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Google Innovation Lead and Harvard Researcher on Overcoming the Challenges to Design Thinking


Prapti Jha, a Design Strategist and Researcher at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Harsh Wardhan, an Innovation Program Lead at Google Cloud Solution Studio, spoke with us about what design thinking actually entails, how it can be valuable for innovation and design in large organizations, and misunderstandings and challenges around implementing design thinking. 


Mach49 and Schneider Electric: Building a Growth Engine for Clean, Renewable Energy

2022-09-26T19:40:00+01:00By Mach49 Staff

As part of our venture studios and builders initiative, Mach49 shared details of its successful collaborations with Schneider Electric, and the company’s corporate venture fund, SE Ventures. The firm has helped launch and invest in a number of companies focused on sustainability and renewable energy. 


How Fidelity Investments ‘Builds to Learn’ with Web3 and Metaverse Tech


As part of our recent research initiative on Web3 and the metaverse, we spoke to Adam Schouela of Fidelity Investments about how they’re experimenting with the two emerging technologies.


How Autodesk Has Been Evolving Its Technology Centers in the US and Canada

2022-09-26T15:54:00+01:00By Scott Kirsner & Nora Swidey, InnoLead Staff

Prior to COVID, Autodesk’s Technology Centers in Boston, San Francisco, and Toronto had been inviting in artists, entrepreneurs, and makers to work on projects or new ventures, in the hopes that they could help Autodesk better understand its future customers. “The mission was really about how will things be made in the future,” says Rick Rundell. We talk about what has changed in the past two-plus years…

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Master Class: Get Your Company Out of the Innovation Comfort Zone


David Matheson, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartOrg, shared a strategy to help innovators move their priorities from what he calls “the Comfort Zone” into “the Discovery Zone.” This interactive Master Class gave participants a glimpse into a new metrics system to help them score and rank innovation issues within their organization. Watch the replay here. 


PepsiCo’s Chief Design Officer on ‘The Age of Startups’ and Why Incremental Innovation Isn’t Enough


Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo, is releasing a new book, The Human Side of Innovation: The Power of People in Love with People, in October. We caught up with Porcini to talk about the book, what he calls “unicorns,” and the importance of integrating breakthrough innovation into organizations. 

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‘That First Sip of Fall’: Lessons from the Creation of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte


Angie McKenzie was part of the team that created Starbucks’ iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte, which launched in 2003. She spoke with us to share a few key lessons she learned from the project, and discussed challenges innovators in the food and beverage industries face today. 


The Inside Track: How to Build Ventures Successfully


This InnoLead webcast replay explores how three leading venture building firms — High Alpha Innovation, Highline Beta, and U+ — work with large corporations. Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation; Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner of Highline Beta; and Sean Sheppard, Managing Director of U+, discuss top corporate venture building “dos” and “don’ts,” what differentiates their firms from others, and successful venture building tips. Alex Slawsby, InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, hosts.


Video: Advice on Adopting and Implementing New Technologies


We spoke with a variety of corporate leaders about their best advice for implementing new technologies once they’ve been identified. They had a variety of different strategies to us. This video is part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series. 


Video: How Do You Filter Out the Hype Around Emerging Technologies?


It can be dangerous to get caught up in the hype cycle. As part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series, we spoke with leaders to determine how they dodge hype and noise to get down to what really matters. 


Video: How Do You Scout New Tech and Identify Good Use Cases?


As part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series, we did a deep dive into how organizations should scout new technology — and how to evaluate the potential use cases for those technologies. The leaders we spoke with also discussed team structures for tech scouting in their organizations. 


Video: What New Technologies are Important in 2022?


Leaders from LPL Financial, GS1 US, and other large organizations discuss up-and-coming technologies, like the metaverse, AI, autnomous vehicles, and more. This video is part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series. 


Member Spotlight: Djuana Stoakley, Entergy


Djuana Stoakley is the Lead Strategic Designer at KeyString Labs. KeyString Labs is the innovation branch of Entergy Corporation, an integrated energy company which delivers electricity to three million customers in the southern United States. We spoke with Stoakley as part of our IL Member Spotlight Series.


Venture Studio Profile: Co-Created


Co-Created is a venture studio headquartered in New York City, which helps corporations to create both spin-ins and spin-outs. As part of our venture studios initiative, we spoke with Ron J. Williams, Partner at Co-Created, to hear about the firm’s collaboration model, the corporations it has worked with, and more. 

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Venture Studio Profile: Mach49


Mach49 is a growth accelerator headquarted in Silicon Valley, California, that helps global corporations to build new ventures and expand their corporate venture investing capabilities. As part of our venture studios series, we spoke with Mark Simoncelli, Chief Revenue Officer with the firm, to learn more about its collaboration model, which corporations it has partnered with, and more. 


Building a Startup to Rapidly Solve Difficult Business Problems

2022-09-09T13:39:00+01:00By Elliott Parker, CEO, High Alpha Innovation

Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation, shares how the venture studio built amplio, a cloud-based supply chain software that helps leaders detect problems before they occur, with Koch Industries. Parker shares how the process happened, and why building external ventures can be valuable for corporations.

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 8.38.45 AM

Start With People: Building Digital Ventures the U+ Way

2022-09-08T15:00:00+01:00By Sean Sheppard, Managing Partner, U+

Sean Sheppard, Managing Partner at U+, explains how the firm focuses building its ventures around people, not products. He explains how the firm uses stage-relevant teams to make venture building easier for its clients. Sheppard will also join us for a webcast this fall, as part of our venture studio initiative.


Video: Who Should Lead the Charge on Web3 and the Metaverse?


We spoke with Cliff Justice, U.S. Leader of Enterprise Innovation at KPMG LLP, about who should be leading and defining vision on Web3 and metaverse technology.


Video: What is Web3?


We spoke with Cliff Justice, U.S. Leader of Enterprise Innovation at KPMG LLP, about what Web3 is, and why it matters.


Innovating County Government: Internet Hotspots, Training, and Challenge-Based Procurement


In the midst of the pandemic, residents of Cuyahoga County without access to the internet at home struggled to stay connected in an increasingly digital world. The Cuyahoga County Office of Innovation and Performance responded quickly, setting up internet hotspots across the county.


Inside CareQuest’s Accelerator, Which Seeks to Improve Health Equity and Access


CareQuest Innovation Partners, an organization focused on oral health transformation, teamed up with MATTER, a healthcare incubation and innovation organization to create SMILE Health, a first-of-its-kind oral health accelerator. SMILE Health is focused around increasing access and equity in oral health for more positive public health outcomes. Kirill Zaydenman, VP of Innovation at CareQuest discussed the accelerator, its upcoming Demo Day, and what’s next for the five companies that have participated. 

TBWAChiatDay NY atrium

TBWA\Chiat\Day NY’s First-Ever Innovation Chief on Disruption and New Tech in Advertising


“What I’m trying to figure out here is, how do we fuse innovation into all different areas of the agency?” says Rori DuBoff, who began as ad agency TBWA\Chiat\Day NY’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer in June 2022. “The idea wasn’t to come in and create this isolated little group.” More from DuBoff inside…


Inside the New ‘InnovationHQ’ at MIT


MIT’s InnovationHQ stands on the eastern edge of the university’s campus, amidst several on-going construction projects. On one side of the street, Google continues to expand its Cambridge office, and on the other is a building with the MIT-appropriate address of 314 Main Street. It houses a new Boeing R&D center, the MIT Press Bookstore, and the MIT Museum.


Is Your Corporation Ready to Build Startups?

2022-08-22T15:00:00+01:00By Elliott Parker, CEO, High Alpha Innovation

“While external building is increasingly becoming a standard tool in the corporate innovation toolkit, for many organizations, external building is still new,” writes Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation. In this piece, Parker explains the support, access, and strategy corporates need to have in place before they’re ready to build new ventures. 


Video: What are Some Examples of Fourth Industrial Revolution Deployments?


We spoke with Chris Docherty, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox, as part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series. Docherty shared some interesting use cases for 4IR technology, including companies like Ecco and Novartis.


Answers to 10 of the Most Popular Tech Scouting Questions

2022-08-22T10:00:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, CEO, Planbox

As part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series, Ludiwg Melik, CEO of Planbox, serves up answers to the most common questions he fields on scouting new technologies.

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What It Takes to Win in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


How do you create a strategy to understand the coming technology shifts — and put your company in a strong position? We’re exploring those questions in a series of video interviews with tech leaders.


Spinning Out from Shell: A CEO Shares Advice


Cumulus Digital Solutions, a Cambridge startup that uses software and sensors to analyze and record the quality of manual work, spun out of the Shell TechWorks innovation center in 2016. Co-founder and CEO Matthew Kleiman discussed how he and his team spun out Cumulus from Shell; why spin-outs fail so often; how Cumulus avoided that fate; and advice for startups looking to work with large corporations. 


The 5 Misconceptions in Corporate Innovation (and How to Overcome Them)

2022-08-18T14:00:00+01:00By Mohan Nair, Contributing Columnist

Columnist Mohan Nair lays out the top misconceptions in corporate innovation, and supplies strategies for overcoming them. Misconception #1: “All innovation should be done through operational teams, otherwise it will be a failure.”


How U+ Helped Bridgestone Solve a Pandemic-Era Problem

2022-08-17T13:00:00+01:00By Sean Sheppard, Contributing Columnist

U+, a venture builder, helped Bridgestone Corporation to build Firestone Direct, a service that sends a mechanic straight to customers or workplaces. As part of our venture studios series, Sean Sheppard, Managing Director at U+, contributed this case study to show the impact a studio can have on a corporation. 


Data: How Large Organizations Set and Communicate Sustainability Goals

2022-08-16T19:03:00+01:00By ,

Our latest survey on sustainability yielded some interesting results on how organizations measure sustainability, who’s involved in setting and achieving goals, and progress made so far. This is part of our sustainability series, underwritten by our partners at Planbox. 

McCathren headshot 2022

Member Spotlight: Michael McCathren, Chick-fil-A


Michael McCathren is the Senior Principal of Enterprise Innovation at Chick-fil-A. As part of our IL Member Spotlight series, we spoke with McCathren about the various roles his team plays, growing a culture of innovation, and more.


Visioning an Emerging Tech Landscape in the Metaverse


In our recent online workshop, Elisa Holland and David Pessah of KPMG LLP discuss metaverse strategies, and how you can create common language and understanding around the metaverse. Watch the replay for their insights. 

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I Spent Hours Exploring the Metaverse… Here’s What I Found


InnoLead’s Meghan Hall spent hours exploring Roblox and Decentraland to compare the two, understand how to use them, and see who’s playing there. 


Healthcare Leaders Discuss the Biggest Trends of 2022

2022-08-12T14:47:00+01:00By , Kaitlin Curtis

At our most recent event, we gathered several healthcare leaders to chat about the most impactful trends in the industry this year. Prashant Srivastrava of Innosight, Caroline Pepek of MassBio, and Julia Jackson of Takeda shared their thoughts. One of the most impactful trends? Consumer expectations for a customized experience. 


Five Reasons You Should Be Measuring for Effect

2022-08-10T14:45:00+01:00By Matt Mueller, Contributing Columnist

Matt Mueller, an innovation professional with over 15 years of experience, shares the value in measuring for what may seem intangible: the effect innovation groups have on an organization as a whole. He gives examples and tips to help discern how to measure effect in your organization. 

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Mastercard’s Chief Innovation Officer on Emerging Tech: Be ‘Insanely Curious’


We spoke with Ken Moore, Chief Innovation Officer of Mastercard for insight on the evolution of Web3 and the metaverse. He gave advice for scouting and testing new technologies in large organizations and discussed how Mastercard takes a “play with a purpose” approach to new tech. 


Shaping Your Strategy for Web3 and the Metaverse


What should your company be doing to explore, experiment, and roll out offerings tied to Web3 and the metaverse? That’s the central question we sought to answer with this report, published in August 2022. We relied on qualitative interviews, a survey with 265 respondents, and a collection of case studies of what 20 large organizations have been doing in recent months. We compiled a simplified guide to Web3 and metaverse concepts and terminology. And we also conducted qualitative interviews with leaders in a range of industries, from real estate to financial services to entertainment to telecommunications. Part of our ongoing “CxOs & Innovation” series, sponsored by KPMG LLP.


Video: Working with Startups vs. Working with Established Tech Vendors


As part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series, we spoke with innovators from large organizations to get to the bottom of the benefits and drawbacks to working with both startups and established vendors. 


Top 10 Movie Moments That Illuminate the Innovation Process


As part of our most recent Impact conference, we put together an innovation movie night — and asked the InnoLead community to nominate their favorite movie scenes that best capture the highs and lows of the innovation process. Their suggestions came from Apollo 13, Ford Vs. Ferrari, Moneyball, and more.


Photos: InnoLead’s Summer Gathering in Cambridge


We hosted a great summer gathering called the Advance in late July in Cambridge, to gather professionals in innovation, R&D, and strategy for an unconference format, where leaders could discuss whatever was most pertinent to them in small sessions. Check out the photos from the event. 


Bridgestone and OSF Healthcare Discuss Partnering with Venture Studios


In our recent webcast on venture studios, Bryan Smith, Director of Product, Mobility Solutions at Bridgestone, and Brent Cross, Director of Transformational Innovation and Commercialization at OSF Healthcare, discussed their own experiences partnering with venture studios. This webinar is part of ongoing venture studio series, geared at helping the IL communtiy better understand what venture studios are and how they work. 


Build, Buy, Partner, Invest… Spin-out? How Venture Studios Help Create Portfolios and Optionality

2022-08-02T13:00:00+01:00By Benjamin Yoskovitz, Founding Partner, Highline Beta

As part of our venture studios series, Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner at Highline Beta, shared his thoughts on why corporates might partner with a venture studio, the best way to do it, and what sets Highline Beta apart from other venture studios and builders. 


Video: How Can Companies Find Places to Pilot Test?


As part of our examination of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we spoke with Chris Docherty, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox, about the best places companies should look to pilot test.

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How Avery Dennison Scouts New Technologies — and Cuts Through the Hype

2022-07-29T13:00:00+01:00By ,

We spoke with Collin Moore, Avery Dennison’s Director of Open Innovation Studio and Strategic Innovation, about how his organization scouts important new technologies, as well as how to filter out hype. This is part of our series exploring the “fourth industrial revolution.”


Member Spotlight: Jeff George, Hain Celestial Group


Jeff George is the Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Hain Celestial Group, a natural food and personal care company consisting of over fifty brands with worldwide distribution. In his role, George oversees R&D, quality, food safety, and regulation. We spoke with him as part of our IL Member Spotlight Series. 


How Highline Beta’s Venture Studio and American Family Built a New Startup Together

2022-07-25T13:00:00+01:00By Marcus Daniels, Founding Partner & CEO, Highline Beta

As part of our exploration of the venture studio landscape, Marcus Daniels, Founding Partner & CEO of Highline Beta, shares the story of a successful partnership between the studio and Fortune 500 insurance company, American Family Insurance.

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Examples: 10 Large Companies Taking the Lead on Web3


As part of our deep dive into Web3 strategy, we’re looking a cross-section of companies that have begun using technology like NFTs, cryptocurrency wallets, and blockchain. 


How Williams-Sonoma Set Sustainability Up to Succeed

2022-07-21T21:20:00+01:00By Christa Avampato Contributing Writer

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. has set the goal of 75 percent of their products aligning with one or more social or environmental initiatives by the year 2030. In mid-2022, they’re halfway to that goal. We talk to Jennifer Gootman, Head of Sustainability and Social Impact, about how innovation and sustainability go hand-in-hand – and where sustainability leaders can find support.


Video: What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?


We talk with five executives about how they define the term “fourth industrial revolution” — and what some of the key drivers are.

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Examples: How 10 Large Companies are Experimenting in the Metaverse


Has your organization begun dipping a toe into the metaverse yet? As part of our deep dive into the metaverse and Web3, we’ve compiled capsule case studies of ten companies that have. The companies span a range of industries, with differing motivations behind their metaverse debuts. 


Video: Setting the Right Metrics for 4IR Technologies


Chris Docherty, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox, gives advice on setting the right metrics to help determine how new technologies are creating value. 


