neill explains how they do it…

A graphic explanation of the gap Co.Create fills between academia and the healthcare industry, shown on

How a New Lab at Mass General Hospital is Spurring Innovation


Julia Jackson, the Managing Director of Mass General's Healthcare Transformation Lab, explains the three pillars of what the lab works on.


Navi Radjou on How You Can Implement Frugal Innovation


Navi Radjou, whose TED talk on frugal innovation has garnered over 1.6 million views, explains some of the values driving the phenomenon, and answers questions.

Debbie Brackeen, CSAA

CSAA Insurance Preps for the Future of Transportation


How does the world of car insurance not only survive, but find opportunities for growth? Debbie Brackeen of CSAA Insurance Group, explains the company's approach...

Healthcare Deep Dive 2017

Testing and Scaling New Ideas in Healthcare Deep Dive


At our recent Healthcare Deep Dive event, co-hosted by PA Consulting Group, executives gathered in Boston to discuss topics related to testing and scaling new ideas in the industry.


Startup Studios: Snake Oil or Elixir for the Corporate Innovator?

2018-05-15T20:01:00+01:00By Rick Waldron Contributing Columnist & Former VP of Innovation Strategy Nike

Startup studios are gaining traction. But will this strategy help innovators overcome enterprise challenges? Former Nike and Intel exec Rick Waldron makes the case...


Has Your Company Centralized Its Innovation Services?


We asked our community if they had centralized or harmonized innovation approaches into one umbrella department. Learn about their approaches…

New York Field Study 2018

New York Field Study Drops in on Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and Kickstarter


Our 2018 New York Field Study brought over 70 executives to Manhattan and Brooklyn, stopping at the offices of Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and more. See photos here…


The Ex-Files: On The Front Lines of Corporate Innovation

2018-05-01T18:50:00+01:00By , Illustrations by Todd Detwiler

What it’s really like on the front lines of corporate innovation, according to those who’ve been there. 


Advice on Piloting and Scaling New Ideas in Healthcare


Few industries are as regulated as health care. Leaders from Anthem, Pulse@MassChallenge, and Boston Children's Hospital share their advice on innovating.


Are You Developing a Strategy for Amazon Alexa?


We asked the Innovation Leader community if they were developing products, strategies, or solutions for Amazon Alexa. 

Ace Moghimi, Former Global Head of Innovation and Digital Strategy, Manulife/John Hancock

Why Innovators Can’t Afford to Ignore Politics & Internal Conflicts

2018-04-26T16:00:00+01:00By Ace Moghimi, Contributing Writer; Venture Partner, NextGen Venture Partners

Ace Moghimi, an experienced insurance industry innovator, offers his tips for creating significant change in large organizations.

Nestlé Global Innovation Director Gerardo Mazzeo at a 2016 networking event in London.

Three Tips on Better Stakeholder Engagement at Nestlé

2018-04-23T05:01:00+01:00By Gerardo Mazzeo, Global Innovation Director, Nestlé

According to the director of Nestlé's open innovation initiative, three strategies were crucial when engaging stakeholders and making the new initiative a success. Gerardo Mazzeo explains...


Nurturing New Ideas About Food at Campbell Soup Company


Megan Bozzelli, Disruptive Innovation Manager at Campbell Soup Company, explains the tactics the disruptive innovation team at Campbell’s utilizes to harness innovation.

Bayer Slide

Cultivating an Ecosystem of Consumer Health Startups at Bayer


Over a century after patenting Aspirin, Bayer is investing in ecosystem engagement initiatives to discover partnerships with players and startups outside its walls.


What Rewards Have You Offered Employees for Developing an MVP?


We asked corporate executives how their companies reward employees who develop a proof of concept or MVP. Cash, stock, and recognition were among the answers

The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center emergency room.

Testing Emerging Tech in a 12,000-Employee Hospital System


How do you innovate in an environment where everything is legitimately an emergency? John Halamka of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center shares his advice.

Campbell's Soup Soulfull Project

How Campbell’s Soup Launched a New ‘Buy One, Give One’ Product


Direct-to-consumer products are rare at Campbell’s Soup. Here's a look at how the Soulfull Project launched one.


What New York Life Has Learned from Six Years in Corporate VC


New York Life’s Ventures has been amping up its investments in “frontier technologies” that can improve the client experience, streamline operations, and help grow the business.


NYC and San Francisco Roundtables with PA Consulting


At roundtables in New York City and San Francisco, executives gathered to discuss learnings around becoming customer-centric and applying AI and machine learning.


Tactics and Timelines for Changing Culture


What does it mean to try to change the culture to drive innovation, and how can you make your goals specific? Gary Getz and Michel van Hove of Strategos explain.

Wim Vandenhouweele of Merck with Bill Gaussa of Phillips Healthcare.

What are the Biggest Challenges of Customer-Centric Companies?


In a recent New York City Underground Roundtable with PA Consulting Group, participants discussed the biggest challenges of leading a customer-centric company.


Are There Recruiters Who Help You Hire for Innovation Roles?


We recently asked members of the IL community if they used executive recruiters to find talent for innovation roles. See which strategies and recruiters they recommended.

Healthcare Report

Healthcare Innovation from the Leading Edge


Healthcare organizations are an extremely complex environments for innovation. Our report explores how healthcare companies have set up new initiatives that deliver results.

closed store

These are the 14 Things That Kill Once-Great Companies


These are the 14 of the common things we at Innovation Leader see companies doing, thinking, and saying that lead to decline and eventual irrelevance.


Why Burt’s Bees is Lending Market Knowledge to Startups


The Natural Launchpad at Burt's Bees is an annual grant program for natural products. Ten startups each receive $10,000, mentoring, and access to the other entrepreneurs.

Gutowski at Innovation Leader's 2017 Teach-In

GE VP: ‘The Way We Sold in the Past Isn’t Going to Work’


GE VP Cate Gutowski discusses how the company approaches innovation and the importance of weaving the digital thread. Listen to the full call…

Digital Platform Comparison Chart

Digital Platforms that Help Corporates Scout Startups


Gearbox, KITE, and Startgrid are among seven digital services that help corporates map the startup landscape. Here’s our comparison chart.

Edward Roussel, Chief Innovation Officer, Dow Jones

How Dow Jones is Innovating in an Era of ‘Fake News’


Edward Roussel of Dow Jones discusses the company’s relationship with new gatekeepers like Facebook, and how the company explores new technologies.