Venture Studios and Venture Builders: Understanding the Landscape


We’re witnessing the rise of the “venture studio” and the “venture builder” — new entities that seek to create startups with corporate partners or on their own. But it’s a confusing landscape. Our goal is to better detail who some of the key players are; how they interact with corporates; and what sort of ventures they’ve launched.


Venture Studio Profile: Pioneer Square Labs


T.A. McCann, Managing Director at Seattle-based Pioneer Square Labs, spoke with us about how PSL’s models work, the ventures it has built, and what corporate leaders need to consider before partnering with a venture studio. 


Venture Studio Profile: Enhance Ventures


As part of our exploration of the world of venture studios, we spoke with Alper Celen, Founding Partner at Enhance Ventures, to better understand the Dubai-based studio’s model; successful collaborations from the recent past; the funding model it uses; and more.


Venture Studio Profile: Rainmaking


As part of our series exploring the landscape of venture studios, we spoke with Jordan Schlipf, Founder and CEO of Rainmaking Venture Studio UK, about the studio’s operations, partners and models. 

U+ header

Venture Studio Profile: U+


Lisa Rippington, Director of Revenue Operations at U+, a venture builder, shared information about the collaboration model U+ uses, corporate partnerships, and more in an interview for our series exploring the world of venture studios and venture builders.


Venture Studio Profile: High Alpha Innovation


As part of our venture studio series, we spoke with Ben Roess, who oversees marketing at High Alpha Innovation, to learn about High Alpha Innovation’s collaboration model, successful corporate partnerships, and a key question leaders should ask before partnering with a venture studio.


Venture Studio Profile: Highline Beta


As part of our venture studios series, we’ll be profiling a range of the most active venture studio firms. Marcus Daniels, Founding Partner and CEO of Highline Beta, spoke about the studio’s experience working with corporations like Anheuser-Busch InBev, RBC Ventures, and more. 


Video: Key Questions to Ask About Venture Studios


As part of our Venture Studio Series we spoke with Dave Drach, Founder and CEO of Range Development. He answers questions about how corporations can interact with venture studios to solve internal corporate problems.


The Evolution of Venture Studios: Alper Celen of Enhance Ventures


As part of our venture studio series, we spoke with Alper Celen. He is a Founding Partner at Enhance Ventures, a venture studio based in Dubai. He discussed the evolution of venture studios, including possibilities for the future. 


Investing in Venture Studios: Sarah Anderson of Vault Fund


We spoke with Sarah Anderson, a Founding Partner at Vault Fund, as part of our venture studios series. Anderson gave an overveiw of what venture studios are and how they can help corporations. 


Buyer Beware: 3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Innovation Platform

2022-07-12T10:30:00+01:00By Doug Williams, Director of Ideation, Lumevity

Impulse shopping often ends poorly. We have all been there: placing late-night Amazon orders for kitchen gadgets we won’t use, buying junk-food at the market while we’re hungry, or getting those sort-of-ugly shoes that were marked down 75 percent that we end up never wearing.

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Member Spotlight: Mark Karbownik, Barnes & Thornburg LLP


Mark Karbownik is the Practice Systems Information Specialist at Barnes & Thornburg LLP, a business law firm and lobbying group headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with twenty offices across the country. In his role, Karbownik focuses on scouting innovative practices outside of the legal industry in order to bring better practices in his own organization. We spoke with him as part of our Member Spotlight series. 


How One VC Firm is Spotting Opportunities in Sustainability

2022-07-07T14:00:00+01:00By Christa Avampato Contributing Writer

Bay Bridge Ventures, founded this year, is a venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurs and impactful technology companies. Kim Kolt, a General Partner at the firm, shares advice for incorporating sustainability into metrics and discusses upcoming sustainability trends.


New Research Shows How Zoom Can Stifle Innovation


Melanie Brucks, an assistant professor at Columbia Business School, recently studied how Zoom can negatively affect idea generation. She shares why that is, and how companies can build effective strategies for creative brainstorming. 


Tips on Communicating Innovation from Bloomberg’s Chaim Haas


Chaim Haas, who helped Bloomberg get better at communicating — internally and externally — about its innovation activities, shares his top three tips.

McCathren headshot 2022

Book Excerpt: Trust is Vital to Resilient Innovation Organizations

2022-06-30T14:15:00+01:00By Michael McCathren, Contributing Columnist

In the new book 6Ps of Essential Innovation, author Michael McCathren outlines how organizations can build innovation capability for the long haul. That starts with the people inside the organization. So how can you reimagine the way trust and communication work inside your organization? This excerpt from McCathren’s book will help guide you. 


Kickstarter Enables Sustainability — With Help from its Creators


Jon Leland, Chief Strategy Office at Kickstarter, shares how sustainability became a priority inside the company and explains how buy-in from creators on the platform has advanced sustainability. 


Q&A: Setting Up a New Innovation Function from Scratch


Jim Suchara joined The Doctors Company, a $1.2 billion malpractice insurance carrier, in September 2021. We spoke with Suchara, the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, about entering a new organization to spur innovation.


Goodyear Executive Shares a Roadmap for Company’s Sustainability Goals


Ellis Jones, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, explains how the company’s Global Sustainability Team does its work and highlights how metrics have helped move progress forward inside the organization.


Innovating to Meet Sustainability Goals


ESG? Agenda 2030? Whatever language your organization is using, it’s likely you’ve set goals related to sustainability. However, there may not yet be a defined team in place, or sufficient resources. Here’s what other companies are doing.


Mapping Three Years of Innovation Activities at TIAA

2022-06-15T10:00:00+01:00By ,

A single slide captures three years of innovation activity at TIAA, the $40 billion financial services firm. We asked creator Howard Manzon to explain what’s on the slide; what worked; and what he might do differently in the future.


7 Tips for Introducing Ideas to Leadership

2022-06-14T10:00:00+01:00By Mohan Nair, Contributing Columnist

“Remember that one person’s idea is another’s cost,” writes veteran entrepreneur and executive Mohan Nair. Here are his tips on how to bring new concepts and ideas forward to leadership — even in non-traditional ways. 


How Ag Provider Nutrien is Making Sustainability Goals Core to the Business

2022-06-10T13:00:00+01:00By Christa Avampato Contributing Writer

Mark Thompson, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer at multinational crop nutrient company Nutrien, shares how embedding sustainability into the core business and ethos of the company can create platforms for growth.


Photos: Our Impact 2022 Conference in Brooklyn

2022-06-08T20:07:00+01:00By Dagomatic Photography

We loved seeing everyone back in person for our most recent Impact conference. Check out some of the best photos from our keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking sessions in NYC. Plus, find details on registering for our next Impact conference on the west coast. 


Member Spotlight: Cait Brumme, MassChallenge


Cait Brumme is the CEO of MassChallenge, a Boston-based network that supports early-stage startups. We spoke with her about her role as CEO and the importance of prioritizing innovation at companies as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.


The Corporate Blueprint that Helped Make Oshkosh a Sustainability Leader

2022-06-06T19:24:00+01:00By Christa Avampato Contributing Writer

Vehicle manufacturer Oshkosh Corp. offers a model for companies that want to understand how to set up a sustainability practice. For the third consecutive year, Oshkosh has been named to the 2021 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) and has been recognized as a Barron’s Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies. We talk to Chief Sustainability Officer Kevin Tubbs.


Three Traits that Make Sustainability Leaders Successful

2022-06-02T11:30:00+01:00By Christa Avampato Contributing Writer

Effective sustainability requires multifaceted, open innovation, says Professor Ashley George. As President and Founder of the nonprofit Tech for Good, George shares three key traits that make business leaders successful at building a sustainable practice.


Making the Case for Web3: Finding Your Way in a Vast Ecosystem of Opportunity

2022-05-31T12:00:00+01:00By David Jarczyk, David Pessah, Scott Wolfson, and Chris Corteen, KPMG LLP

Web3 will fundamentally change the internet as we know it. But investing without a strategy won’t yield a high ROI. KPMG takes a three-step approach to help businesses learn the Web3 landscape, seize its potential, and launch successful pilot programs.


DuPont’s Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer Talks Metrics

2022-05-26T08:30:00+01:00By Dan Toma and Esther Gons, Contributing Columnists

In an excerpt from the new book Innovation Accounting, authors Dan Toma and Esther Gons talk with DuPont’s Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer about the intricacies of measuring innovation progress.


A Simplified Guide to Web3 and the Metaverse

2022-05-25T10:00:00+01:00By InnoLead Staff

Web3 and the metaverse are two concepts that catapulted out of the world of startups, venture capital, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in 2021. Now, many larger companies are exploring potential use cases and developing strategy for both Web3 and the metaverse. So we’ve created a jargon-free guide to these two concepts, and how they may eventually be linked.


Sustainability is a Must: It’s Time for More Meaningful Innovation

2022-05-24T10:00:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, Planbox

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns rise, there is renewed impetus to adopt foundational, long-lasting practices that are consistent with the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ludwig Melik lays out a path for progress.


How Carmaker BMW is Developing Strategy for Blockchain, AI, and the Metaverse

2022-05-16T12:00:00+01:00By Christopher Calnan, Contributing Writer

How do emerging technologies get evaluated, tested, and rolled out in Munich-based BMW Group? We talk to Andrew Luckow, Head of Innovation and Emerging Technologies to get the details.


Winning in the Metaverse: 5 Lessons Learned from Gaming

2022-05-11T11:30:00+01:00By Nikola Ognjanovic and Michal Pol, KPMG LLP

As more brands venture into the metaverse, they can learn a lot from the ever-evolving gaming industry. Here are five lessons to consider as you develop your strategy.

Materion - the James Web Space Telescope illustration

How $1.5 Billion Materion Set Up Sustainability Governance and Reporting

2022-05-10T10:30:00+01:00By ,

The reporting structure of Materion’s six-member sustainability team was set up with the intention of embedding sustainability into company’s strategic planning, decision-making, and core operations. We talk to Jon Newton, the Cleveland company’s Global Director of Sustainability.


Cartoonist Lisa Rothstein Teaches Better Communication Through Doodling


Even if you think you can’t draw — at all — this two-part workshop will help you become dramatically better at doodling in less than two hours. Your instructor is noted meeting facilitator, New Yorker columnist, and former ad agency copywriter Lisa Rothstein.


What It Takes to Build a Successful New Venture


Building and launching new ventures inside large organizations is no easy task. In this Master Class replay, Sean Sheppard of U+ unpacks the most powerful lessons and insights that he has gained after over 20 years of experience bringing new products to market. 


How to Make Ethnographic Interviewing Your Superpower: 5 Tips

2022-05-09T16:45:00+01:00By Matt Mueller, Contributing Columnist

Learning how to do ethnographic interviews takes a lot of practice — and time. But if you are eager to learn more about what customers say vesus what they actually do, here are five tips to help you get started, from contributing columnist Matt Mueller.


Beneath the Buzz: What are Venture Studios and Builders, and How Do They Work with Corporates?


A growing number of big company leaders like the idea of hiring a firm like this to help them develop that elusive “next big thing.” But it’s a confusing landscape. There are hundreds of organizations of different shapes, sizes, and capabilities that call themselves venture studios, or say that they offer venture building capabilities. We’re trying to make sense of it….


At Enviva Biomass, Focusing on Four Goals to Achieve Net-Zero by 2030

2022-05-04T11:30:00+01:00By ,

Founded in 2004, Eniva Biomass set out to create a renewable, low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. It is now the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, used to generate heat and electricity. Its goal: operating as a net-zero emissions company by 2030. We talk to Kim DuBose, Director of Commerce and Sustainability.


Member Spotlight: George Dunning, Canada Post


George Dunning is Director of Innovation at Canada Post, a federally-owned Crown corporation and the primary postal service in Canada. We spoke with him about his open innovation framework, and the challenges of innovating inside a large corporation and as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.


The 9 Myths of Measuring Innovation

2022-04-26T10:30:00+01:00By Dan Toma and Esther Gons, Contributing Columnists

In the new book Innovation Accounting, authors Dan Toma and Esther Gons lay out nine of the common innovation myths of measuring innovation. 


How AT&T is Setting Sustainability ‘Stretch’ Goals and Driving Progress

2022-04-22T11:00:00+01:00By ,

AT&T is not waiting on government regulation to make its sustainability goals and reporting transparent. Shannon Carroll, AT&T’s Assistant Vice President of Global Environmental Sustainability, shares his advice for companies that want to jumpstart their sustainability efforts or enhance their existing work.


Ideas Aren’t Enough. What’s Your Innovation ROI?


In this Master Class replay, Suzan Briganti and Mary Ann Bianco of Swarm Vision discuss the importance of delivering measurable results through innovation and examine the mindsets of consistently successful innovators around the world. 


How to Change an Innovation Skeptic’s Mind

2022-03-30T12:00:00+01:00By Matt Mueller, Contributing Columnist

While it’s tempting to ignore skeptics, they can improve your idea if they feel included from the beginning. Innovation strategist Matt Mueller shares a techique to help shift perspectives and propel innovation foward.


Mobile Apps, NFTs, and the Metaverse: How FIFA is Innovating its Way to the 2022 World Cup


“Innovation is a word that can mean everything – and nothing,” says Benjamin Stoll, Director of Strategic Alliances & Innovation at FIFA, football’s governing body. Unless, he adds, innovation activity can be tied to tangible value creation for FIFA and its constituents. We talked to Stoll in advance of this year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar.


Centers of Excellence: How Companies Like LEGO, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bang & Olufsen Innovate


In this Master Class replay, Jay Peters discusses the success factors that drive innovation; examined the keys to creating a “center of excellence”; and highlighted lessons from companies such as Lego, GlaxoSmithKline, and more. 

Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px)

Podcast: Who are the Unsung Persistent Innovators?


In this bonus episode of the Persistent Innovators miniseries, InnoLead covers six more persistent innovators in various industries – including food and beverage, manufacturing, and telecom.


How Do You Move From Thinking to Doing? IKEA Shares Best Practices for Pilot Tests


How do you move from thinking to doing? IKEA Co-Creation and Matrix Manager Cindy Soo shares best practices.


CSAA Insurance & Fidelity: Building Innovation Muscles for the Long Haul


CSAA Insurance’s Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Debra Brackeen, talks with Mona Vernon of Fidelity Investments about building lasting innovation structures.

Fiserv Office 1

Buying Coffee in the Metaverse: How Fiserv Thinks About the Future of Payments

2022-03-18T18:59:00+00:00By ,

Alvin Cho is Vice President of Product & Engineering for Digital Innovation and Transformation at Fiserv, and he oversees the company’s Developer Studio, a set of APIs and tools that make it easy to integrate Fiserv’s offerings into all sorts of new and existing products. We spoke with Cho about the objectives of the Developer Studio, how learning drives innovation, and how he’s approaching the metaverse.


TripAdvisor CEO: The Role That Leaders Play in Fostering Innovation


TripAdvisor CEO Stephen Kaufer and best-selling author Rita McGrath discuss how the travel site has developed new offerings since its 2000 birth, above a pizza shop in the Boston suburbs.


How Augmented Reality Will Change Our Lives — at Home and at Work


Author David Rose talks about augmenting how we see with LaForge Optical CEO Corey Mack and Mike Quigley of Niantic, the company behind the game “Pokémon Go.”


Useful, Usable, Scalable: The Model $7B SAIC Uses to De-Risk New Ventures


One tool that tech integrator SAIC relies on as it works to develop a portfolio of new offerings is a Maturity Model. It helps the company “to rapidly discover, with minimal investment, whether something begs to be invested in — or not,” explains VP Heath Starr. Details inside. 


Should You Close Your Physical Innovation Lab and Open One in the Metaverse?


A recent conversation among InnoLead members spent less time on brick-and-mortar innovation labs — and more time discussing the possibilities of bringing people together for meetings and collaboration in virtual reality, and some of the training and support hassles that produces. 

f9-JoshuaKreger_Headshot_r1_9895 (1)

Member Spotlight: Joshua Kreger, Pinnacol Assurance


Joshua Kreger is Director of Safety Innovation and Strategy at Colorado-based Pinnacol Assurance, which provides worker’s compensation insurance. We spoke with him about the software he uses, and the need for radical candor, as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.