Innovation by the Numbers


In our latest Master Class, “Innovation by the Numbers,” we explored the metrics and analytics behind innovation efforts with Innovation 360’s CEO Magnus Penker.


Do You Have a Cross-Functional Innovation Team?


In last week’s Q&A email, we asked about cross-functional teams that focus on the front end of the innovation process. Find out how members of the IL Community responded.

Southwest Team

Southwest Airlines President: ‘If You Don’t Like Change, You’re Going to Hate Extinction’


We spoke with President Tom Nealon about how Southwest is working to address customer and employee pain points.


How Can We Make the Case for Innovating in the Whitespace?


We asked our members, “How can we make the case for innovating in the whitespace, not just building things related to existing products?” Here are their answers…

Deep Dive Tech Scouting 2018

Tech Scouting in San Francisco at Our Deep Dive


For our Deep Dive, we dropped in on LinkedIn, Autodesk, and Target’s Open House, and heard how companies approach the challenges of scouting.

Fast Forward Lab Johns Hopkins

How Johns Hopkins is Turning Doctors into Entrepreneurs


Within Johns Hopkins Medicine, the Technology Innovation Center serves as a hub for budding innovators, helping them build, deploy, and test clinical solutions…


Innovation Illustrated: Measuring Innovation


Here’s Innovation Leader’s look at how you can design an effective “Mission Control” for your innovation work, along with questions to discuss with your team and senior leadership.

Reverse Pitch

What’s a ‘Reverse Pitch,’ and How Can It Help Attract Startups?


At Corporate Innovation Night, seven multinational corporations described how they’re interested in engaging with startups. Includes audio…


Nestlé Shares Advice from its Global Hunt for Big Ideas


The open innovation initiative HENRi “is all about taking on projects that matter,” explains Gerardo Mazzeo, Global Innovation Director at Nestlé. More details inside…


What Do Colleagues Hear When You Say ‘Innovation’?


When people around the company say they want "innovation," they likely don't all mean the same thing. Aaron Proietti, a former SVP at Transamerica, offers a translation guide.


FAQ: Your Corporate Innovation Questions, Answered


Innovation Leader regularly fields questions about corporate innovation and poses them to our community of strategy, technology, and R&D leaders. Here’s a collection of questions we’ve answered recently.

Walmart vs. Amazon

Walmart and Amazon Race to Build Retail’s Future

2018-02-20T17:01:00+00:00By , additional reporting by Scott Kirsner

Don’t buy into the narrative that these two companies are gladiators battling to the death. Here’s what’s really happening.


Walmart’s Major Digital Acquisitions


A list of acquisitions made by Walmart from 2011 to the present, including, ModCloth, and Bonobos.

Open Innovation guru Henry Chesbrough

Henry Chesbrough on Open Innovation


Open innovation guru Henry Chesbrough discusses how open innovation is being practiced at companies like Intel, Eli Lilly, Bayer, and United HealthCare.


Why Bissell Used Crowdfunding for a Product Launch


Chuck Martin was convinced pet care offered growth opportunities for Bissell. Here’s how he launched the company’s first dog grooming product, with help from Indiegogo.

Clay Christensen

Office Hours, Part III: What Does ‘Disruptive Innovation’ Actually Mean?


“The term disruption is being used pervasively by corporate innovators and large companies. Has the term lost its intended meaning?” Clay Christensen of Harvard Business School answers, in a short audio excerpt from our recent interview.

Nason Group - Shawn Nason

How Does the ‘Power of Yes’ Apply to Innovation?

2018-02-09T20:40:00+00:00By Shawn Nason, CEO of Nason Group

Why, you ask, the power of yes? And, how the heck does the power of yes connect with innovation? Find out more from the Nason Group…

Cleveland Field Study 2018

How Do You Get Your Company Unstuck?

2018-02-09T20:38:00+00:00By Sandy Croucher, Nottingham Spirk

Here are some of the common and surmountable impediments to innovation that happen frequently and tips for overcoming them. 

Gary Getz, Strategos

How Can You Harmonize Innovation Initiatives?

2018-02-09T20:36:00+00:00By Gary Getz, Strategos

Corporate innovators appreciate when they don’t have to start from scratch. Find out how to create harmony between existing initiatives…

Hsiu Mei Wong, US Chief Innovation Officer, PA Consulting Group

How Do We Get Our Culture to Allow Ideas to Flourish?

2018-02-09T20:31:00+00:00By Hsiu Mei Wong, US Chief Innovation Officer, PA Consulting Group

Incremental innovation is great. But a change is coming that will call for a more fundamental shift. Find out how to build a culture that prepares for the future…

Chris Townsend, Chief Marketing Officer of Imaginatik

How Do You Go Beyond Innovation Theater?

2018-02-09T20:29:00+00:00By Chris Townsend, Chief Marketing Officer of Imaginatik

It has become fashionable for pundits, consultants, and startups to decry the ills of “Corporate Innovation Theater.” Learn how to go beyond theater…


Office Hours, Part II: Clay Christensen on Healthcare and Organizing R&D Teams


Part two of a three-part web series covering our interview with Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen, author of “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” 


Best Practices for Scouting Trends and Emerging Technologies


Innovation Leader's Scott Kirsner and Kyle Nel, the former Executive Director of Lowe's Innovation Labs, discuss best practices for scouting trends and emerging technologies. 

Clay Christensen

Office Hours with Clay Christensen


In the first part of our three-part web series, we asked member-submitted questions to Clay Christensen, author of “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and Harvard Business School professor.

Shannon Clute

Building a Culture of Innovation at Turner Classic Movies


As part of our IL Live series, we spoke with Shannon Clute, Director of Business Development and Strategy at TCM, about the channel’s “bottom-up” innovation strategy.

David Lee, VP of Innovation at UPS.

David Lee on Bringing New Innovation Programs to UPS


David Lee, UPS's Vice President of Innovation, oversees UPS' corporate investing arm, the Strategic Enterprise Fund. Lee discusses the initiative in this call...

Nilofer Merchant on creating a culture of innovation and ideas

Nilofer Merchant: 30% Weird is a Good Target


We sat down with the author and former Apple exec Nilofer Merchant to talk about why corporate cultures can be so hostile to ideas that are a bit off-kilter…


Do You Charge Other Departments for Your Innovation Services?


We asked our community members: “Does your team charge other groups in the company for your services? If you don’t charge, why not?” Here’s a summary of their advice…


Why Innovation Teams Get Stuck, and How to Break Free


How can sophisticated organizations can be so committed to innovation — but still get stuck? Mike Maddock of Maddock Douglas offers strategies to get “unstuck.”