New Book: What It Takes to Succeed as a ‘Corporate Explorer’


Veteran corporate innovator Russell Rogers talks with two of the authors of the new book Corporate Explorer, about metrics, C-level support, and whether there is a “right” number of ideas to collect and cultivate. Includes a PDF excerpt from the book.


How a New Partnership is Helping the Dairy Industry Drive Toward Net Zero Goals


The US dairy industry is committed to achieve carbon neutrality, optimized water usage and improved water quality by 2050. To understand how these goals are put into action, InnoLead spoke to Syngenta and The Nature Conservancy about a new partnership aimed at getting farmers to adopt more sustainable practices.


How AI and Decentralized Clinical Trials are Changing Biopharma


“As humans, we have limitations in being able to integrate and synthesize and look at data,” says venture capitalist John Orloff, formerly Global Head of R&D at Alexion Pharmaceuticals. “I think AI and machine learning technology will allow us to make better decisions and choices, and give us new insights into how to approach certain diseases.” More from Orloff inside…


Transforming the Great Resignation into the Great Innovation

2022-03-01T10:30:00+00:00By David Dabscheck and Joshua Cohen, GIANT Innovation

Here’s how Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport created an e-learning course to promote the idea that everyone can — and should — participate in the innovation process.

Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px) (3)

Podcast: What Makes Novartis a Persistent Innovator?


In the fourth and final episode of the “Persistent Innovators” miniseries, Wade Roush dives into Novartis, the Switzerland-based healthcare company, to explore how long-term innovation can thrive in the world of pharmaceuticals. 


Converting Ideas into Realized Value at Cisco


In this Master Class, Artem Ignatenko and Tad Haas discuss Cisco’s journey of establishing an “assembly line for innovation delivery,” creating one seamless and holistic process for converting successful ideas into business value. 


What I Wish I Knew Before I Joined the Innovation Team

2022-02-24T11:00:00+00:00By Matt Mueller, Contributing Columnist

Innovation is about going fast… or so Matt Mueller thought as an innovation novice drafted onto the team at a major food brand. In this piece, Mueller shares the challenges he wished he knew about beforehand.


Kellogg’s R&D Chief on Plant-Based Proteins and New Ways of Testing Products


 The company’s SVP of Global R&D talks about getting plant-based protein to an affordable price point; how the company is moving from focus groups to in-market testing; and why the $13 billion company hires “food designers” rather than food scientists.


5 Ways to Strengthen Your Corporate Innovation Scaffolding

2022-02-21T13:00:00+00:00By Mohan Nair, Contributing Columnist

”You know you’re in trouble when, instead of displaying the fire within, you fear being fired,” writes Mohan Nair. In his latest column for corporate innovators, Nair offers five key insights to build an effective scaffold in any industry.

comcast - Ruth labs photo[32]

Comcast Labs SVP on Trends, Working with Startups, and Failing Fast

2022-02-19T18:44:00+00:00By Christopher Calnan

Comcast SVP Ruth Dawson lays out the trends she’s paying attention to, and the three avenues that a Comcast Labs project can travel: a hand-off to the business, a temporary hold, or a full stop. 


How W.L. Gore Looks to Partnerships, R&D, and Acquisitions to Accelerate Progress

2022-02-19T17:06:00+00:00By Christopher Calnan

The privately-held company’s Chief Technology Officer, Greg Hannon, talks about metrics, AI, and healthcare as a growth industry.


Hain Celestial SVP on Creating a Unified R&D Team at ‘Hain 3.0’

2022-02-19T13:59:00+00:00By Christopher Calnan

The VP of Corporate Research talks about building innovation while simultaneously reinventing business models.

last lap

Exclusive Interview with NASCAR's Chief Innovation Officer


To shed light on how NASCAR stays connected with fans — and how it explores the potential of new technologies — we spoke with Craig Neeb, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer. He says that delivering concrete results requires strong relationships with leadership, openness to the startup world, and an acute awareness of where a project’s biggest risks lie.

3M St Paul Monument place001 rgb

How 3M Reorganized R&D — and How the Company Tracks R&D Impact

2022-02-16T12:45:00+00:00By Christopher Calnan

In early 2020, 3M decentralized its operating model to give the presidents of its four business groups more autonomy over R&D. We talk to SVP Cordell Hardy about how it started, and how it’s going. 

Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px) (1)

Podcast: What Makes LEGO a Persistent Innovator?


Through the power of the simple, yet famous, LEGO brick, the LEGO company built an international phenomenon that includes theme parks, hundreds of storefronts, and a feature film franchise. However– the path to LEGO’s success wasn’t always so linear. In the latest installment of the “Persistent Innovators” miniseries, Wade Roush takes listeners through the innovative highs and plummeting lows of one of the most well-known toy companies in the world. 


Member Spotlight: Claire Johnsen, Hallmark Care Homes & Savista Developments


Claire Johnsen is Head of Innovation of Hallmark Care Homes and Savista Developments, a family-run company that operates 19 eldercare facilities in the UK. We spoke with Johnsen as part of our IL Member Spotlight series, which profiles our members.


Video: How eSports and New Licensing Structures are Driving Disruption in Sports

2022-02-09T13:35:00+00:00By ,

Alex Slawsby of InnoLead and Jack Elkins of Sidekick Innovation discuss how “name image likeness” deals and eSports will impact the future of college and pro sports.


Goodyear and Pitney Bowes Veteran on Applying Lean Startup in Large Companies


Veteran corporate innovator Jim Euchner talks game theory, corporate antibodies, and lean startup, in advance of the publication of his new book.


How to Use Myth Busting to Unlock Innovation and Growth

2022-02-07T11:30:00+00:00By Erik Falck, Johnsonville LLC

Most companies hold on to longstanding myths about their business and customers that constrain new ideas and experimentation — but just aren’t true anymore. Johnsonville LLC Director of Innovation Erik Falck shares four steps to get your colleagues questioning these myths and moving past them.


The Demise of an Innovation Team: 5 Warning Signs

2022-02-04T13:15:00+00:00By Anonymous

The warning signs “did not appear all at once,” writes a former innovation team member in the US. Rather, “it was a slow and a gradual shift in priorities and resources over time.” Here are her recommendations for avoiding that same fate.


Inside Inspire Brands’ Ghost Kitchen and Innovation Center


Just a year after opening its innovation center, Inspire Brands — owner of Arby’s, Sonic, Dunkin’, Jimmy John’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings — launched the first multibrand “ghost kitchen” in Atlanta. InnoLead spoke with Vans Nelson, VP of Restaurant Operations, Innovation, and Profitability, about staying ahead of tech trends in the fast food industry.

5f43fde5ba9928b0453d2f7c_M2001-1_Entergy_KeyStrings_Banksy-37 (1)-p-1080

Entergy VP on Driving Sustainability and Running an Innovation Lab


Michael Cross explains how Entergy’s KeyString Labs is set up; the need to start with concrete, near-term results; and how his team stays close to customer needs.


Video: How NFTs and Mobile-First Content are Changing the Sports World

2022-02-01T10:30:00+00:00By ,

Alex Slawsby of InnoLead and Jack Elkins of SideKick Innovation sit down to discuss how mobile-first content consumption, online betting, and non-fungible tokens are impacting the world of professional sports.

Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px)

Podcast: What Makes Disney a Persistent Innovator?


With an innovative streaming project in Disney+, multiple award-winning film franchises, and some of the most well-known theme parks on the planet, The Walt Disney Co. is deeply ingrained in American culture – and deeply ingrained in the realm of innovation. How has Disney sustained long-term success, and become a model for other companies? Wade Roush tackles that question and more in the second episode of our Persistent Innovators miniseries.


Why ‘AgeTech’ is a $9 Trillion Sector You Shouldn’t Ignore

2022-01-26T12:30:00+00:00By Rick Robinson, AARP

Rick Robinson, VP of Product and Startup Engagement at AARP, makes a case for opportunities in the growing AgeTech sector.


An Idea Canvas to Help Manage Your Innovation Funnel

2022-01-25T13:30:00+00:00By Eric Braun, Contributing Columnist

The fuel of an innovation pipeline is ideas. But without a good prioritization process, it’s very hard for an innovation effort to achieve any kind of successful outcomes. That’s why Eric Braun, entrepreneur and former corporate innovation exec, created this Idea Canvas. Includes download.


Campbell's Soup VP on What’s Changing in Research and Development

2022-01-24T14:00:00+00:00By ,

R&D Vice President Judi Mondelllo talks about tasting new products in a hybrid world, the company’s academic relationships, and tuning in to what Milennials and Gen Z consumers want.


The 5 Resolutions of an Innovator for 2022

2022-01-21T22:21:00+00:00By Mohan Nair, Contributing Columnist

Mohan Nair, a longtime Chief Innovation Officer in the healthcare sector, author, and CEO of Emerge, Inc., shares his innovator’s resolutions for 2022.


Video: Kimberly-Clark’s Chief Scientist on Virtual Prototyping and R&D’s Future

2022-01-21T12:30:00+00:00By ,

What’s a virtual prototype, and why is Pete Dulcamara so excited about them?


2022: A Year for Positive Transformation and Impact

2022-01-20T20:08:00+00:00By Simon Hill, Wazoku

“As we look to bounce back from the tragedy and challenges of the past two-plus years,” writes Wazoku CEO Simon Hill, “the tools of innovation will be critical, and those who get it right will emerge stronger, more agile, and future fit.” More of Hill’s perspective inside…


Retooling R&D for a New Era


Amidst stressful and unpredictable business and societal conditions related to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, R&D organizations are feeling new pressures. They are trying to fill gaps on their team in a tight talent market; solve problems with essential company operations while also building for the future; bring on new vendors when existing ones are unable to deliver; and deliver more output with the same resources — or in some cases, less. This report details how Global 1000 companies are responding in the current environment, and includes qualitative interviews with companies such as Campbell’s Soup, 3M, W.L. Gore, and Comcast.

Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px) (1)

Podcast: What Makes Apple a Persistent Innovator?


Apple has set the pace for the tech sector for decades, from the original Apple I personal computer to the modern-day iPhone. In the first episode of our “Persistent Innovators” podcast miniseries, Wade Roush takes a deep dive into Apple, the first company in the world to attain a $3 trillion market capitalization, to find out what has kept it on the cutting edge — despite occasional setbacks and leadership changes.


Inside MetLife’s Relationships with VCs and the Startup Ecosystem


Since 2014, the $68 billion insurer MetLife has run more 160 experiments with startups — 70 of which later developed into contractual relationships. Vice President of Innovation Terrence Luciani has created a structured process for collecting requirements from around the company, and then working with venture capital firms, accelerators, and other parties to identify relevant startups. Inside, he talks about how that process works.


How Dell’s CTO Assesses New Technologies to Drive Future Growth


Once a company is approaching $100 billion in revenue, creating substantial growth gets a lot harder. “You need to find some new areas to play in,” says Global CTO John Roese. Here’s how he does that…W


How Software-Maker PTC Prototypes the Future of AR and VR


The $1.8 billion software company PTC makes software used to design physical products, and to connect them to the Internet of Things. In 2017, the Boston company created a new Reality Lab. Its leader, Valentin Heun, says, “We look at problems in the company that cannot be solved wth short-term business perspectives.” Heun talks about the lab’s objectives, metrics, and where it sits within PTC.


Perkins School for the Blind CEO on Why the S-Curve Matters for Nonprofits


The CEO of the Boston-based nonprofit Power talks about customer-centricity; how it seeks to connect tech companies with visually-impaired users; and the importance of understanding the S-curve as you make the case for continued innovation.


Fidelity Labs SVP: ‘The Only Success Metrics That Really Matter are Financial Metrics’


How do you avoid winding up in the “danger zone” as an innovator inside a big company? Mona Vernon, the head of Fidelity Labs at Boston-based Fidelity Investments, says it’s all about making sure your metrics are aligned with your CEO and CFO.

pascale.jpg (AD-Internal)️ (1)

Member Spotlight: Pascale Wautelet, Avery Dennison


Pascale Wautelet is Vice President of Global R&D for Label and Graphic Materials at Avery Dennison Corporation. We spoke with Pascale as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.


What’s a Wizard of Oz Prototype? iRobot’s CTO Explains


iRobot Chief Technology Officer Chris Jones discusses how the company keeps tabs on important technologies emerging from academia and the startup world — and the role that “minimum viable products” play, even if they’re controlled by a Wizard of Oz in the next room.


Leveraging Analytics and Envisioning the Future of VR at the Indianapolis Colts

2021-12-23T12:30:00+00:00By ,

For decades, sports teams have relied on stats to track their performance on the field. Today, a growing number of teams are using more sophisticated data and analytics software to optimize their business performance as well. That includes the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, where Charlie Shin serves as VP of Data Strategy and Analytics.


How Pharma Distributor AmerisourceBergen Prioritizes and Pilots Emerging Tech


One key is to success with emerging tech is working closely with customers, says SVP of Strategy and Innovation Jason Dinger: “Sometimes, we identify hidden value where a customer sees a way to deploy a technology that we didn’t see.”

Innovation Answered - Sneak - 3

Sneak Preview of Our Next Podcast Season: The Persistent Innovators

2021-12-20T13:00:00+00:00By ,

How innovative companies stay that way is the focus of a special series coming soon from Innovation Answered. We’ll be looking at companies like LEGO, Apple, and Disney and asking what makes them so successful, decade after decade, and how they bounce back from challenges.


Don’t Brainstorm — Ideate

2021-12-17T16:26:00+00:00By Ray Tilkens, Innovation Academy at Notre Dame’s IDEA Center

It’s hard to overstate this simple fact: the beginning of an innovation process is where the opportunity lives or dies. If you don’t set the stage for innovation with the proper context, you won’t achieve the kind of outcomes that can transform your business.


Is Augmented Reality the Next Disruptive Technology?


Entrepreneur and author David Rose shares his vision of the future of augmented reality. “What the web was in the 90s and what mobile was in the aughts, this is what AR will be in the next decade,” Rose says.


How One Retail VP Scores Emerging Technologies


“There will always be new, cool, shiny things that we could bring to life in our stores,” says Heather Paquette of Retail Business Services, a subsidiary of the grocery giant Ahold Delhaize. “But we’re really here to help our brands achieve their goals by implementing new solutions that create measurable value.” Here’s how Paquette scores emerging technologies…


How Best Buy’s CTO Assesses New Technologies for Strategic Business Value


We spoke to Brian Tilzer, Best Buy’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer, a few weeks ahead of Black Friday 2021. The starting point for our discussion was how Tilzer and his team evaluate emerging technologies that could impact Best Buy’s business. “Ninety percent of what we do is about what’s the business outcome, the customer outcome, or the employee outcome we’re trying to accomplish,” he says. More about the retailer’s strategy, and what’s changing in 2022, inside…


20 Essential Tools for Collaboration, Productivity, and Remote Work in 2022


At a recent members-only online meeting hosted by Innovation Leader, members from around the world shared some of the tools they consider essential — from noise-canceling software to AI transcription services to project management platforms.


Make the Right Bets on Emerging Technologies

2021-12-08T15:45:00+00:00By Martin Sokalski, Greg Corlis, and Michael Krajecki, KPMG LLP

The term “unprecedented disruption” has been so overused it has almost lost its meaning. However, as the pandemic continues to turn business models on their heads, it is increasingly clear that the future of business is being rewritten before our eyes. This piece offers five tips for making the right bets on emerging technologies — today — to ensure that digital disruption is deliberate and strategic.


Delivering Value Through Emerging Tech & Innovation


The emerging tech landscape is perenially noisy — and overhyped. Companies first need to develop a clear set of problems they are trying to solve, or experiences they are trying to create, for internal or external customers. This report collects advice from 200-plus corporate professionals, along with senior leaders at Best Buy, Fidelity Investments, AmerisourceBergen, iRobot, MetLife, and other large organizations.


How Suffolk Construction is Boosting ‘Built Environment’ Startups


We talk to Suffolk’s Chief Data and Innovation Officer about how the Boston construction is investing in startups focused on AI, robotics, and green building technologies.

swapnil pashwande - thoughtworks 2

Member Spotlight: Swapnil Deshpande, Thoughtworks

2021-12-02T10:58:00+00:00By Kate Priddy, Assistant Editor

IL member Swapnil Desphande, Chief Digital Officer at the tech consultancy Thoughtworks, talks about the importance of selling ideas — and not taking failure personally.