Three Roles That USAA Labs Plays


Zachary Gipson explains how his USAA Labs team engages employees and members; experiments with new technologies; and works to build new businesses.

Top 10 Innovation Issues

10 Innovation Issues Big Company Leaders Face in 2018


We asked our community: What are your top-of-mind innovation issues for 2018? Here’s a summary of their answers, and a list of their favorite innovation resources.

Military Innovation: Building 3D Printed Drones

How the Marines are Accelerating Tech Acquisition


Capt. Christopher Wood discussed some of the key inflection points in the Marine Corps’ history of innovation, and how the Corps is looking to foster the spirit of innovation today.

Using augmented reality to envision the end state of a renovation project.

How Home Depot is Building the Future of Retail with AI, Google, VR


Prat Vemana, VP of Online at Home Depot, explains how the $95 billion retailer is testing technology to make in-store and online shopping seamless for customers. 

USPS Informed Delivery

How the USPS is Linking Mail to the Digital World


“The postal service for years was a very operational culture,” says Gary Reblin of USPS “We’ve got to change with the times.” 

Peer Advice

Peer Advice on Innovation Incentives


At our LA Field Study, participants used Post-Its to share what sort of incentives they offer to encourage employees and leaders throughout the organization to innovate.

Innovation Glossary

A Glossary of Innovation Terms and Strategies


The terminology used by executives involved in corporate innovation and new ventures can be confusing to newbies. Here’s our glossary of terms commonly used in the field.

Pixar Lightning

Pixar’s Founder on Failure and Risk


“Our job is not to prevent mistakes and errors,” says Pixar President and Founder Ed Catmull. “It is to respond when things go wrong…”

Naureen Meraj

The Importance of Following-Through with Initiatives


Naureen Meraj, a training and digital transformation leader, discusses why teams should be wary of “one-time-wonders” and the best platforms for gathering ideas.

Naureen Meraj

Taking Cultural Differences into Account


Naureen Meraj, a training and digital transformation leader, discusses why innovators should think about cultural differences when running training workshops.

Leslie Shannon, Nokia's Head of Ecosystem and Trends Scouting.

Nokia Blends Sci-Fi and Reality to Envision the Future


Leslie Shannon, Head of Ecosystem and Trends Scouting at Nokia, explains how science fiction can be an important bellwether of what technologies will take off.


Letting the Customer Drive Innovation at Beckman Coulter


Wido Menhardt of Beckman Coulter discusses taking the cloud seriously; employee hackathons; and letting the voice of the customer drive innovation.

Robin Beers Video

Wells Fargo Exec with Five Principles of Rapid Prototyping


Robin Beers of Wells Fargo explains the five principles of rapid prototyping, including "show, don't tell," "get customer feedback," and "document your decisions." 

Robert Perri Pepsico Video

PepsiCo Exec on Business Unit Ties & the Perils of Too Many Ideas


Robert Perri of PepsiCo, talks about the importance of budget, borrowing resources when necessary, and close ties between innovation or R&D teams and their business unit partners.

Matt Griffin Celtics Video

How the Boston Celtics are Upgrading the Fan Experience


Matt Griffin of the Boston Celtics shares how the team leverages technology and data analytics to improve the fan experience. Watch the full video...

Wendy Mayer Pfizer Video

Pfizer Exec on Creating Transformative Change


Wendy Mayer of Pfizer explains the need to separate incremental innovation work from transformational efforts and why its important to have “a process to guide you.”

Andres Ricuarte American Express Video

American Express Exec on the Customer-First Mindset


Andres Ricuarte, Head of American Express’ B2B Platform and API, discusses partnerships, APIs, and innovating with your customer. More advice from Ricuarte inside…

Shell TechWorks

Fast Prototyping and Feedback at Shell's TechWorks Innovation Lab

2017-12-28T17:28:00+00:00By ,

Julie Ferland of the Shell TechWorks innovation lab, offers an inside at the space; the types of projects it works on; and the team Shell has assembled from outside the oil and gas industry.

Naureen Meraj

How Gamification and Incentives Can Build Employee Engagement


 Naureen Meraj, a training and digital transformation leader, discusses gamification and incentivizing participation in innovation. Find out more in this IL Confidential video.

Mehmood Khan PepsiCo Video

PepsiCo Chief Scientific Officer on Innovation & Sustainability


Video highlights from the 2017 Teach-In at MIT, featuring PepsiCo's Chief Scientific Officer and Vice Chairman, Mehmood Khan.


Scouting Trends & Emerging Tech


How do large companies scout the trends and technologies that will be most relevant to their future success? Ourreport collects advice from executives...

Year in Review

The Highlights (and Lowlights) of Corporate Innovation in 2017


From Ford to Walmart, GE to Amazon, here's our run-down of the 10 most interesting corporate innovation happenings of 2017.

Los Angeles Field Study 2017

Inside the LA Ecosystem: JibJab, CBRE, LA Cleantech, and More


Our first-ever Los Angeles Field Study took participants inside Northrop Grumman, CBRE, LA Cleantech Incubator, JibJab, and Platform.

Embraer X's current projects include electric-powered vertical take-off and landing concept aircraft, or eVTOL.

Uber Isn’t Joking About Flying Cars

2017-12-12T20:27:00+00:00By Brian Steiner

Uber's Elevate initiative aims to launch a new fleet of electric aircraft that would carry a pilot and up to four passengers. We talk to two of the NASA veterans overseeing the project.


Kellogg’s Nigel Hughes on How R&D is Changing


Nigel Hughes, Head of R&D at the cereal giant Kellogg Co., talks about distinguishing between fads and “seismic shifts,” and how the R&D organization is changing.


How do You Collaborate With, or Acquire, Startups?


We asked our community: How do you collaborate with, or acquire, startups without “killing the butterfly?” Here’s a summary of the top answers…

Stanley Black and Decker Lab

Inside Stanley Black and Decker's 'Futures Innovation Factory'

2017-11-22T16:07:00+00:00By ,

Stanley Black and Decker's “Futures Innovation Factory" works on new products like smarter security cameras, automated doors, and more. Take a look inside the space...


Building MVPs to Get Products to Market Fast


Learn the latest tactics on rapid prototyping and market-testing new digital offerings in this 45-minute webcast, led by Bob Klein of Digital Scientists.

. Marriott installed 19 black and red buttons on the walls around the M Beta hotel, so that guests can provide instant feedback on their experience.

Inside Marriott’s M Beta, a Hotel Designed for Experimentation


Guests who check into Marriott's M Beta hotel in Charlotte are immersed in an environment where nearly everything is experimental, and intended to gather feedback...


Who Should be on Your Innovation Team?


We asked our community: How do you think about who should be on your innovation team? Here's a summary of the top answers...


Fifteen of the Top Innovation and R&D Labs in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is one of the most active cities in North America for innovation in big companies. We created a map to display 15 of the top innovation and R&D labs in the area.

Deloitte New York Roundtable 2017

‘Underground’ Executive Roundtable in New York


We brought together 16 innovation and R&D leaders at MasterCard Labs in New York City for a roundtable co-hosted with our partner, Deloitte. Here are some photos...


Who Should We Be Benchmarking Against?


Last week, we asked the Innovation Leader community about how they approach benchmarking. Here are their answers/advice/insights…

CEO Insights Videos

CEOs on Disruption, Culture & Executive Support


How should you be thinking about the impact of disruption in your industry? CEOs of Bose, TripAdvisor, and Eastern Bank weigh in...


Four Pillars for Winning Business Model Innovation

2017-10-31T14:59:00+00:00By Rick Waldron Contributing Columnist & Former VP of Innovation Strategy Nike

“The typical three-year corporate innovation cycle…has become all too common,” writes former Nike and Intel executive Rick Waldron. Get advice on escaping that fate.


How Should You Budget for Your Innovation Program?


Last week, we asked the Innovation Leader community about how they budgeted for the launch of their innovation programs. Here are their answers/advice/insights…

Brick Wall

Overcoming Barriers to Innovation in Large Companies


We share 11 common barriers to innovation, present a list of the symptoms for each barrier, and provide questions that can help your colleagues and better understand the barrier.


What’s a Minimum Viable Innovation Team?

2017-10-24T16:45:00+01:00By Zeeshan Sheikh, Contributing Columnist and Director, Emerging Technologies Group, Everbridge

How do you put a strategic innovation strategy in place if you’ve got a shoestring budget, and you’re surrounded skeptics? Zeeshan Sheikh of Everbridge offers a blueprint...

Renee Dye

How Do You Increase Your Odds of Success? Five Tips for Innovators

2017-10-23T14:28:00+01:00By Renee Dye

Renee Dye, the former Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Navigant Consulting, shares five keys to success, useful for new and more established innovation leaders.

Teach-In 2017

Innovators Gather at MIT’s Media Lab for the 2017 Teach-In


Over 200 corporate innovators converged at the MIT Media Lab for our Teach-In event, where participants participated in 30+ sessions on innovation hot topics, lab tours, and more.


Setting Up the Innovation ‘Shop’: Ex-Starbucks VP Shares Her Advice

2017-10-10T17:00:00+01:00By Rachel Antalek, Contributing Columnist & Former VP/Concept Innovation, Starbucks

Former Darden Restaurants and Starbucks exec Rachel Antalek says getting started was the hardest part of responding to the instruction to “set up a disruptive innovation team.”


Best Practices in Innovation Governance


Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner presents high-level findings from our Q2 report, joined by executives from the healthcare, insurance, and media industries.

Mona Vernon

Best Practices for Scouting Emerging Technologies


How should companies work with startups, tech vendors, and academia to scout emerging tech? Mona Vernon of Thomson Reuters Labs shares best practices. 

Thomson Reuters Ribbon Cutting

Why Thomson Reuters Rotates Talent Between Labs

2017-10-06T11:00:00+01:00By ,

Mona Vernon, Chief Technology Officer of Thomson Reuters Labs, explains why the company began rotating employees between its innovation labs. Find out more in this video…

Thomson Reuters Labs, Boston

Innovation Lab Advice with Thomson Reuters' Mona Vernon

2017-10-05T17:19:00+01:00By ,

With seven global labs, Thomson Reuters knows the ins and outs of starting an innovation initiative. Mona Vernon, Chief Technology Officer of the company, discusses best practices... 

David Crean at the Anthem Innovation Studio. (Photo by Tim Redman for Innovation Leader.)

How Anthem Thinks About Innovation Structures & Timeframes


Two slides lay out how David Crean of Anthem's Innovation Studio views the different innovation options that a company might pursue...


What Open Innovation Impact Looks Like at Electrolux


Lucia Chierchia of Electrolux discusses how she seeks out the "hidden innovators," the "ambassadors" program she launched, and more. Includes slides...

Robin Glasco Blue Cross Video

Healthcare Exec Robin Glasco on ‘Going Where the Love Is’


Robin Glasco of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts discusses why internal corporate innovation groups should “go where the love is” when pursuing new projects.


How Retailers Can Position Themselves for the Future


Pano Anthos of the retail accelerator XRC Labs discusses five roles that the store can play in the future — and the importance of new trends in the industry. 

Boston Executive Roundtable 2017

Our ‘Underground’ Executive Roundtable in Boston


We brought together 16 innovation and R&D leaders at the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center in Cambridge this month. Here are the pictures...

Isaiah Kacyvenski Video

Five Major Trends Changing Professional Sports

2017-09-21T12:01:00+01:00By ,

Isaiah Kacyvenski, Co-Founder of the Sports Innovation Lab in Boston, discusses five major trends he sees impacting the future of sports, including “smart venue” and eSports.

Photo by Melissa Jacobs

Transforming a San Diego Airport Terminal into an Innovation Lab


Rick Belliotti of the San Diego International Airport, discusses partnerships, innovating in a regulated environment, and what it really takes to make airports better for travelers.

Dan O'Malley, CEO of Numerated Growth Technologies. Formerly head of Eastern Labs and Chief Digital Officer of Eastern Bank.

How Eastern Bank Launched a Lending Startup


Plenty of big companies talk about the potential for spinning them out. But few actually follow through and do it. Here's the inside story of how it happened at Eastern Bank.


Designing the Perfect Idea Scorecard

2017-09-19T12:01:00+01:00By , Contributing Writer & Former Innovation SVP at Transamerica

If you need to sort through dozens or thousand of ideas, you know it’s no small task. We developed this downloadable spreadsheet to help with evaluation and scoring. 


Dunkin’: How a Business ‘Built on Ritual’ is Getting More Digital


Chief Digital Officer Scott Hudler discusses kiosks, intelligent virtual assistants, delivery, and driving app downloads…


Designing an Innovation Culture that Scales Globally

2017-09-12T12:00:00+01:00By Imran Sayeed

Imran Sayeed, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, discusses the 3D Model of Innovation that he finds is most effective for innovation programs.