Three Ingredients for Building a High-Functioning Corporate-Startup Partnership Engine

2021-12-01T17:15:00+00:00By Amanda Cashin and Diana Joseph, Contributing Columnists

Amanda Cashin of Illumina and Diana Joseph of the Corporate Accelerator Forum provide three key pieces of advice about how large corporations can better interact with startups.

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 11.22.02 AM

Insights from Winners of the 2021 Impact Awards


In this webcast, several winners of our 2021 Impact Awards share tips on how they’ve been making change happen inside their organizations.


How Delta Airlines is Charting a Course to Net Zero Emissions

2021-11-23T20:42:00+00:00By ,

Delta’s Managing Director of Sustainability Amelia DeLuca sits down with Innovation Leader to discuss electric airplanes, carbon offsets, biofuels, and communicating sustainability objectives to employees and customers.


Data Insights: Which Emerging Technologies Matter Most to Large Companies?


Which emerging technologies are large companies learning about…investing in… and actually rolling out? This short video serves up three different lists of specific technologies, based on a recent IL survey.


Data Insights: Who Leads Design and When Should It Be Part of the Innovation Process?


Who leads design in large organizations? Twenty percent of companies say they don’t have a clear design leader. This short video explores that issue and other data points from a recent IL survey.


Data Insights: Top 5 Challenges Startups Face When Working with Corporates


In this short video, Scott Kirsner and Alex Slawsby of Innovation Leader share the top five challenges for startups initating a formal engagement with a large company. Numero uno is all about speed. 


Data Insights: How Do Corporates Identify ‘Quality’ Startups?


What exactly constitutes a “quality startup,” in the eyes of large corporations looking for partners or investment opportunities in the startup landscape? This short video serves up the answers based on IL data.


Data Insights: Allocating Resources Across the Three Horizons


How are companies allocating resources across the so-called “three horizons” of innovation — incremental, adjacent, and transformational projects? This short video serves up the answer, based on IL data.


How Great Design Will Inspire the Next Generation of Ingenious Solutions

2021-11-18T14:00:00+00:00By John Edson & Brett Lovelady, PA Consulting

Ingenious design is found everywhere in today’s competitive business landscape. John Edson and Brett Lovelady of PA Consulting discuss how to bake design into company culture, and the lessons designers can learn from top brands, such as Apple.


Disney CEO Bob Chapek Shares His Vision for the ‘Metaverse’


Disney CEO Bob Chapek is looking beyond theme parks and video streaming services toward building an immersive digital “metaverse” — a kind of virtual reality environment that might enable Disney fans to take part in games and theme park-like experiences without hopping on a plane to Orlando, Anaheim, or Tokyo. 


Book Excerpt: How to Overcome the Barriers to Creativity

2021-11-15T13:23:00+00:00By Donna Porter and Nancy Tennant, Contributing Columnists

In the new book Creativity in Talent Development, authors Donna Porter and Nancy Tennant contend that “creativity is a natural and renewable resource that exists in every person.” But how do you get people to bring their creative side to work — and knock down some of the creativity blockers that exist in most organizations? Here’s some advice from the book.


The Revolution in Consumer Products: 5 Lessons from New Brands

2021-11-10T14:29:00+00:00By Paul Earle, Contributing Columnist



Photos: Our Fall Events in Boston, Chicago, and New York


We ran a series of small in-person gatherings this fall, hosted at places like MIT’s new InnovationHQ building, the MassRobotics incubator, Relish Works in the Chicago Merchandise Mart, and the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. Here are some pics…

Member Spotlight - Uma Meyyappan - 1200x900

Member Spotlight: Uma Meyyappan, LPL Financial

2021-11-09T14:27:00+00:00By Kate Priddy, Assistant Editor

Uma Meyyappan is the Senior Vice President of Digital Innovation and New Venture Platform at LPL Financial. We spoke with Meyyappan as part of our member spotlight series.


The Revolution in Consumer Products Continues: 12 Brands You Need to Know

2021-11-08T13:30:00+00:00By Paul Earle, Contributing Columnist

Over the past five years, a full-scale revolution has fomented in the consumer products world. Rules are being rewritten. What up-and-coming brands are changing the game and reinvigorating the shopping experience? Contributing Columnist Paul Earle dives into the 12 brands you need to know for the future.


Thou Shalt Collaborate

2021-11-02T22:06:00+00:00By Moisés Noreña

In his 10th and final commandment, Moisés Noreña shares his Letterman-style “Top 10 List” on how to foster collaboration as an innovation leader.


Thou Shalt Create a Brave and Empathetic Culture

2021-11-02T19:39:00+00:00By Moisés Noreña

In his ninth commandment, Moisés Noreña shares how to create a risk-tolerant culture within a large organization by propagating and rewarding values like bravery and empathy.


Thou Shalt Establish Management Systems

2021-11-02T19:23:00+00:00By Moisés Noreña

In his eighth commandment, Noreña gives examples of how management systems can help innovation leaders juggle multiple projects and teams successfully.



2021-11-02T18:58:00+00:00By Moisés Noreña

En su décimo y último mandamiento, Moisés Noreña comparte su “lista de los 10 mejores” sobre cómo fomentar la colaboración como líder en innovación.


Crearás una Cultura Valiente y Empática

2021-11-02T18:57:00+00:00By Moisés Noreña

En su noveno mandamiento, Moisés Noreña comparte cómo crear una cultura tolerante al riesgo dentro de una gran organización mediante la propagación y recompensa de valores como la valentía y la empatía.


Establecerás Mechanismos De Gestión

2021-11-02T18:35:00+00:00By Moisés Noreña

En su octavo mandamiento en esta serie, Moisés Noreña dice los líderes de la organización son los responsables de extraer valor de la innovación.

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 11.02.52 AM

Moisés’ 10 Commandments for Innovation and Growth

2021-11-01T00:13:00+00:00By Moisés Noreña

In this series, Moisés Noreña shares his “10 Commandments for Innovation and Growth” at established companies. 


Venture Capitalist Jasmine Robinson on Sports Trends — at Home and at the Stadium


Jasmine Robinson, a Partner at Causeway Media Partners, talks about some of the recent investments her sports-focused venture capital firm has made, and what she sees coming next…


Meet the 2021 Impact Award Winners


Here’s the complete list of winners of our 2021 Impact Awards…


Tracking Disruption in Sports at an Indianapolis-Based Techstars Accelerator


The world of sports is experiencing a highlight reel of disruption — from streaming content to legalized betting to digital collectibles like the NBA’s Top Shot series. We talk with Jordan Fliegel, Managing Director of the Techstars Sports Accelerator, to understand what matters most.


Book Excerpt: 3 Types of People You Need to Win Over

2021-10-22T19:45:00+01:00By Shameem Prathantham, Author, Gorillas Can Dance

The new book from Shameem Prashantham, Gorillas Can Dance,  presents examples of effective startup engagement strategies from companies like Microsoft, Unilever, BMW, and Cisco. This excerpt discusses the three types of internal corporate players who need to be on board in order to make startup collaborations successful.


How a $19 Billion Truck Maker Scouts Relevant Startups in Silicon Valley


Paul Konasewich is a key player at the PACCAR Silicon Valley Innovation Center, which helps the $19 billion truck maker connect to relevant startups. ”You need to get honest about whether [your startup scouting activity is about] cultural enrichment,” he says, “or actually creating new products.” More of Konasewich’s advice inside…


Busting Myths with the Head of Innovation and Science at Mars


Mars President of Innovation, Science, Technology, and Mars Edge Jean-Christophe Flatin discusses connecting with candy (and pet care!) consumers, and “myth busts” the top misconceptions he sees within innovation teams. 


Why the San Francisco Giants Have a Fan Council — and Ambassadors


October is big for baseball fans and all eyes are on the SF Giants, leading the playoffs after a five-year hiatus. For Faham Zakariaei, who directs the team’s special events, the busiest part of the season means Nike partnerships, fan groups, and influencer marketing.


How Consumer Goods Companies Can Turn Everyday Users into Influencers

2021-10-11T17:00:00+01:00By Jos Harrison, Global Head of Brand Experience and Design, Reckitt

Jos Harrison, Global Head of Brand Experience and Design at the consumer packaged goods firm Reckitt, outlines how brands can leverage building positive relationships with the everyday consumer to grow a strong brand recognition and experience.


How Leading Brands Use Cognitive Diversity to Drive Innovation


Breakthrough innovation requires people with different mindsets to deliver big outcomes. And that cognitive diversity helps teams to see things differently and think differently. In this one-hour Master Class replay, learn how to collaborate with all kinds of creators: outliers, misfits, rebels, and crazy ones to envision ...


4 Pieces of Advice for Corporates and Startups on ‘Baking the Cake’ Together


”From the corporate side, a lot of times, a [startup engagement] program gets started, but the people who have to do the physical work of integrating the startup’s technology view the startup as just any other vendor, and they don’t understand that it’s a three-person company,” says Ken Durand, a former emerging tech exec at Ericsson and Dover Corp. who is now running a startup accelerator on behalf of Comcast NBCUniversal. More of Durand’s advice inside…


How the NHL’s Florida Panthers are Using Data More Strategically


COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of entire industries, changing everything from where we work to how we watch sports. NHL Florida Panthers’ Chief Strategy Officer is leading the organization’s transformation with data-centered marketing and creative strategies to build a larger fan base.

dolepineapple-wikicommons-Ramon FVelasquez

Dole’s Sustainability Promises Depend on Fresh Innovation

2021-09-30T09:00:00+01:00By Kate Priddy and Kaitlin Milliken, Innovation Leader

Dole, one of world’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable producers, is taking action to combat food inequality, climate change, and human rights issues. Dr. Lara Ramdin, Chief Innovation Officer, and Barbara Guerpillon, Global Head of Ventures, share how they are driving the company’s sustainability initiatives through open innovation.


Inside ESPN’s New Virtual Innovation Center


In its 42-year history, ESPN has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology in the sports realm — from cable television to TikTok. Here’s what they’re hoping to achieve with a new virtual innovation center.


The Biggest Acquisitions in Wearables and Home Fitness Tech

2021-09-27T11:00:00+01:00By Matt Wolfinger, Innovation Leader

Apple and Peloton are leading the home fitness boom, leaving the largest companies in tech, retail, and apparel racing to build up their own muscles — largely through acquisitions. Here are the biggest deals made recently in wearables and home fitness.


Innovation Showcase Replay — September 2021


At our recent Innovation Showcase Series webcast, in September of 2021, a dozen of Innovation Leader’s strategic partners shared software, services offerings, and other solutions that can help corporate innovators achieve more. Here’s a replay of the event.


2021 Impact Awards: Finalists and Judging Panel


We’re excited to announce the 18 finalists for our 2021 Impact Awards, which celebrate teams, initiatives, and individuals making a difference inside large companies — and for their customers.


Why Digital Transformation Programs are Not About Technology

2021-09-17T17:23:00+01:00By Ger Perdisatt, Director of Technology Strategy, Western Europe, Microsoft

“If you’re a leader expecting a technological silver bullet, a software panacea to all your business problems, without touching your people and processes,” writes Ger Perdisatt of Microsoft, “you’re going to struggle to derive value from a digital transformation program.” Here’s his advice on digital transformation, excerpted from the new book “60 Leaders on Innovation.”


New Book: Five Ways to Innovate Inside Bureaucracies

2021-09-16T19:43:00+01:00By ,

Trying to make something new happen inside a big, established organization is never easy. Eric Haseltine and Chris Gilbert’s new book, “Riding the Monster: Five Ways to Innovate Inside Bureaucracies,” provides a guide to avoiding the gnashing teeth of the corporate machine, rather than getting chewed up and spit out.


ExxonMobil Exec on the Three Questions Startups Should Be Asking Corporate Partners


Xinjin Zhao of ExxonMobil shares the top three questions he wishes startup leaders asked corporates during meetings, and other tips for successful relationships. 


What’s Changing in the Wine Business? Gallo’s Innovation Director Explains


Michele Sandoval, Director of Innovation at the winemaker E. & J. Gallo, says the past 18 months have been an interesting time for the wine and spirits industry, with consumers spending less time at social gatherings and in restaurants, more time at home, and unable to visit some of Gallo’s vineyards for in-person tastings of its higher-end brands. We pose five questions to Sandoval about her role and how the California company is staying ahead of recent trends in wine and spirits.


Why Well-Run Companies Continue to Fail

2021-09-13T11:11:00+01:00By Alex Slawsby and Dan Ostrower

In the 24 years since Clay Christensen’s book The Innovator’s Dilemma was published, Christensen and many others uncovered a long list of reasons for why well-run companies can flounder. Despite these insights, leading companies now lose their leadership positions more quickly than ever before. The key question we must now answer is: “Why?”

Sujata Mehta - FM Global

FM Global VP Shares Tips for Nailing a Startup Partnership


Sujata Mehta, Assistant Vice President of Innovation at FM Global, shares insights on how to avoid common mistakes corporates tend to make when beginning a partnership with a startup.


The Changing Landscape of Corporate-Startup Engagement


How are the interactions between Global 1000 companies and startups changing? How do large organizations build the case for greater involvement in the startup ecosystem? What resources do they put in place? To answer those questions, and others, we conducted a survey in Q3 2021 whose respondents included both leaders in large organizations and entrepreneurs who are seeking to collaborate with large organizations. Here’s the 61-page slide deck collecting what we found.

Suning Retail Cloud, Suning’s rural retailer has opened 9,000 stores nationwide

How Chinese Retailer Suning Group is Deploying AI and Other New Tech


Melody Jia, General Manager of Chinese retailer Suning International, shares shifts she’s seen with pandemic-era shoppers and how her team meets their needs. 


Why Startup-Corporate Partnerships Matter Now

2021-09-06T12:30:00+01:00By Catarina Madeira and Irina Sigalovsky, MIT Corporate Relations

Startup-corporate partnerships play an increasingly important role in the corporate innovation journey and startup evolution. Catarina Madeira and Irina Sigalovsky of MIT provide an overview of Innovation Leader’s latest research report.


Video: New Research on How Design Can Build Competitive Advantage


Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken and Scott Kirsner discuss findings from the publication’s “Design as a Competitive Advantage” series. John Edson, US Head of Design and Engineering at PA Consulting, also shares how members of the C-suite can support design.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 10.19.25 AM

Thou Shalt Listen Well to New Perspectives

2021-09-03T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

In his sixth commandment, Noreña explores how innovators can create and unlock the power of diverse teams.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 10.28.36 AM

Thou Shalt Act With Humility

2021-09-03T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

In his seventh commandment, Moisés Noreña explores how humility can help innovation teams stay alive and create better experiences for end users.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 10.47.56 AM

Escucharás Bien a Aquellos con Puntos de Vista Diferentes

2021-09-03T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

En su sesenta mandamiento en esta serie, Moisés Noreña comparte la importancia de escuchar a personas con puntos de vista diferentes. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 11.06.32 AM

Actuarás con Humildad

2021-09-03T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

En su setenta mandamiento en esta serie, Moisés Noreña comparte la importancia de utilizar la humildad para crear la más superior productos y servicios. 


Sumitomo: Why Respect is Necessary for Corporate-Startup Relationships


Sumitomo Chemical is one of the largest chemical companies in Japan. And in its US branch — which has a small office in California and in Cambridge, Mass. — managers have a mission: creating next-generation products through corporate venturing and collaborations. 

Web Photos (20)

How Transparent Timelines Can Improve Startup Collaborations


Mori, a startup focused on extending the shelf life of products, hopes to use science to reduce food waste. CEO Adam Behren shares the factors that fuel constructive corporate-startup partnerships. 

Elaine Chen

Member Spotlight: Elaine Chen, Tufts University


Elaine Chen is the Cummings Family Professor of Practice and the Director of the Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts University. We spoke with Chen as part of our IL Member Spotlight series, which profiles our members.

Claudia Reuter

Former Techstars GM on the Importance of ‘Skin in the Game’


Notes Claudia Reuter, former General Manager at Techstars, sheds light on how to best marry startups and corporates, the best practices for startups looking to show their worth.