How MetLife Asia Finds Startups Focused on Its Challenges


The insurance industry, says Zia Zaman, has "lost its way by not focusing on the customer." Here's how Zaman of MetLife Asia, is working to change the status quo.


Lessons from Whirlpool's Internal Hackathons


Whirlpool Corporation has been working hard to get hackathons to generate real value. Subho Moulik, Head of Global Innovation, explains what they've learned so far...

Jeffrey Leiden_Vertex

Vertex CEO on Innovation: The Challenge is Avoiding Complacency


Vertex’s CEO talks about the importance of investing in R&D — and the three pitfalls for companies that have attained success in the marketplace, including complacency.

Harvard Business School professor and author Len Schlesinger

HBS Professor Len Schlesinger on How CEOs Spend Their Time

2017-08-26T12:08:00+01:00By ,

Harvard Business School professor Len Schlesinger shares insights on how CEOs spend their time; the best ways to get buyin; and innovation versus administration. 


Steve Blank on the Difference Between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook


“Innovative leaders are curious and see things others don’t—and they see further than others do,” says professor and author Steve Blank. “An execution-[oriented] CEO operates in the present or the next quarter, but very rarely sees further.”

XTuit CEO Deborah Dunsire

XTuit CEO: ‘Connect Scientists with the Outside World’


“Making sure that the scientists are connected to the external world is just so critical, to refresh and challenge their thinking,” says XTuit CEO Deborah Dunsire. 

Draper CEO Ken Gabriel

Draper CEO on Innovation: ‘Three Keys to Breakthrough Innovation’


“I don’t want to encourage failure,” says Ken Gabriel, CEO of the $600 million non-profit R&D organization Draper. “I want to encourage people not to fear failure.”

David Abney

UPS CEO: ‘Stay Grounded in Core Values, But Focus on the Future’


An interview with UPS CEO David Abney, from our “CEOs on Innovation” report in the Fall 2017 issue of Innovation Leader magazine.

athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush

athenahealth CEO: ‘Make It Clear How You’ll Change the World’


athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush discusses what his company is doing and how they partner with startups through an initiative called “More Disruption Please.”

Sascha Bopp

Former Crate & Barrel CEO on Innovation


Former Crate & Barrel CEO Sascha Bopp talks about the CEO’s mindset when it comes to experiments and how to “bring down the hurdle” for trying new things.


Marriott CEO on Innovation: ‘Don’t Try to Failure-Proof New Ideas’


Marriott CEO Arne Sorensen talks about hotels as “living labs,” and how he encourages the organization to conduct more experiments.

Staples CEO Shira Goodman

Staples CEO on Innovation


“There are a lot of great ideas out there,” says Shira Goodman. “But as a company, we need to focus on a few to get scale, and then utilize the advantages of that scale.”


‘When You’re Trying to Achieve Big Things, You Will Sometimes Fail’


In this interview, Google leaders Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg discuss the role of failure when working on groundbreaking projects. 


Getting Valuable Insights Faster by Automating Data Flows


What are data flows? The data collected and processing to run and optimize your business. Jim Knapik of Northeastern University explains how to use them to deliver insights. 


Preparing for the IoT Era


The Internet of Things will impact every department of your company. Northeastern University's Kilton Hopkins discusses the changes coming with IoT and the skills that your organization needs to address them.

Matt Muta outside the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta. (Photo by Tim Redman for Innovation Leader.)

How Delta Prioritizes Innovation in an Operationally-Intensive Culture


It's hard to think of a more operationally-intensive business than air transport. In that environment, what role does innovation play? Matt Muta of Delta Air Lines shares...

WL Gore - XL Construction

Photos: Inside W. L. Gore’s Silicon Valley Innovation Center


Take a look inside W.L. Gore's new Silicon Valley Innovation Center. In May, the company held the first public event in the space, bringing in startups in to pitch their ideas.

Verizon Lab

Inside Verizon’s ‘Window Into Innovation’

2017-08-18T13:21:00+01:00By ,

Tim Gorman of Verizon discusses the company’s innovation centers in San Francisco and the Boston suburbs. He also offers a demo of augmented reality for “smart cities.”

Rick Rundell Autodesk Video

Autodesk's Rick Rundell on Getting an Innovation Program Started


Autodesk Technology & Innovation Strategist Rick Rundell talks about starting an innovation initiative at the software company.


Navigating the Maze: A Guide to Five Stages of Innovation Evolution


Here is a maturity model showing choices, activities, and risks to consider, based on Innovation Leader research and interviews with executives at Global 1000 companies.


Medtronic’s Innovation Lab on Working with Business Units


The Applied Innovation Lab helps Medtronic evolve from being simply a maker of medical devices to one thinks more broadly about improving health and patient outcomes. 

Erica Kochi (left) and Christopher Fabian (right), founders of UNICEF's Innovation Unit.

Inside the ‘Near-Future Sensing Team’ at UNICEF


 In 2007,  Christopher Fabian and Erica Kochi founded the UNICEF’s Innovation Unit. We spoke with Fabian about innovation at UNICEF and how the venture fund operates.


Where Design Thinking Breaks Down—and How to Avoid It


Pfizer's Daniel Seewald discusses design thinking, and what you can do to use effective techniques to build an appropriate foundation for customer insight.


Mehmood Khan on Remaking R&D at PepsiCo & Sustainability


PepsiCo Vice Chairman Mehmood Khan talks about the links between sustainability and innovation; bringing in new skill sets into R&D; the challenge of measuring progress; and more.

Matt Weiss of IDEO and Gregory Garrett of CGS Advisors lead a session at The Network.

Innovation Experts’ Favorite Books, Podcasts, and Resources


At our Network event, we asked participants about the books, podcasts, and resources on innovation and strategy that they’ve found most useful…

Nondini Naqui

Building Consensus with Nondini Naqui


Executive champions are key to building a culture of innovation. Nondini Naqui discusses how innovators can get buy-in from top leaders. Watch here…

Nondini Naqui

Nondini Naqui on Working with Legal and Compliance


How can you engage with legal and compliance groups on innovation efforts — and make them feel part of your success? Nondini Naqui shares best practices in this video.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 12.25.37 PM

How to Make a Vision Concrete with Nondini Naqui


Building prototypes and crafting interactive presentations can lead to progress on innovation efforts. Nondini Naqui discusses these strategies here…

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 12.27.05 PM

Understanding the User Experience with Nondini Naqui


Successful innovation efforts fulfill customers’ needs. In this video, Nondini Naqui discusses the importance of understanding your audience. Watch here…

Nondini Naqui

Nondini Naqui on Using Metrics to Define Success


Different stages of innovation ventures should focus on different types of metrics. Learn about which metrics you should be using and when from Nondini Naqui.