SHOOT_2018-11_Headquarters_AH-WAT_1156-BKG (1) copy[58]

Inside athenahealth’s Interactive Telehealth Dashboard


athenahealth’s Vice President of Research and Editorial Strategy shares why her team created an interactive telehealth dashboard that helps to collect and analyze consumer insights…


How BAE Systems Identifies “Win-Win” Opportunities with Startups


In 2018, BAE Systems reorganized its FAST Labs R&D division and added a Technology Scouting group. We spoke with Stephen Russell of FAST Labs to learn more about how it successfully partners with startups.


PepsiCo’s Demand Accelerator Takes Consumer Insights to Next Level


The Global SVP and Head of PepsioCo’s  Demand Accelerator program discussed the efficacy of the Demand Accelerator, the specific data PepsiCo uses, consumer trends in the food and beverage industry, and more.


Why CVS Created a Dedicated Venture Fund


During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers around the globe sought digital solutions, and patients sought at-home options for what would have been in-person visits.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 10.45.03 AM

Redesigning the Rowing Machine at Hydrow


CEO Bruce Smith discusses how his team designed Hydrow, an at-home alternative to traditional rowing machines with live content and leaderboards…


How You Can Foster a Culture of Conversation (and Why It Matters)

2021-08-16T13:00:00+01:00By Eric Braun, Contributing Columnist and Senior Director of Innovation, RBS

Communication is not a bad thing, writes Eric Braun of Retail Business Services, but it’s very different from conversation. Inside, Braun offers a case study along with six tips for fostering a culture of constructive conversation in your organization.


New Data on Design in Large Companies


What role should design play in product and service innovation, as well as influencing overall corporate culture and process? In July 2021, we conducted a short survey to gather data and qualitative insights from corporate innovation, new product, strategy, and R&D leaders. Here’s a look at the results.


Co-Creation Tips from P&G’s 6-Year-Old Venture Program


When Leigh Radford started the venture creation unit inside Proctor & Gamble, she was tasked with creating the next billion-dollar business for the personal care company. “I’m a very big believer…[in] learnings ahead of investment, and that has really treated us well to make sure we’re not over-invested in things where the learnings aren’t solidified.” More insights from Radford inside….

Web Photos (11)

10 Strategies to Jump-start Your Innovation Commitment


It was all there—you had management support and set up an innovation strategy. You rallied stakeholders and ran idea campaigns. Participation was good. You gathered promising ideas and implemented some of them. Then, interest and engagement faded away. Everyone agrees that innovation is key to your organization, so why are ...

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 12.13.37 PM

Overcoming Legacy Thinking at Established Organizations


MGM Resorts President Atif Rafiq sat down to discuss the dangers of legacy thinking, the benefits of risk-taking in the innovation and career space, and his advice for creating a learning culture that benefits an organization. 


What Matters in Innovation: The Future of Technology Hubs


What matters in innovation as we move into the fall? KPMG International’s Alex Holt, Global Head for Technology, Media, and Telecommunications, discusses a recent report on global innovation hubs. In a recent survey of 800 executives conducted by KPMG, 39 percent of respondents said tech hubs are still important for ...

Web Photos (8)

IDEO U Leaders on Designing for Change


Innovation teams often have a vision for a better future, but making that vision a reality involves bringing others on board. Getting people at organizations to talk about change is easy. Meanwhile, effectively moving the needle can be a challenge. So, where do you get started?


Pandemic Lessons from the Salvation Army


Leaders from the Salvation Army share lessons from the pandemic, making budget adjustments amidst a health crisis, and implementing strategy changes across an entire organization.


How the Marlins Create a ‘Uniquely Miami’ Fan Experience

2021-07-30T13:00:00+01:00By , Image by Fredler Brave

Michael Shaw, Vice President and Head of Experience and Innovation for the Miami Marlins, discusses projects that create a unique fan experience, and explores the future of the game in a post-COVID world.


New Book Overview: The Brains and Brawn Company


Industry leaders combine physical innovation — like logistics, manufacturing, customer service, and quality control — with the digital. Rob Siegel’s new book explores…


Venture Capital — Silicon Valley Style

2021-07-27T10:00:00+01:00By ,

We drove out to Los Altos Hills, California to sit down with Hemant Taneja, one of venture’s power players to understand what’s on his mind half way through this year. Marcus Daniels, Highline Beta’s Founding Partner & CEO, also shares his insights.


Vox VP on the Future of Digital Journalism


Edwin Wong works with data to identify trends in Vox’s audience. That information can be used to identify stories that most interest readers…


What Matters in Innovation: Electric Vehicles


Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner joins Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby and Patti Mikula CEO of Hackworks to take a deep dive into the electric vehicle field. That includes Rivian’s cameo at the Blue Origin launch.

PA Feat Img_

​Three Experts on Redefining the Role of Design in Your Organization


Three experts from PA Consulting share advice and best practices on reinvigorating a company’s approach to design.


Podcast: P&G on How to Tie Design to Consumer Needs

2021-07-20T10:00:00+01:00By ,

Bringing designers in early can help companies execute on big ideas and create smoother customer experiences. But how do you get that right, especially if design isn’t baked into the culture, or if other functions tend to dominate the innovation process? This episode of Innovation Answered explores…


Top 10 Automakers’ Commitment to EV Innovation

2021-07-19T13:00:00+01:00By Matt Wolfinger, Data Visualization Intern

Is the future of the automotive industry electric? In 2021, a growing number of automakers are betting big that the answer is “yes.” Here’s our look at what’s coming down the road next.


Pursuing Four Sustainability Goals at Russia’s Biggest Grocery Retailer


With 17,000 stores across Russia, X5 is the largest retailer of food and groceries in the country. Find out how the company is addressing sustainability. 


Disney: Innovating at the Intersection of Physical & Digital


Jon Snoddy of Walt Disney Imagineering gave an inside look at the culture that makes his team tick and his vision for how the physical and digital worlds are converging. 


What Matters in Innovation — July 9, 2021

2021-07-09T13:00:00+01:00By ,

What mattered in innovation this week? Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner joins Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby and MileZero Founder Robyn Bolton to discuss. 


How Manufacturer Leviton Found Opportunities to Innovate Amidst the Pandemic

2021-07-08T13:00:00+01:00By Curtis Michelson, Contributing Columnist

During the pandemic, sessions where engineers would sit down on-site with key customers and better understand their use cases for Leviton’s products had to change. Here’s how the lighting and wiring giant addressed that challenge.


Member Spotlight: Rick Robinson, AARP


Rick Robinson, the Vice President of Startup Engagement at AARP Innovation Labs, sat down with Innovation Leader as a part of our member spotlight series…

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 11.36.04 PM

Thou Shalt Bridge Heaven and Earth

2021-07-02T13:02:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

Noreña explores how innovators can keep their team connected with leaders in the business units. That includes speaking the language of the business. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 11.55.19 PM

Thou Shalt Identify and Implement the Tools Needed to Innovate

2021-07-02T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

From design thinking to agile to double diamond to lean, there are many innovation methodologies for corporate innovators to gain guidance from. Most often these leaders are left to their own devices to come up with the right amalgamation that will lead to success. In his fourth ...

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 12.03.13 AM

Identificarás y Implementarás las Herramientas para Innovar

2021-07-02T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

En su cuarto mandamiento en esta serie, Moisés Noreña recomienda que los equipos usen la Metodología Unificada de Innovación. La metodología tiene cinco partes.

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 11.48.21 PM

Conectarás el Cielo y la Tierra

2021-07-02T12:02:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

En su cinco mandamiento en esta serie, Moisés Noreña instruye cómo conectar los dos lugares. También, Noreña comparte las cosas que los equipos pueden hacer para realizarlo.


Ford Autonomous Vehicles CEO on Consumer Trust


Ford Autonomous Vehicles CEO Scott Griffith sat down to discuss the future of Ford’s autonomous vehicles program, recent trends in the mobility space, and the importance of building consumer trust. 


How Intel Gets New Tech Ready for the Olympics


How do you teleport two years into the future, and determine what will still seem cutting edge? That was the mandate given to the Olympic Technology Group at Intel…


What Matters in Innovation — June 25, 2021

2021-06-25T13:23:00+01:00By ,

What mattered in innovation this week? Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner and Kaitlin Milliken join Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby to discuss. That includes some of the innovation news that you may have missed this week, and why it matters for innovators working in big organizations.


Designing for Global Markets at Kimberly-Clark


Diapers, baby wipes, and toilet paper are essential household products that millions of families can’t live without. But how can these products be reimagined after spending decades on store shelves?


How REI Re-shaped the Customer Experience


REI’s Chief Experience Officer discusses the balance between pleasing customers and internal stakeholders, and the impacts of COVID-19 on the company. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 5.13.44 PM

Design as a Competitive Advantage


This series of interviews, surveys, and case studies explores ways that organizations like PayPal, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, and Campbell’s Soup are leveraging design as a competitive advantage. 

Web Photos (10)

Tennis Association CMO on Forging Stronger Connections with Fans


The US Tennis Association’s CMO shares storytelling tips and explains how her team stayed connected digitally with fan’s during the most recent US Open.


DICK’S Sporting Goods SVP on Finding a Common Language with Designers


Nina Barjesteh breaks down the process behind building the new VRST menswear brand and shares tips on finding the right time to bring ideas to senior leadership.


The American Jobs Plan Innovation Managers Needed

2021-06-16T16:16:00+01:00By Roy Levy, Spyre Group

A look at the $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan, from Roy Levy of Spyre Group. One challenge Levy highlights: the capacity of local governments and large businesses to work with, and source from, fast-paced startups and small businesses.

A look inside Gore's Santa Clara Innovation Center. (Photo by Cayce Clifford for Innovation Leader.)

How W.L. Gore Stays Agile by Celebrating Failure


In a recent interview with Innovation Leader, Linda Elkins, Head of W.L. Gore’s Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, shares insights on how she prioritizes innovation opportunities.


Inside the Data-Driven Strategy that Keeps Wayfair Agile


Fiona Tan, Wayfair’s Global Head of Customer and Supplier Technology, shared insights on balancing organic innovation with M&A, using data to stay agile, and more.

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 4.38.31 PM

Campbell’s Snacks Exec on Marrying Strategy with Creativity


Audrey Smith, Director of Visual Equity and Design for Campbell’s Snacks, shares details about her design process, the power of the designer’s mindset, and more.

Web Photos (9)

How the Pandemic Accelerated Digital Adoption in Healthcare


During a panel at the World Medical Innovation Forum, leaders from Bayer AG, Novartis Gene Therapy, and GE Healthcare shared how pandemic innovation has allowed the healthcare industry to make strides.


David’s Bridal CEO on Styling the COVID Wedding


David’s Bridal CEO Jim Marcum discusses how he’s navigating the future of the wedding business. That includes building an omnichannel experience to help brides shop from anywhere. 


The New Imperatives: Innovation, Agility & Openness


For some, the period between March 2020 and March 2021 may have been a time in which innovation accelerated. But for other companies, spending a year or more in “fast twitch” responsive mode, versus planning for future growth, may have created an innovation deficit. Get data about how 250+ of your peers are responding.


The Innovation Equation: Balancing Inside-Out and Outside-In

2021-06-04T13:00:00+01:00By Stephanie Kim, Sr. Director, Enterprise Innovation, KPMG LLP; Zach Olson, Managing Director, KPMG Spark; and Jonathan Walker, Director, Strategy and Business Development, KPMG Spark

Finding the sweet spot between inside-out and outside-in activity should reflect the current and future business outlook for your sector, how much disruption your corporate culture will embrace, and whether there are enough folks in your organization with an entrepreneurial mindset to make the pursuit of innovation a reality. 


Innovation Tips from the Music World


What can innovators at large companies learn from top musicians like Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake? In their latest book Two Beats Ahead, Panos Panay and R. Michael Hendrix explore what the most successful creatives in the music world can teach teams at large companies. In this webcast replay, Panay and Hendrix discuss what we can learn from musicians about collaboration, knowing your audience, and experimentation.


Democratizing Data: How Organizations Can Eliminate Silos

2021-06-03T13:00:00+01:00By David Jarczyk, Principal, Innovation, KPMG LLP and Martin Sokalski, Principal, Advisory, KPMG LLP

From sales and supply chains to finance and tax, even the best-managed organizations have scrambled to become more agile and collaborative. Despite some temporary fixes, it’s clear that taking decisive action in a constantly changing environment is hindered by data that remains heavily siloed by function and department.


Inside InnovationX, Airbus’s Fully Autonomous Innovation Arm


At InnovationX — an innovation business unit of aerospace giant Airbus — about 60 globally distributed team members operate almost entirely autonomously, according to the group’s leader Christian Lindener. Senior leaders only get involved at roadblocks.


Do the Hard Work to Make Innovation Easier

2021-06-01T18:32:00+01:00By Cliff Justice, Principal, and Shannon Gilmore, Managing Director, KPMG

More than ever, companies must have a robust innovation capability to develop solutions that meet changing customer and market demands…


Adjusting Your Innovation Portfolio for Success


Our new issue of Pointers gathers advice from our Strategic Partners on creating a healthy innovation portfolio.


Four Tips on How R&D Can Work Better with Design


David Dombrowski of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) considers being a translator between designers and innovators one of his main responsibilities. He shares four tips for innovators. 


Member Spotlight: Joshua Ness, Verizon

2021-05-26T13:34:00+01:00By ,

Joshua Ness is a Senior Manager at Verizon 5G Labs, where he predicts how 5G will work with other technologies. We spoke with Joshua as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 11.12.09 AM

Thou Shalt Define Innovation for Your Organization

2021-05-25T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

In his second commandment, Moisés Noreña explores the importance of creating an innovation wide definition of innovation.

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 11.19.07 AM

Thou Shalt Align With and Enrich Your Company’s Strategy

2021-05-25T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

In most companies, there is a corporate calendar in which strategies are baked and resources are allocated. So, how do teams find a seat at the table? Moisés Noreña explores how teams can get there.

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 11.32.32 AM

10 Mandamientos Para la Innovación Consciente y el Crecimiento

2021-05-25T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

En esta serie de videos, Moisés Noreña — un Exlíder de Innovación a Whirlpool, Allstate, y Moen — comparte 10 mandamientos para la innovación consciente y el crecimiento.

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 11.42.36 AM

Definirás Innovación Para tu Empresa

2021-05-25T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

En su segundo mandamiento en esta serie, Moisés Noreña explora la importancia de definir innovación en una empresa.  

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 11.50.46 AM

Te Alinearás a la Estrategia de tu Empresa y la Enriquecerás

2021-05-25T13:00:00+01:00By Moisés Noreña

En el tercer mandamiento en esta serie, Moisés Noreña explora la importancia de alinear a la estrategia de su empresa y enriquecerla.

Copy of Web Photos (1)

The Emergence of a Post-COVID Landscape


Members discussed the advent of hybrid work, how startup companies have fared during the pandemic, the sudden reliance on e-commerce, and much more. See notes from the gathering…


What Matters in Innovation — May 21, 2021


What mattered in innovation this week? Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner, Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby, and Highline BETA Founding Partner Ben Yoskovitz share. 


Building the Brand of Your Innovation Team: Advice & Tactics


How do you make sure your colleagues, and people outside the organization, are aware of your initiative and what you’re trying to achieve? Get from executives in pharma, financial services, transportation, and luxury goods


Has Your Organization Racked Up an Innovation Deficit?


Has your organization racked up an innovation deficit over the past year? Check the answers that describe dynamics your organization, and get an instant assessment of where you stand.


How Dana-Farber Leverages Partnerships to Advance Cancer Treatments


Lesley Solomon, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discusses how her team utilizes partnerships to get new treatments to patients faster. 


Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust from Anywhere


How can you level up your digital presence and keep teams engaged from home? Erica Dhawan, author of the book Digital Body Language, shares tips. 

Liberty Headshot 2

Member Spotlight: Michael Gudas, Liberty Mutual


Michael Gudas is the Director of Innovation Strategy & Operations for Liberty Mutual’s Global Risk Solutions Division. We spoke with Michael as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.