Nondini Naqui and Scott Kirsner

Innovation Challenges & Choices with Nondini Naqui

2017-07-25T11:00:00+01:00By ,

Nondini Naqui, an intrapreneur and innovation leader who has worked in insurance and banking, discusses the challenges innovators face and how to overcome obstacles.

Members of Intel's Work Practice Innovations team, from left: Mark Eden, Jennifer Monnig, Mikel Bookwalter, and Cindy Chung.

How Intel Is Transforming Hiring and Work Habits

2017-07-21T12:00:00+01:00By Jennifer Monnig

Jennifer Monnig spent the past three years leading an innovation team within the HR organization at Intel Corp. that sought to create a more collaborative culture...


Columbia’s Rita McGrath: Is Innovation on the Agenda?


How often is innovation the highest-priority issue at your company? Rita McGrath, a professor at Columbia Business School, says it ought to happen at every meeting...


Dennis McGrath on How Starbucks Tests New Ideas in the Real World


Dennis McGrath of Starbucks discusses how the company developed a new protocol for testing ideas, when to bring in stakeholders, and building a failure-tolerant culture.


Advice from Manulife Exec Jesse Bean on Delivering Impact


Jesse Bean of Manulife Financial shares his advice about setting up a network of labs, building support among middle management, and the “DevOps” approach.

Lindsay Angelo

Former Lululemon Strategy Manager on Retail Disruption


“[A]s a more established brand, there are a lot of headwinds out there,” Lindsay Angelo says. “[T]hink about how you can take advantage of that turbulence internally.”

Medtronic's Applied Innovation Lab in Minneapolis, opened in 2017.

Six Types of Innovation Lab: The Pros and Cons


We've now written about or visited dozens of labs run by Global 1000 companies. This list lays out the six primary types we've seen, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Washington, DC Field Study 2017

Inside the D.C. Ecosystem: Marriott, Capital One & More


Our Washington, D.C. Field Study took participants inside AARP’s “Hatchery,” Marriott’s “Underground” Innovation Lab, Capital One Labs, and more.

Governance Report

Governance, Reporting & Communications


This report collects the best insights from innovation execs at companies like Johnson & Johnson, ExxonMobil, and others, including recommendations from our members…


19 Clear Signs Your Company is Under-Investing in Innovation


Do executives at your company use the word "innovation," but hate committing budget to it? Members sent us indicators that your company is under-investing in innovation.


Creating a Curriculum to Develop Innovation Leaders


Led by Stephanie Simon, the hour-long webcast covered the training program's objectives, timeline, staffing, skills taught, external resources used, and the learnings so far. 


How Reebok is Thinking Outside the Mold


Bill McInnis of Reebok says the company wanted “a lot more speed, a lot more local, and a lot more custom.” This inspired initiatives like the "Liquid Factory" and "Cotton + Corn."


New Tools & Resources for Innovation Leaders


Recording of our May 2017 webcast, featuring Scott Kirsner and Aaron Proietti explaining how to use six of our new downloadable resources, and answering questions.

Top Cities - 1776

1776 President Peter Cherukuri on BigCo-Startup Collaborations


Startups want to engage with big companies. Companies know that startups are developing business models and technologies that will impact their industry. So where do things go wrong?


Editable PowerPoint: Making the Case for Innovation


Here's an editable PowerPoint, created by a former SVP of innovation from the insurance industry, that you can use to make the case for an innovation effort.


After the Shark Tank: BNY Mellon on Broadening Innovation Impact


Adetola Abiade of BNY Mellon, explains the nuts-and-bolts of how the oldest bank in the US runs its internal "Shark Tank" and broadens the event's impact. 

Erica Eden, Director of Global Design Innovation at PepsiCo

Designing For Women — Advice From PepsiCo


PepsiCo's Erica Eden explained some of her principles of “Designing for Women” and the steps companies should take to better understand and appeal to their women consumers.

Suffolk CEO John Fish lifts some virtual dirt at the 2016 ground-breaking.

Why Suffolk’s Chief Innovation Officer is Investing in VR


“Active visualization” has been a big emphasis for Suffolk Chief Innovation Officer Chris Mayer, creating new ways to envision projects, whether using AR or VR.


Top 10 Cities for Corporate Innovation


Companies once believed that the best innovation environment was an isolated campus. But now, the urban appeal continues to grow. Here’s our list of the top cities for corporate innovation in North America.

Ben Wiegand, Head of J&J's Disease Interception Accelerator. (Photo by Gene Smirnov.)

Inside J&J’s New Initiative to ‘Intercept’ Diseases


The pharmaceutical industry often develops drugs to manage diseases. But Johnson & Johnson posits a different model: What if you could identify people at risk and stave disease off? 


Monthly Progress Report on Innovation Impact


Here's a report you can adapt, developed by a former Transamerica innovation exec. It provides feedback to stakeholders, ensuring that you maintain their support...


Why the Los Angeles Dodgers Run a ‘Training Camp’ for Sports Startups


Baseball franchises excel at scouting players until they’re ready for the big show. But the LA Dodgers are unique in trying to do the same thing for startups…

Thomson Reuters

How to Survive a Management or Strategy Change

2017-05-06T13:00:00+01:00By ,

Preparing for shifts in leadership, as well as changes in strategy, helps innovation teams persist. Mona Vernon, Chief Technology Officer of Thomson Reuters, shares her tips.

Atlanta Field Study 2017

Inside the Atlanta Ecosystem: Delta, Google Atlanta, and more


Our first-ever Atlanta Field Study took participants to the campus of Georgia Tech, Google Atlanta, Home Depot world headquarters, and more. Photos inside...

DSC00734 copy

How Cadillac House Transforms the Vehicle Maker’s Brand


Nathan Tan of Cadillac discusses the creation of Cadillac House, a brand building initiative for the company. See photos from inside the space.

Faisal Masud

Staples CTO on Chatbots, Talent, and a Smarter Easy Button


Faisal Masud, Staples’ Chief Technology Officer, shares how the company approaches digital innovation. Topics of discussion include  chatbots, recruiting tech talent, and shifts in retail.

AARP's Hatchery

Inside the Hatchery, the Innovation Lab at AARP


AARP is not only one of the largest nonprofits, but also one of the biggest insurers and magazine publishers. Take a look inside the Hatchery…


The Key Players and Tensions in Corporate Innovation


We partnered with XPLANE, the renowned “visual thinking” firm, to create a map of the corporate innovation ecosystem, along with discussion questions.


Creating Iconic Advantage: Soon Yu Talks Innovation at VF Corp


Creating an iconic brand requires more than great design. Find out what makes a brand iconic from Soon Yu the former Global VP of Innovation at VF Corporation. 


RASCI Matrix for Building Support for Innovation Projects


A RASCI matrix is a tool that can be used to build consistent support for innovation, while mitigating against common failure modes like role ambiguity. Download it here...

The GE Fuse team has a meeting in their office at the mHub (Photo by Paul Elledge).

How GE Fuse Prototypes with an Online Community


Amelia Gandara of GE Fuse discusses the program's community, and the right and wrong ways to source solutions from outside. Read more for insights.


Retail Accelerator XRC Labs: Startups and Industry Shifts


In kicking off XRC’s 2017 demo day, Managing Director Pano Anthos discussed some of the trends he is seeing in the retail space, and what retailers must do to stay relevant. 

Business development director April Bertram of GOJO Industries, formerly an innovation management executive.

Innovation and the Business Units


Innovation Leader shares data from our  survey on the ties between business units and innovation groups. Executives from Fidelity Investments, Aon Health, GOJO Industries, and Trek Bicycle, share their perspectives. 


How Tech Scouting Ties in to the Business at Goodyear


Goodyear’s Chris Varley supports managers tasked with developing “‘something new’ on a five- or ten-year roadmap.” Get his advice on bringing ideas into a $15 billion company…


Design Thinking & Lean Startup at Adobe

2017-03-28T12:00:00+01:00By Stephen Ellison

Adobe exec Aubrey Cattell says that the lean startup approach – build, measure, learn, accelerate – has changed the way Adobe thinks about innovation.


Getting Buy-In, ‘No Time Syndrome,’ and Premature Scaling


Executives from Humana, GE, Intuit discuss why do employees and executives in large organizations resist participating in innovation efforts, and how to solve the problem.

Reliance operates the world's largest refinery, in Gujarat, India.

Creating an Place for Innovators at India’s Reliance Industries


Sushil Borde, VP of Innovation at Reliance, discusses how the company is working to institutionalize innovation and the five tenets that guide innovation at Reliance.


Why “Gretzky’s Rule” Represents the Past of Product Innovation

2017-03-15T13:59:00+00:00By Ken Durand

Most people operate markets where outcomes are unpredictable and new competitors can disrupt your entire business. Find out what on Ericsson exec had to say...


Why Italian Vehicle-Maker Piaggio Set Up a New Lab to Design Robots


Michele Colaninno is emphatic about what he didn’t want from a new lab that the vehicle-maker Piaggio Group set up in 2015.


The Corporate Innovation Roadmap: Vision to Impact


We put together this roadmap to help you think through some of the elements you’ll need to put in place to ensure that projects make it to the finish line. Download it here…

Naureen Meraj

Innovation Training with Naureen Meraj


 Naureen Meraj, a training and digital transformation leader, shares the three components of design thinking that are often over looked in the innovation process.

Karim Lakhani

HBS’s Karim Lakhani on Overcoming Resistance to Crowdsourcing


Karim Lakhani of Harvard Business School discusses why people resist crowdsourcing and if teams should run competitions on their crowdsourcing platforms.

Mastercard-Office9 copy

Inside MasterCard Labs in New York City

2017-02-21T13:01:00+00:00By Breanna Baker, Contributing Photographer

MasterCard Labs in New York houses product and technology teams that build prototypes and collaborate with partners. See photos here. 

Alan McLenaghan (left), CEO at Saint-Gobain/SAGE Electrochromics, and Minas Apelian (right), Vice President of R&D and Global Director of External Venturing at Saint-Gobain/CertainTeed, take a tour of Greentown Labs' expansion site.

Startup Partnerships & Sustainable Tech at Saint-Gobain


Saint-Gobain has thrived for more than 350 years. Get insights inside on how the company works with startups and accelerators to innovate effectively.

Live Call

The Innovation Agenda for 2017


What are innovators thinking about as we head in to 2017? Innovation Leader editor Scott Kirsner discusses what we’re seeing corporate innovation teams focus on.

San Francisco Field Study 2017

Inside the San Francisco Ecosystem: Visa, Yelp & More


At our San Francisco Field Study, more than 70 innovation execs joined us for tours of Visa, Verizon, Yelp, Gensler, and more. Photos from the event inside…

Author Luis Perez-Breva, Director of the Innovation Teams program at MIT.

What Google, Genentech, and Facebook Have in Common


We talk to MIT instructor Luis Perez-Breva, author of the new book “Innovating: A Doer’s Manifesto,” about hunches, testing ideas, collecting feedback, and getting ready to scale.


Connecting Corporate Venture Capital to Business at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

2017-02-07T13:00:00+00:00By Amy Lucas, Contributing Writer

Zaffre Investments, a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has a clear objective: Finding startups solve problems in the company’s ecosystem.

The exterior of Paris' Galeries Lafayette department store, circa 1912.

Why Groupe Galeries Lafayette Launched an Accelerator Program


Galeries Lafayette’s Plug & Play startup accelerator, launched in 2016. The program seeks to attract the best fashion and retail-oriented startups from around the world. Find out more… 

Business Units Report

Innovation Teams & Business Units


Our report on building productive relationships between innovation groups and the business units includes insights and advice from AIG, Ralph Lauren, W.L. Gore and more.


NRG’s Portable Power Kiosks from Concept to the Super Bowl


NRG Go’s automated kiosks rent out fully-charged battery packs so that people can recharge their phones and tablet on the go. Find out more.

Jazz Singh leads a session at Innovation Leader's Teach-In event, in October 2016.

Pro Tips from the NFL on Mobile App Development


Working on a tight schedule to develop NFL apps, Jazz Singh uses an agile development to get everything ready in time for the big game. Here are some of his tips. 

The entry to Johnson & Johnson's Innovation Center in Cambridge, Mass.

How Business Units Work with J&J’s Innovation Centers

2017-01-24T13:01:00+00:00By Amy Lucas, Contributing Writer

When J&J makes a new investment in a startup, “50 percent of the deal funding [comes] from J&J Innovation, and the business unit provides the other 50 percent…”


How BMW’s Corporate Venture Capital Strategy is Changing


Last year, BMW said that it would invest 500 million Euros in the next decade across the tech landscape and moved its US office to Silicon Valley. Find out what’s behind the changes.