Pointers homepage image

Checklists & Tips


Who doesn’t love a nice numbered list? In this issue of our Pointers e-book series, we serve up a collection of succinct and useful articles on topics ranging from co-creation to venture studios to innovation culture.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.51.34 PM

What Matters in Innovation — May 7, 2021


What mattered in innovation this week? Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken, Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby, and KITE CEO Mark Silva share. That includes some of the innovation news that you may have missed this week. 


Cracking the Contract Conundrum

2021-05-06T13:00:00+01:00By Diana Joseph, Founder of Diana Joseph Consulting, and Nikhil Gargeya, Partnerships Manager at Activate

Nikhil Gargeya and Diana Joseph provide a framework for getting past the initial conversation into concrete action when it comes to large companies partnering with startups. 

Spheres 1_0

Learn the Amazon Playbook to Innovate Faster & Get Better Results


Jelena Joffe Weil and Peter Gardner share how Amazon has tapped into the startup ecosystem. That includes creating a repeatable innovation process, identifying the best partners, and overcoming internal barriers to innovation.

Melanie Nuce

Member Spotlight: Melanie Nuce, GS1 US


Melanie Nuce is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at GS1 US. We sat down with Melanie as part of our IL Member Spotlight series. 


Lundbeck’s CEO on Developing Breakthrough Medications


How do CEOs determine focus areas and allocate budget to R&D initiatives? Deborah Dunsire, CEO of Lundbeck — a phamaceutical company specializing in neurology and psychology — explains.


PayPal on Getting Design Involved Early in Innovation Projects


Daniela Jorge, Chief Design Officer at PayPal, shares insights on testing the Venmo credit card, getting design involved in innovation early and often, and the power of design thinking in large organizations.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 1.20.14 PM

What Matters in Innovation — Apr. 23, 2021


What mattered in innovation this week? Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken, Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby, and SwitchPitch founder Michael Goldstein share.


P&G’s Global Design Officer on How Design Inspires Experimentation


Why do we trust Mr. Clean, outfitted in a white t-shirt with one hoop earring, to clean our homes, or the family of blue Charmin bears to sell us toilet paper? We speak to Procter & Gamble’s Global Design Officer Phil Duncan to learn more. 

Embraer VTOL

How Aerospace Giant Embraer Approaches Spin Outs


Only 23 miles separate Hollywood from LAX. During rush hour, this distance can take over one hour to traverse. However, EVE Urban Air Mobility imagines a future with air taxis that can make the trip in minutes.  


How Herman Miller’s Chief Strategy Officer Sets Priorities


How does Herman Miller’s Chief Strategy Officer look for opportunities outside of the core? Megan Lyon shares best practices and tips for other innovators in charge of strategy. 


What Startups Teach Corporates about Venture Failure


Failure rates are high for startups and new ventures launched by established corporations. But do these failures follow similar patterns and have comparable causes? What can startup founders and corporate innovators learn from each other about how to avoid new venture failure? Scott Kirsner, CEO of Innovation ...


Corporate Innovators Talk Cost-Cutting and the Need to Reinvest in Innovation


During a recent conversation on the Clubhouse app, corporate innovators discussed weathering the COVID recession, pursuing breakthrough ideas, and corporate venture capital programs. 

Copy of Web Photos

Why Shelf Space is One of the Most Important Metrics at Rust-Oleum


Bedri Erdem, VP of R&D and Corporate Quality at Rust-Oleum, shares insights on why shelf space is such an important metric in his company, why it sometimes causes challenges within the organization, and why it makes a good rule of thumb for killing projects.


How Moderna’s CDO Leverages Software & Automation for Speed

2021-04-13T18:00:00+01:00By ,

Moderna’s Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer shares insights on how the company’s digital infrastructure supported the design and production of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.


Sonesta Hotels’ COO on Growth During a Pandemic


How did Sonesta grow from 58 hotels in November of 2020 to 1,200 locations today? Vera Manoukian, Chief Operating Officer, explains and shares how innovators can work with operation teams. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 1.14.51 PM

What Matters in Innovation — Apr. 9, 2021


What mattered in innovation this week? Innovation Leader CEO Scott Kirsner, Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby, and Sara Husk Chief Customer Officer of Planbox share. That includes some of the innovation news that you may have missed this week, and why it matters for innovators working in big organizations.


Member Spotlight: Tom Wagner, AstraZeneca


Tom Wagner is the Director of Digital Research, Knowledge Management & Market Intelligence at AstraZeneca. We spoke with Wagner as part of our IL Member Spotlight series, which profiles our members. 

Web Photos (15)

Innovation Emergency Objectives & Key Results


Defining the right innovation objectives and key results (OKRs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be the determining factor that helps innovation teams prove value. In this Master Class, Ludwig Melik and Sara Husk of Planbox share their best practices and research-based insights to help teams improve their OKR strategy. 


The Top 25 Most Influential Innovators

2021-04-06T16:00:00+01:00By , additional reporting by Scott Kirsner. Web design by Kaitlin Milliken.

2020 was a brutal year that separated a few forward-looking companies that continued to invest in innovation from the rest of the pack. From mRNA vaccines to streaming services to commercial spaceflight, here’s our list of the Top 25 Most Influential Innovators working inside big organizations.


Takeda's CTO on Building Technology Roadmaps


How do Chief Technology Officers build roadmaps to implement new technologies? And, how do they leverage data to innovate? Leo Barella, Chief Technology Officer at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, explains.


Data Insights: How Frequently Should You Report Innovation Metrics?


How frequently should you report on metrics? Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken and Scott Kirsner discuss findings from a recent IL survey.


Data Insights: The Two Kinds of Innovation Metrics


What’s the difference between activity metrics and impact metrics? And which metric do leaders care about most? Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken and Scott Kirsner discuss findings from a recent IL survey.


How Bayer's Open Innovation Chief Overcomes Metric Challenges


Chandra Ramanathan, Global Head of Pharma R&D Open Innovation at Bayer, shares insights on what metrics his team measures, how he overcomes challenges in reporting…


Bosch VP: Create a ‘Diverse Funnel’ of Experiments


Uwe Kirschner of Bosch Innovation Consulting shared his team’s biggest accomplishments from 2020, as well as advice he wished he knew sooner…

Dominic Venturo, U.S. Bank

Inside the Year of Digital Solutions at U.S. Bank


This past year “demanded more from all of us than anyone planned — and the digital team at U.S. Bank was at the center of it all,” says the bank’s Chief Digital Officer…

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 4.10.00 PM

What Matters in Innovation — Mar. 29, 2021


What do you need to know to kick off your week? Innovation Leader’s Kaitlin Milliken, Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby, and IdeaScale CEO Rob Hoehn share.

Amanda Cashin

How Illumina is Building a Genomics Ecosystem


Amanda Cashin is the Global Head of the Illumina Accelerator, a startup accelerator that is dedicated to making human genome sequencing more accessible and useful. We spoke with Cashin about recent accomplishments. 


iRobot CEO on Managing & Supporting Innovation


As part of our recent Success Stories conference, co-founder and CEO of iRobot Colin Angle discussed the growth of his company and how he approaches innovation.


The Year of Athleisure, with Lululemon’s Chief Science Officer


Lululemon’s Chief Science Officer, Tom Waller shares why 2020 created lines out of their store doors and how the retailer keeps customers close when building new products.


Explaining the Five Stages of Innovation Maturity


Large organizations often want to know where they stand when it comes to innovation maturity, progress, or sophistication. We divide this journey into five stages, from “ad hoc” to “optimized.” These are our definitions of each stage, along with data about how many organizations fall into each one.


How To Monetize Your Digital Bank

2021-03-23T14:38:00+00:00By Shalina Vadivale, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

How can banks shape digital banking business models to be attractive to customers and profitable in the long term? Deloitte embarked on a mission to answer this question with a new study. 


How This New Innovation Team is Figuring Out Its Metrics


Jodie Brinkerhoff’s innovation team at DFW Airport is relatively new, founded about two years ago. She shares insights on what has been working and what metrics she turns to…


Innovation Solutions Showcase 2021


At our recent Solutions Showcase, in March of 2021, nine of Innovation Leader’s strategic partners shared the solutions their team use to innovate with big companies.

11 Utz 9.5 oz Original Potato Chips

Utz Brands SVP on Tuning In to Post-Pandemic Trends


Over the course of the past year, people have spent more time perusing the pantry for favorite snack options. But as the world begins to reopen, companies in the snack foods industry may need to tune back in to pre-pandemic trends, says Shannan Redcay of Utz.

Web Photos (14)

How Companies Think About Innovation Budgets in 2021

2021-03-22T13:51:00+00:00By ,

In a recent virtual gathering for members of the Innovation Leader network, executives shared their approaches to budgeting and funding in 2021.

Digital Transformation Round Table 2018

Inside the Innovation Pipeline at Fortune Brands


Moises Noreña, VP of Innovation at Fortune Brands, shares insights on the metrics that his team uses to gauge innovation. He also discusses overcoming challenges in identifying and reporting the right metrics…


Member Spotlight: Jeremy Tole, Azbil Corporation


Jeremy Tole discusses his team’s biggest accomplishment and best practices for working at an outpost across the ocean from headquarters. 

Software Showcase Slide Deck  (2)

Innovation Software Showcase 2021


At our recent Software Showcase, in March of 2021, eight of Innovation Leader’s strategic partners shared digital innovation tools that can help address common issues.


Should You Be on Clubhouse? 5 Benefits (and 3 Risks) for Professionals in Large Organizations


Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Gayle King are already on the Clubhouse app. Should you be? If you work inside a big organization, there are a different set of risks to weigh…


How CSAA’s Chief Innovation Officer Approaches Disruption


How do Chief Innovation Officers build a strategic pipeline of innovation activities? And, what do they do to influence culture? CInOs from CSAA and PA Consulting explain.

Web Photos (12)

Making Ideas Pay at Atrium Health


In this Master Class, Todd Dunn, Vice President of Innovation at Atrium Health and Tad Haas, Executive Vice President at edison365 discuss how Atrium Health designs for impact.

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 12.21.51 PM

What Matters in Innovation — Mar. 12, 2021


What mattered in innovation this week? Innovation Leader CEO Scott Kirsner, Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby, and Hackworks CEO Patti Mikula share.


Creating the Psychological Safety to Innovate at PayPal


Sri Shivananda, Chief Technology Officer at PayPal, discussed how the company creates its own digital solutions, and encourages a culture that empowers innovation. 

Q12021_Metrics_cover copy

Developing Innovation Metrics & Reports That Really Matter


To shed light on how large companies are creating metrics and reporting approaches that work well, we surveyed 196 professionals in large organizations in the first quarter of 2021.


Pivoting the Fan Experience at the Portland Trail Blazers


How did the Portland Trail Blazers innovate to keep close to fans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic? The team’s Chief Commerical Officer explains. 

Web Photos

911, What Are Your Innovation Emergency OKRs?

2021-03-08T17:00:00+00:00By Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox

Corporate life expectancy is at an all-time low — down 300 percent since the 1980s. But why is it that an organization’s survival has become such a critical challenge?

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 9.23.20 AM

How Shell and AXA Approach COVID-era Corporate Venture Capital


Investors from the insurance firm AXA Next Americas and energy giant Shell shared how they’re approaching corporate venture capital in 2021.


PepsiCo’s Chief Design Officer on Embracing Failure

2021-03-04T14:00:00+00:00By Braden Kelley

Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo’s first-ever Chief Design Officer, offers insight on the intersections of innovation and design, methods for getting to the root of customer needs.


How to Apply Lean Startup at Big Companies

2021-03-03T14:00:00+00:00By Alexandru Darie, Contributing Columnist and former Strategic Director of Digital Innovation, Signify

Slides on applying the lean startup from the former Director of Digital Innovation at a lighting manufacturer. “Lean startup is not a bible,” he writes, but “rather a recipe book…”


Empowering an AI-First Organization with Anthem’s Chief Digital Officer


How can AI and machine learning provide patients with personal, preemptive healthcare? Rajeev Ronanki, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President of Anthem, explains. 

Reskilling Revolution WEF 2021

Two Big Themes from This Year’s World Economic Forum

2021-03-01T17:00:00+00:00By Imran Sayeed, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

While the pandemic and its repercussions permeated almost every discussion at the 2021 World Economic Forum, two big themes emerged for Imran Sayeed, a regular participant in the event: sustainability and reskilling.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 3.18.20 PM

What Matters in Innovation — Feb. 26, 2021


What mattered in innovation this week? Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner, Derisk CEO Alex Slawsby, and CIC Captains of Innovation’s Carrie Allen share. 

Spradley Exec Photo White Background Smaller

How Tyson’s CTO Is Using Big Data to Forecast COVID Spread


Because food distribution was labeled an essential business, Tyson Foods never shut down any of its plants. Right at the start of the pandemic — as early as January — Scott Spradley and his team began analyzing data to predict how infection might spread within them.


Building a Culture of Innovation at Delta Dental


How can organizations build a culture of innovation and effectively create buy-in for change? Sarah Chavarria, the Chief People Officer of Delta Dental, explains. 


Member Spotlight: Lisa Rothstein, Drawing Out Your Genius


Lisa Rothstein of Drawing Out Your Genius, discusses visual thinking, the importance of communicating ideas, and how anyone can learn to draw. 

Raja Rajamannar3

Mastercard CMO: Why Innovators Need to Speak ‘The Language of Business’


In this episode of One Quick Thing, Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Officer of Mastercard, discusses how emerging technology plays into marketing and tips for telling innovation stories. 


3 Key Slides to Help You Deliver Innovation Value


Looking to find better ways to drive innovation value? The team at Innovation Leader wanted to share three slides that we have been using recently as part of our Best Practices Briefings, to help you think about how well you’re aligned with your organization’s overarching strategy.


How Four Different Innovation ‘Engines’ Drive Growth at Allegion


Rob Martens, Chief Innovation Officer at Allegion, shares his tips for engaging employees across an organization and keeping communication alive between departments. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 1.36.05 PM

What Matters in Innovation — Feb. 12, 2021

2021-02-12T18:45:00+00:00By , ,

In this installment: the launch of a disruptive new innovation consulting firm; Clubhouse starts attracting more than just Silicon Valley cool kids; and traditional automakers playing catchup on electric vehicles.


Ex-Amazonian Bill Carr Shares the Keys to Amazon’s Culture


Bill Carr, who spent 15 years at Amazon, shares how the company has maintained an innovative culture as it grew to a trillion-dollar operation. 


Don’t Call It a Failure (Use this Word Instead)

2021-02-11T16:00:00+00:00By Cyriel Kortleven, Contributing Columnist & Author, "The Change Mindset"

It’s time to stop talking about failures, and start talking about “nearlings,” says the Belgian author and keynote speaker Cyriel Kortleven. He explains what a nearling is in a short video.

Firestone Direct NOV 2020-18

Three Services Bridgestone is Testing to Drive the Future of Car Maintenance


While car companies are always releasing new models, the way our vehicles get serviced has largely remained the same. But Bridgestone is working on several high-potential projects to modernize car maintenance.

Tony Parham headshot 2020-12-23

Member Spotlight: Tony Parham, Fidelity Investments


Tony Parham is the Vice President of Innovation & Strategy for the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) at Fidelity Investments. We spoke with Tony as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.


Party Lines, Clubhouse, and Reinvention as a Shortcut to Innovation

2021-02-08T14:00:00+00:00By Rick Robinson, Contributing Columnist & VP, Startup Engagement at AARP Innovation Labs

Rick Robinson, Vice President of Innovation at AARP Innovation Labs, shares why not every innovation needs to stem from novel ideas — all through the lens of Clubhouse. 

Web Photos (4)

Assessment: What Stage of Innovation Maturity is Your Organization At?


Welcome to IL’s Innovation Maturity Model assessment. This diagnostic is designed to help innovation, R&D, strategy, and new product development leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of their innovation programs, and provide an instant score.

Web Photos (5)

5 Tips on Coping with Failure


As a part of our recent Success Stories online event, innovation executives discussed their honest experiences with failure — including best practices for getting back on your feet.

Asset 3

Innovation Answered: Taking You Inside the C-Suite


Innovation Answered is back for its fifth season. And, we’re going inside the C-Suite of well-known, well-established organizations. 


5 Lessons from COVID-Driven Innovation at Whirlpool Corp.

2021-02-01T17:02:00+00:00By Christian Gianni, Contributing Columnist & Former CTO, Whirlpool Corp.