How Pfizer’s Works to Foster a Culture of Innovation


What happens if lots of divisions in a global company come up with their own approach to innovation? Learnings and slides from Pfizer inside…


Why Innovation Should be a Priority in 2018


We’ve collected into this 40-slide presentation some of the best advice we’ve gathered on getting an innovation initiative started.

Setting the Agenda 2017

Setting the 2017 Agenda Gathering in Cambridge


To start off the new year, we brought together members of the Innovation Leader community for breakfast, to discuss their innovation agendas and goals for 2017...

Jim Winkler, Global Chief Innovation Officer at Aon Health.

How Aon Health Invites Leaders to Help Set the Innovation Agenda

2017-01-11T13:01:00+00:00By Amy Lucas, Contributing Writer

Jim Winkler of Aon Health explains the process that his team uses to set the innovation agenda, and determine priorities, in collaboration with line of business executives.

Brent Stutz, SVP of Commercial Technology.

Cardinal Health SVP Offers a Look Inside Customer-Focused Fuse Lab


“When you come to Fuse, it’s all about the customers. It’s customer-in,” says Cardinal Health SVP and CTO Brent Stutz. Find out more about Fuse here...

Target Food + Future coLab

Inside Target’s Food + Future coLab


The idea behind the creation of the coLAB is that “we know less about our food than we ever have at any other time in history. We want to do something about it.”

David Butler

Coca-Cola Shutters its Founders Initiative, Which Backed Startups


Coca-Cola shut down its Founders program, which worked with entrepreneurs and invested in startups. One possible cause: a back-to-basics focus on the core business.

American Greetings' new headquarters complex in Westlake, Ohio opened in September 2016.

How the Creative and Business Sides Can Get Along


American Greetings’ Carol Miller describes how the company creates meaningful connections with family and friends, bridging creativity and the business side of greeting cards.

Imaginatik Roundtables

Innovation Roundtable Series, co-produced with Imaginatik


This fall, we brought together executives in seven cities for roundtables. The topics? Best practices in creating internal incubators, running hackathons, and more...


AIG and John Hancock Execs Talk Startups, Sensors & More


AIG and John Hancock execs discuss how insurance companies can innovate in the face of regulatory oversight, privacy concerns, and the status quo.


How Fintech Firm Fiserv is Refining Its Accelerator for 2017


In 2016, five startups participated in the accelerator's first cycle. Matthew Wilcox, SVP of Marketing Strategy and Innovation, shares what is changing in round two.


How Innovation and R&D Can ‘Increase Awesome’


Kevin Parsons of Northrop Grumman shared how his innovation group is influencing the culture and bringing business units into its process.


These Are the Things That Kill Innovation Initiatives


We compiled this list, with input from current and former innovation executives, as well as consultants who have watched programs coalesce and (occasionally) disband.

Sixers Innovation Lab

Philadelphia 76ers Innovation Lab, Offering Hands-On Help to Startups


The new lab is open to hosting early-stage consumer product companies and some B2B concepts — not just sports or fitness-related startups. Find out more…


How ESPN is Using Data to Call the Plays


George Leimer, VP of Fantasy Sports and Premium Products at ESPN, discusses how the sports network is working to build a data and metrics-oriented culture.

A spaceship sculpture at the Harvest Summit's Sonoma County venue.

Google and XPRIZE Execs on Enabling Big Breakthroughs


Google X executive Hans Peter Brøndmo and XPRIZE CEO Marcus Shingles give their insights from a session held at the inaugural Harvest Summit.


MIT’s Eric von Hippel Looks at the Rise of Consumers as Innovators


Eric von Hippel, a professor at MIT and economist who has studied open innovation since the 1980s, explores the phenomenon of consumers as innovators.


How Much are Innovation Execs Paid?


We fielded a compensation survey that analyzed the base pay and bonuses of nearly 250 executives responsible for innovation at large corporations. Get data here…

ExxonMobil's Christopher Bailey

Company Culture Through Grassroots Innovation


Christopher Bailey of ExxonMobil, discusses operationally-focused innovation and how ExxonMobil promotes innovation through its Grassroots Innovation Forum. 


The ‘Jobs Roadmap’ & Honing in on Customer Insights


Stephen Wunker, a protégé of Clayton Christensen, explains his “jobs framework” and gives insight into his book. Read an excerpt here…

Jerry Spann, Innovation Champion, Vodafone Americas during an innovation session with Sean Mohammed, Commercial Manager, Vodafone Americas.

How the Innovation Champions Program Works at Vodafone

2016-11-09T15:04:00+00:00By Sarah Jefferson, Ashoka and Jerry Spann, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Vodafone's Jerry Spann and Ashoka's Sarah Jefferson lay out the key principles for Vodafone's global innovation champions program and the benefits of the approach.

Teach-In 2016

Teach-In 2016 at the Harvard Innovation Lab: Event photos

2016-11-08T18:01:00+00:00By Kara Swenson

150 members of our community converged on the Harvard Innovation Lab this month for the Teach-In, as well as visits to Google Cambridge, Fidelity Labs, and more...

Teach-In 2017

From the Teach-In: Participants Share Favorite Innovation Books


At our Teach-In gathering in Boston, we asked participants to share some of their favorite books on innovation. Here are a few of their recommendations…


From the Teach-In: Innovation Tips from Our Participants


At our Teach-In gathering, we asked participants to share a piece of advice about doing new things in established companies on a Post-It. Get insights here...

Photo by John Werner /

How EY Launched an Innovation Program


Jeff Saviano, who runs innovation inside EY’s tax practice for the Americas, shares advice and insights on launching innovation programs. 


At Intuit and Amazon, Addressing the Customer’s ‘Job to Be Done’


Authors of Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice share an excerpt on how Intuit and Amazon determine whether they’re on the right track.


Siemens on Finding the Best Startups & Sparking Collaborations


Through the Frontier Partner Program, startups enter a low-commitment relationship in exchange for free Siemens software and mentorship.


Members Recommend Best Options for Online Innovation Training


A members in financial services asked about delivering online innovation education to a global workforce. Here are the options that others recommended considering…


How Macy’s Could Set Itself Up For Success, Not Just Survival

2016-10-21T12:00:00+01:00By Mark Nitkey Contributing Columnist and Former SVP of Innovation Ahold

Macy’s should “go small or go home.” Mark Nitkey, formerly of Apple, Victoria’s Secret, and Ahold, explains how