Christian Gianni, the former CTO of Whirlpool Corp., shares insights into how the Michigan-based appliance giant overcame those barriers during the COVID crisis…

Web Photos (3)

Tips From Capital One on Running Virtual Hackathons


Planning a virtual hackathon is much different than an in-person one, according to Jennifer Lopez of Capital One. She shares how her team worked to bring serendipity back with its virtual hackathons…

Web Photos (2)

Building, Scaling & “Unbossing” Innovation at Novartis’ Genesis Labs


Ian Hunt and Aimee Reynolds of Novartis’ Genesis Labs share insights on developing an effective innovation ecosystem that ensures that the best ideas bubble up to the top.

WINDHAM_Photo picture

Twenty Observations on Innovation in the US Dept. of Defense

2021-01-26T14:00:00+00:00By Jeff Windham, Chief Small Cal. Branch, Configuration Management Division CCDC-Armament Center

It’s harder to innovate in the government than in the private sector — that’s just the way it is — but it can be done. For those leaders and innovators who work inside the DoD system, here are some observations…


Member Spotlight: Tandi LeFranc, Pacific Life


Tandi LeFranc is the Director of Business Strategy Acceleration at Pacific Life. We spoke with Tandi as part of our IL Member Spotlight series, which profiles our members. 


Mastercard’s Chief Sustainability Officer on Getting Customers to Go Green


Kristina Kloberdanz, Chief Sustainability Officer at Mastercard, discusses programs and partnerships that encourage cardholders to make more sustainable choices…


Why Tapping Into Employee Insights is a Business Imperative

2021-01-19T14:20:00+00:00By Nikhil Marathe, Advisory Board Member, AT&T Innovation Network.

Organizations need to rely more and more on those employee insights, not least because employees know where the opportunities are.


CES 2021: Samsung, Google & Lucasfilm on Business Shifts


Executives at Samsung, Google, and Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic talk about business shifts they expect to endure in 2021.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 9.59.33 AM

Member Spotlight: Heather Wishart-Smith, Jacobs


Heather Wishart-Smith is the SVP of Technology and Innovation at Jacobs. We sat down with Heather as part of our IL Member Spotlight series. 


Three Takeaways from Best Buy CEO Corie Barry’s CES Keynote


Within six months of starting her new position, Best Buy CEO Corie Barry had to lead her team through the disruptions of COVID-19. Find out how… 


Five Snacking Trends that Guide Innovation at Hostess


Hostess Brands’ new Vice President of Growth and Innovation, Tina Lambert, shares five trends in snacking and how Hostess measures success…

Jet Blue Planes

How JetBlue Pivoted Its ‘Digital 2020’ Program In Its Final Year


When JetBlue launched a four-year digital transformation program called “Digital 2020” in 2016, no one expected the pressures of a pandemic in its final year.


How The Washington Post Created Tools to Cover Elections in 2020


In order to accurately cover an election pivotal to the country’s history, The Washington Post spent a year testing an election mapping tool and built a lead locator. Here’s how they did it. 


Stop Innovation Superhero Syndrome


Corporate innovators should avoid falling prey to “Superhero Syndrome,” argues Alex Slawsby, a former innovation director in the aerospace industry. Instead, they should think more like football scouts or orchestra leaders. ”As an innovation leader, you need to be involved in identifying people throughout the organization that can help you achieve something great,” Slawsby writes.

Nest Hub Chalk

How Reliant Energy and Google are Addressing a More Competitive Market


Utility companies typically aren’t known for innovation. But Texas-based Reliant, a subsidiary of NRG Energy, and partner Google are forging a new path…


How Activision Blizzard is Growing its Audience Beyond Hard-Core Gamers


Ken Wee, Chief Strategy Officer of Activision Blizzard, shares insights on esports, the company’s focus on its biggest franchises, investing in mobile games, free-to-play offerings, and more. 


Member Spotlight: Steven Rader


Steven Rader is the Deputy Director of the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation at NASA. We sat down with Steven as part of our IL Member Spotlight series. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 12.39.02 PM

Making Transformation Happen at DBS, Charles Schwab


Leaders from DBS and Charles Schwab discuss how their industries are pivoting to meet new needs during the pandemic…

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 10.59.39 AM

Video: 2020 in Innovation


Here’s a quick look at the most significant events of the year — and how innovators rose to meet the challenges they presented.

Lisa Schneider headshot_70b

Merriam-Webster CDO on Getting the Digital Skeptics Onboard


Merriam-Webster’s Chief Digital Officer Lisa Schneider shares insights on avoiding digital fatigue and getting a traditional company on board with a large-scale digital transformation. 


7 of the Best Tools for Bringing Serendipity Back


One thing is painfully absent from the work-from-anywhere era: serendipity. We’ve been testing out tools that support serendipity this year. These are seven of the best.


Go for Launch: Alyce, Aryballe & Owl Labs


Three startups demo their products, including an artificial intelligence powered gifting platform, a 360 degree meeting video camera, and odor sensors.

Mattel UNO Nina Chanel select-24

Mattel President & COO on Digital Innovation


Richard Dickson, President and COO of toy company Mattel, offers insights on speeding new products to market, sourcing ideas from employees, presenting ideas to leadership, and more.

Spheres 1_0

The 10 Best Things That Explain Amazon’s Culture of Innovation


What makes Amazon’s culture unique? Here’s a list of 10 articles and books if you want to better understand what makes Amazon tick.

Amazon Books First Store (1)

What Makes Amazon’s Approach to Innovation Unique


Lots of leaders talk like Jeff Bezos. But few organizations know how to create a culture with the right enablers to behave like Amazon.  Here’s some background to get you started…


Trek Exec on Tackling a Bike Shortage and Early R&D


Chad Manuell, Director of Engineering at Trek Bicycle, discusses the surge in demand for bikes and how his team approaches early innovation.


Citi CInO on Getting Innovation Out Into the World


Vanessa Colella, Chief Innovation Officer at CitiBank, discusses how she defines disruption, trends in financial services, and how innovation is like a sloppy joe.


Go for Launch:, Riff Analytics & Powow AI


Three AI-powered tools share their solutions to running better meetings, assessing employee engagement, and scheduling. 


The 9 People You’ll Meet as a Corporate Innovator


Here’s our guide to the nine people corporate innovators interact with most — and how you can get them on board with your agenda. Any resemblance to real people in your organization is completely coincidental.

Web Photos (12)

Preparing for Vaccine Distribution, Navigating Pivots at HCA


Chip Blaufuss of HCA Healthcare discusses his team’s COVID-19 preparations at the start of 2020 and getting ready for vaccine distribution in 2021.


Elon Musk: Forget Breakthough Innovation — Just Make the Product Better


Elon Musk shared his thoughts on innovation at a Wall Street Journal CEO Council conference. ”Spend less time in meeting rooms, less time on PowerPoint presentations, less time on spreadsheets,” he said. Here are the three big takeaways from his session.


There Is No ‘Workplace of The Future,’ Says Knoll VP


Tracy Wymer, VP of Workplace Strategy at design firm and manufacturer Knoll, shares predictions for how the office will change in 2021 and beyond. 


Should Your Organization Be Working on More Moonshots?


Peter Williams discussed his experience as the CEO of Alpha, a long-term innovation group created by the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica.

Ludwig_Melik_WhiteShirtL (1)

The Blind Men & The Elephant: An Open Innovation Blueprint

2020-12-04T14:00:00+00:00By Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox

Businesses no longer have the same amount of knowledge about a situation, nor can they accurately predict its outcomes. This trend is paving the way for an entirely new generation of open innovators.


Inside the Creation of Harley-Davidson’s New Line of Electric Bikes


Everything from the concept to the name of Harley-Davidson’s new electric bike brand is an homage to the company’s history. Brand Director Aaron Frank shares more…


Highlights from November on Culture Audits, Budgets, and AI


We’ve gathered the best pieces of recent advice we’ve been given by innovators in our live show, report, and other online coverage.


Leaders from Lyft, Fitbit on How Diversity Drives Innovation


Leaders with experience at Fitbit, Lyft, and the Alliance for Smiles discuss hiring diversely and support talent in an equitable environment. 

Web Photos (11)

Fast Track Innovation: 1-3 Year Perspective on the New Reality


KPMG Managing Directors Kes Sampanthar and Ali Geramian provide insights on where successful companies are investing.


Barre3 CEO on the Future of Fitness


Barre3 CEO Sadie Lincoln explored how the company approaches innovation and how the company pivoted to meet the new demands of 2020. 


Go for Launch: Structural, Sotero & Sophya


Three startups — focusing on virtual meeting spaces, making connections with the right talent inside your organization, and data security — demo their offerings.


Go for Launch: Hydrow, Crayon & Eightfold


Three startups pitch their products including a reinvention of the rowing machine, an intelligence company for businesses, and an AI-powered talent acquisition software.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 12.31.44 PM

The New Paths to Competitive Advantage


As part of our recent Impact conference, Karim Lakhani and Navi Radjou discussed their latest ideas about the future of innovation and how they can be applied in large organizations.

Web Photos (7)

Accelerating Innovation During Times of Disruption


In our “Accelerating Innovation During Times of Disruption” Master Class, Tim Bernstein and Stella Peace share insights on how to capitalize on 2020’s challenges to drive innovation.


‘What Did I Get Myself Into?’: Jumping from the Private to Public Sector

2020-11-17T14:48:00+00:00By Sean Adams, Senior Vice President of Innovation Design, State Compensation Insurance Fund

Sean Adams, SVP of Innovation Design at a public enterprise fund, made the jump from the private to the public sector two years ago. Here’s what he’s learned…

NovemberPointers_FINAL copy

Innovation Do’s & Don’ts


Our latest issue of Pointers gathers advice from our Strategic Partners on what innovators should do to succeed and what to avoid.


Go for Launch: Bitreel, Thimble & Kura


Three startups pitch their products including home robotics kits for students, a lightweight AR headset, and digital twins for brick-and-mortar stores…

Web Photos (13)

To Drive Innovation Success, You Need These Safety Belts

2020-11-12T17:00:00+00:00By Kevin Bolen, Global Head of Market Intelligence and US Leader for Strategic Investments, KPMG

Kevin Bolen, Global Head of Market Intelligence at KPMG LLP, offers three guiding principles for managing periods of disruption and uncertainty.


Innovating from Within: The 10 x 10 Laws

2020-11-12T14:00:00+00:00By Mohan Nair, Senior VP/Chief Innovation Officer, Cambia Health Solutions

Mohan Nair has run the Innovation Force team at Cambia Health Solutions for 10 years now. He offers 10 rules to follow over 10 years in order to guide a program to success. 


What Are the Do’s and Dont’s When Digitally Twinning Your Innovation Hub?

2020-11-11T14:00:00+00:00By Amanda Ramos, Innovation Director at Gensler

This illustration of a digital twin Innovation Utopia/Dystopia completes the trifecta of the “new normal” hybrid experience by including the virtual dimension…

Research Podcast Feat Img

Essential Data for Finishing 2020 Strong


What does the data show about how corporate innovation is changing? Innovation Leader’s editorial team shares data from four recent reports.

05_Converse_Scott Uzzell

Converse CEO on Building the Brand of the Future


As part of our recent Impact conference, Scott Uzzell, CEO of Converse, discussed the brand’s relationship with popular culture, its collaborations, and more.


How Do You Transform a Company as Big as UPS? Scott Price Explains


Scott Price share how UPS — and other large organizations — should be approaching strategic planning amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 


Go for Launch: Rendever, Spatio Metrics & Bedestrian


Three startups demo their products, which include virtual reality for senior citizens, data-driven design software, and a robot that delivers medical supplies.

Brooks Tingle_John Hancock (1)

How Innovators Get Aligned with CEOs and Set Shared Priorities


When it comes to creating alignment with CEOs, John Hancock Insurance CEO Brooks Tingle advises that innovators at large organizations start with organizational vision and values.


Benchmarking Innovation Initiatives in Financial Services


From late September through the end of October, we interviewed innovation leaders at 15 firms within the financial services ecosystem to benchmark their innovation and incubation activities.


A Model for Measuring Corporate Innovation Programs

2020-11-03T14:00:00+00:00By Ravi Kanniganti, Director & Head of the Target Accelerator, Target Corporation

There is no silver bullet or a quick solution for measuring the impact of innovation, but this model brings structure to the process of measuring the health of innovation programs and their impact.


Highlights from October on Reconnecting With Customers and Colleagues


We’ve gathered the best advice we’ve been given by innovators in our live show, report, and online coverage to help you reconnect with your customers and colleagues.  


How J&J Targets Racial Biases with Personal Accountability


With the recent surge in protests related to the Black Lives Matter movement across the US, companies across the world are looking deeper at their role in promoting equality.


What is the Future of the Job Search?

2020-10-28T13:00:00+00:00By Nada Usina, Managing Director, Russell Reynolds Associates. Illustration by Caitlin Lam.

Do you sit or stand while giving a presentation or doing an interview over Zoom? According to Nada Usina, Managing Director of the global executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, it makes a big difference. 


How is Team Management Changing?

2020-10-27T13:00:00+00:00By Kyle Fugere, Global Head of Ventures and Labs at dunnhumby. Illustration by Caitlin Lam.

Teams no longer fail because of location; they fail because of poor management. All the tools exist to make this a success, and they are only getting better.


Why Stanley Black and Decker Isn’t ‘Following the Herd’ During the Pandemic


We sat down with Mark Maybury, Chief Technology Officer at Stanley Black and Decker, to learn more about the company’s recent growth initiatives, its “exteme innovation ecosystem,” technology investments, and more.


Go for Launch: Wellnys, Veriphix & LEAD


Three startups demo their products, which include on-demand wellness programming, virtual coffee meetups, and a way to guage customer emotions.


How Travel is Changing at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport


What does it mean to innovate travel, and create new kinds of safety in 2020? Jodie Brinkerhoff, VP of Innovation at DFW Airport, discusses how her team is adapting…

Web Photos (8)

5 Emerging Megatrends & What To Do About Them


In this Master Class, Ashish Basuray of PreScouter discusses five megatrends, including digital twins, third-wave AI, smart materials, and more.


How One CEO Gets Innovation Initiatives Over the Finish Line

2020-10-19T13:00:00+01:00By ,

Jason Field, CEO and President of W. L. Gore & Associates, shares how he encourages a culture of innovation and gets all levels of employees involved.


Go for Launch: Tertill, Diana AI & Appsmith


Three startups demo their products, which include a robot to weed gardens, a voice-controlled AI to sort enterprise data, and an open source app builder.


How Are Innovation Labs in Silicon Valley Changing?

2020-10-14T13:00:00+01:00By Paul Campbell, Head of Digital Innovation, SV/USA, British American Tobacco. Illustration by Caitlin Lam.

Paul Campbell, formerly of W.L. Gore, offers his take on how innovators should pivot their innovation labs during the pandemic. 

Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out. - Book Cover Image

Book Excerpt: The Catalyst’s Guide to Working Well


The new book Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out. is about “Catalysts,” a subset of innovators with “a deep-rooted need to create positive change.” 


Go for Launch: Rugged 3D, Spaces & Liteboxer


Three startups — Rugged 3D, Spaces & Liteboxer — demo their offerings, ranging from durable 3D printing solutions, virtual meeting rooms, and at-home workout equipment. 

Web Photos (5)

Tips for Planning & Launching A Winning Program


Jill Longman, Innovation Committee Co-Chair at Med-IQ, covers how to plan and manage the successful launch of an enterprise-wide innovation program. 

Untitled_Artwork 17

Does Your C-suite Still Need to Live in the Same City?

2020-10-07T15:00:00+01:00By Hugh Molotsi, CEO of Ujama. Illustration by Caitlin Lam.

Hugh Molotsi, CEO of Ujama, shares how the shift to remote work may shape the future of the C-Suite. He also tackles two challenges of remote work: team building and serendipitous discovery.


Digital & Business Model Transformation at Rosetta Stone


Matthew Hulett, President of Language at the company, discusses how Rosetta Stone pivoted from a physical product to a subscription service…


A New Vision for Corporate Innovation


Amidst the disruptions sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, how should C-level leaders be planning for the future and supporting innovation? With so many priorities demanding their immediate attention, how should they make space to think about the medium- and long-term? This report features quantitative data from a survey of 200-plus professionals responsible for innovation and growth, along with interviews with CEOs, CTOs, and Presidents at companies like W.L. Gore, Stanley Black & Decker, and UPS.

Impact 2019

How Do R&D Organizations Need to Adapt?

2020-10-05T13:00:00+01:00By Steve Rader, Deputy Director, Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation at NASA

Technology and the necessary skills needed to succeed are changing faster than our traditional organizational models can keep up — especially in our R&D organizations. 


Go for Launch: Interviewed, 3XR & Plannuh


In this episode of our startup demo series, entrepreneurs from three startups share their offerings in 30 minutes.


Do Companies Still Need a Headquarters?

2020-10-02T13:00:00+01:00By George Krasadakis, Product Architect & Innovation Leader

In this new era of the online workforce, corporate office space is becoming a scalable, adaptive service. ”Even the most conservative business leaders have started to realize that a distributed, online workforce is both feasible and appealing,” writes product architect and author George Krasadakis.


Highlights from September on Finding Digital Solutions


We’ve gathered the best pieces of recent advice from our live show, report, and other online coverage to help you find the right digital solutions.

Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive-in-Charge at ILMxLAB

Will Coronavirus Be the Tipping Point for Virtual Reality?

2020-09-30T13:00:00+01:00By Vicki Dobbs Beck is the Executive in Charge of ILMxLAB

The desire to escape in 2020, if only for minutes or hours, has become an obsession, creating the perfect tipping point for virtual reality. See how Lucasfilm’s ILMxLab has harnessed that energy…


​Innovation Solutions Showcase 2020


At our Solutions Showcase in September 2020, five of Innovation Leader’s strategic partners shared how their organizations help address the challenges of 2020. 


Ten Best Practices to Empower Virtual Learning

2020-09-28T13:38:00+01:00By Nancy Tennant, Professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

With the rise of Zoom fatigue, enabling online workshops and training can be challenging. Nancy Tennant, formerly of Whirlpool Corp., shares 10 lessons for facilitating virtual innovation teams.


Impact 2020: Interactive Sessions, Virtual Tours, Networking & More


Innovation Leader’s Event Manager Caitlin Harper shares what attendees can expect from Impact 2020. That includes virtual visits to innovation sites, networking with other participants, C-Suite key note speakers, interactive breakouts and more. Register soon to receive our exclusive swag bag.


The 5 Trends Guiding the Food Industry Right Now


In this Master Class, Samuel Gibbon of Patsnap discusses where VCs are investing in the food industry right now, what consumer trends have emerged as a result of the lockdown, and more.


Video: Highlights from Digitizing the Innovation Team


Alex Slawsby of Innovation Leader, shares highlights from the recent “Digitizing the Innovation Team” report. Get best practices for integrating new tools into your organization.


Making the ROI Case for Digital Innovation Tools


Amy Kramer of Maritz Global Events shares the Executive Dashboard structure she uses to clearly communicate the value her team is creating in the current climate.


Here’s Our List of 2020 Impact Award Winners


A list of winners from our 2020 Impact Awards…


Why Did AI as a Capability Just Get More Important?

2020-09-21T17:30:00+01:00By , Karim Lakhani, Professor, Harvard Business School

What I’ve observed is that the much-talked-about but often delayed and deferred digital transformation of the typical company has been massively accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And that transformation work is an antecedent to artificial intelligence being deployed and scaled.


What Does the Future of Dining Look Like?

2020-09-18T13:00:00+01:00By Dan Wheeler, SVP, Marketing & Innovation, Wahlburgers. Illustration by Caitlin Lam.

The restaurant world is taking one of the hardest hits of any industry during the pandemic. What’s in store for the future? Dan Wheeler of Wahlburgers offers his take. 

Setting the Agenda 2019

Sanofi Pasteur’s Chief Digital Officer on Making Virtual Collaboration Work


As Chief Digital Officer for Sanofi Pasteur, Natalija Jovanovic leads a global, cross-functional team responsible for developing and executing the digital strategy of the largest vaccine developer in the world. In late July, the US government awarded Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline up to $2.1 billion to accelerate the development and manufacturing ...


Swiss Re Exec on Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Seduced by Big Data


Swiss Re Digital Catalyst Jerry Gupta discusses his approach to working with Big Data and AI, including why teams often fail when working with new technology.


How Ocean Spray Launched Three New Brands During a Pandemic


Ocean Spray is pivoting to health and wellness. Chief Innovation Officer Rizal Hamdallah explains how they launched three new brands amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 


Podcast: The Biggest Barriers to Innovation


David Lee shares how UPS has adapted to new demands in shipping and gives tips for innovators in 2020. He also reads his article “The Biggest Barriers to Innovation.”


What are the Biggest Barriers to Innovation?

2020-09-14T19:00:00+01:00By David Lee, Vice President of Innovation and New Ventures at UPS

This crisis is revealing aspects of our world that were broken, but hidden in the normal state of things. Now that the apple cart has been turned over, what can we see that is  broken? 


How One Accelerator Program Pivoted to COVID-19 Solutions


When COVID-19 took the world by storm, the engineering firm Black & Veatch’s IgniteX Growth Accelerator program pivoted in a matter of weeks…


How Would You Reimagine School?

2020-09-11T14:51:00+01:00By Simone Stolzoff, Senior Communication Designer at IDEO

In two months, education underwent a shift faster than it had in 200 years. How might we adapt to remote learning, while also using this moment to reimagine education?


What is the Future of Live Entertainment?

2020-09-11T13:00:00+01:00By Lauren Xandra, Vice President, Strategic Growth, National Research Group

Time spent streaming is up 60 percent since the start of the pandemic. But this not to say that digital will replace the physical. What’s the future of live entertainment?

Beth Devin Citi Ventures

Digital Tools for Innovation Can’t Just Be “Vitamins”


When it comes to digital tools, some offer real solutions. Others provide “vitamins” that are nice to have but not essential. Learn how to find the tools that solve real challenges. 


What is the Future of Sports Venues and Games?

2020-09-09T13:00:00+01:00By Angela Ruggiero, CEO of the Sports Innovation Lab

In the midst of COVID-19, many of sports venues are increasingly empty, and sport no longer holds as central a place in our lives. There is a real urgency to change how live sporting events operate. 


Digitizing Innovation: A Call to Action

2020-09-07T13:00:00+01:00By Peter Gardner, CEO, Startgrid

Digitizing the management of startup ecosystems is no more daunting than managing complex processes in sales, marketing, or supply chain automation. Get best practices…


What is the Future of Theme Park Vacations?

2020-09-04T13:30:00+01:00By Algernon Callier, VP of Business Development, and Former VP Strategic Innovation & Emerging Tech, Universal Parks & Resorts

Temperature screenings and face coverings are now part of the park experience. So what elements of the theme park vacation will remain forever changed? What will bounce back? 


Mastering Virtual Presence and Communication


There are three elements that set the stage for successful virtual presentations: lighting, framing, and the right background. Find out how to master all three…

Aaron Proietti, author of Today's Innovator.

How is Sales Changing During COVID-19?

2020-09-03T15:00:00+01:00By Aaron Proietti, Former Head of Marketing Innovation Lab at Transamerica

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many business-to-business sales organizations are left with a pipeline of prospects that do not advance to later stages of the sales process… 

Post-It Wall

Our August Coverage on Reimagining Innovation


We’ve gathered the best pieces of recent advice we’ve been given by innovators in our live show, report, and other online coverage.


Go for Launch


Go for Launch is a live webcast designed to give corporate professionals exposure to promising startups. Each episode features three startup demos in 30 minutes.


Innovation Leader Master Classes


Our team regularly hosts live conference calls and webcasts for our members on topics of interest. That includes our Master Classes with innovation experts.

Larry Schmitt Portrait

How Can You Foster Purpose-Driven Innovation?

2020-09-01T14:52:00+01:00By Larry Schmitt, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The Inovo Group

Every innovator is motivated by the desire to create positive impact in the world. But the positive effects often have unintended consequences.


Where Should You Focus Innovation Resources?

2020-09-01T14:51:00+01:00By Colin Nelson, Chief Consulting Officer, HYPE Innovation

During times of massive cuts, the building blocks for innovation are vulnerable — despite innovation being more important today than ever before. But what happens next? 

Ludwig_Melik_WhiteShirtL (1)

What Should You Look For in an Innovation Leader?

2020-09-01T14:51:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox

The best innovators recognize that discipline is not innate. We have identified five key areas leaders should focus on in order to build a strong innovation discipline. 

Eric-Steege copy

How Can You Stay Close to Customers Remotely?

2020-08-31T16:00:00+01:00By Eric Steege, Senior Innovation Advisory Consultant at Amazon Web Services

Eric Steege of Amazon Web Services shares how teams can stay close to their end users during a pandemic. Get his tips about leveraging learnings, customer insight channels, and more.

Christian Guirnalda 1

Why COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Adoption of 5G Technology

2020-08-28T17:00:00+01:00By ,

Christian Guirnalda, Director of 5G Labs and Innovation Centers, explains how Verizon is finding new use cases for their emerging 5G technology during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 11.42.01 AM

Visual Thinking: How To Draw Your Ideas


The first step of turning ideas into reality is to visualize and draw them out. Dave Gray shares drawing tips that innovators can use to communicate their visions. 


Podcast: Bringing Higher Education into the Digital Age


Experts in higher education share how they’ve tackled the challenges of 2020. Guests include Barnard President Sian Beliock and the co-CEO of edX, Adam Medros. 

Pete DeFrancesco Headshot (1) (1) (1)

John Hancock Exec on Getting More Digital, Fast, in a Socially-Distant Era


As the pandemic surged, John Hancock saw more Google searches related to life insurance. But its traditional approach to policies involved in-person medical exams. Here’s how they adapted.


Digitizing the Innovation Team


Get insights and recommendations for innovation leaders seeking to get the most out of digital tools, and also for tool developers seeking to build productive relationships with those leaders.


Storytelling Skills for Innovators


According to journalist and author Evan Schwartz, while an epic adventure may have many storylines, all journeys boil down to a basic structure…


The Six Elements of Your Innovation Story


Evan Schwartz shares the six different choices that innovators must make when telling stories. He then asks the group to apply these skills to their businesses…


Transforming Anthem Blue Cross into an AI-First Enterprise


When asked about the role innovation plays at Anthem Blue Cross, Mariya Filipova said her team helps the insurance provider transform into an “AI-first enterprise.” Watch for more…


These are the Finalists for Innovation Leader’s 2020 Impact Awards


Our 2020 awards will be presented online this October, as part of the year’s biggest gathering of corporate innovators, Impact 2020. Here’s a look at which organizations made it to the finalists stage…


Kohl’s CTO on Curbside Pickup, Amazon Partnership & More


Paul Gaffney, the Chief Technology Officer of Kohl’s discussed the future of retail, curbside pickup, and working with Amazon.


Johnson & Johnson Exec on COVID-19 and Inequality

2020-08-17T13:00:00+01:00By ,

Michal Preminger explains how the innovation teams at Johnson & Johnson are working to find solutions for both COVID-19 and racism…


Understanding the Mindsets of Knowers & Learners


This workshop, led by the former Head of Innovation at Pfizer, explores the mindsets that separate learners and knowers. 

ExeriseTemplate_feat image game

Knowers & Learners: Invest or Pass?


This interactive game presents different business ideas to participants. They then must decide if they would invest in the business or pass…


Knowers & Learners: Different Psychologies


In our “Knowers and Learners” workshop, Dan Seewald explains the different mindsets that separates these types of thinkers, pulling from concepts in psychology.

ExeriseTemplate highwire_featimg

Knowers & Learners: Controlling for Variables


Dan Seewald explains the importance of running experiments through the case study of Philippe Petit, a high-wire artist who walked between skyscrapers. 


Knowers & Learners: Working through Killer Assumptions


In this section of our “Knowers and Learners” workshop, Dan Seewald walks participants through his “Killer Assumptions” exercise. 

Michael Keogh Headshot

How One Innovation Leader Grew His Team During COVID-19


One innovator from Stanley Black & Decker shares insights on how COVID-19 has impacted his innovation strategy in 2020 and how his team has managed to secure key wins during the pandemic.


Digital Leaders at Kaiser and J&J on Staffing, Acceleration


Innovators from Kaiser Permanente and Johnson & Johnson discussed how the healthcare industry pivoted to respond to the pandemic.


CxOs & Innovation


In April 2020, we began planning this research initiative, CxOs and Innovation. It will consist of two mini-reports, interviews with corporate leaders, and thought leadership essays by our sponsor, KPMG LLP. The objective: to be helpful to C-Suite leaders and those professionals responsible for driving innovation inside large organizations.

One Quick Thing Webshow Social Graphics (1)

Manulife/John Hancock on How COVID Accelerated Digitization


Amit Bhatia, Head of Manulife/John Hancock Innovation Labs, shares details about his team’s digitization, his current projects, and more. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 4.07.19 PM

Turning a Global Disruption into Opportunity at Fidelity & Citi Ventures


Mona Vernon and Alex Sion discuss challenges in the financial services in 2020 and how their teams have responded.


Our July Coverage on Learning from Lockdown


We’ve gathered the best pieces of recent advice from our live show, report, and other online coverage to share the wealth of our knowledge from the last few months.


What is Innovation Really Like in the Trenches?

2020-08-03T16:00:00+01:00By Anonymous

”[Innovation] is like a movie set that looks stunning on-camera, but relies on…work behind the scenes.” An anonymous innovator offers his take on what innovation is really like…


Upgrade Online Meetings: Virtual Whiteboarding


The final exercise from our “Upgrade Your Online Meetings” workshop teaches particpants how to make the most of the whiteboarding software Mural, and gives suggestions for redesiging work. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Suzi Hamill, former Head of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments.


Upgrading Online Meetings: Doodling to Communicate


This exercise from our “Upgrade Your Online Meetings” workshop asks participants to reflect on how they have adapted to working remotely during COVID-19. In order to share there stories, she asks that attendees draw their experience. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Suzi Hamill, former ...


What Object Represents How You Work?


This exercise from our “Upgrade Your Online Meetings” workshop encourages participants to break out of the box and find a new format for facilitating online meetings. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Suzi Hamill, former Head of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments.


Upgrade Online Meetings: Why Do We Meet?


Exercise Length: 5 minutes

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 10.36.56 AM

Re-Designing Your Virtual Meetings


If you’re suddenly spending the entire day convening with colleagues in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, or another meetings platform, you already know the challenges of making them feel engaging and productive. As a host, how can you create the context for everyone to contribute, rather than tuning out or multi-tasking?


Living in the New Reality: The Reinvention Ultimatum

2020-07-29T13:00:00+01:00By Fiona Grandi, KPMG LLP

Fiona Grandi of KPMG LLP shares a simple framework to reinvent your business strategy across five primary pillars: employees, customers, financial model, supply chain and ecosystem, and unknown-unknowns.


Mercedes Lays Off Staff at Innovation Centers, Seeks Outside Partners


Daimler AG, the German company that makes Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Daimler trucks, has laid off more than 100 staffers at its Lab1886 innovation centers around the world…


How CVS, Carhartt & Elsevier Pivoted to Face COVID-19


How have teams pivoted to face the challenges of 2020? Rhett Alden of Elsevier discusses launching a COVID-19 Resource Center in four weeks. Innovators from Carhartt and CVS share insights.


Can Online Meetings Ever Surpass Face-to-Face?

2020-07-24T13:00:00+01:00By Jean-Marc Frangos, Contributing Columnist & Executive Fellow, INSEAD

“Hey, you’re on mute!” “Can you see my screen?” Jean-Marc Frangos, a former innovation SVP at British Telecom, assesses the world of today’s online meetings — and what may come next.


Navigating Priority Changes: Ranking Initiatives


The second exercise from our “Navigating Priority Changes at Your Company” workshop presents a two-by-two that helps teams rank their priorities. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Brant Cooper.


Navigating Priority Changes: C-Suite Zoom


This exercise from our “Navigating Priority Changes at Your Company” workshop describes how to create a stronger connection to your senior leadership.


Navigating Priority Changes at Your Company


Innovation teams are facing budget cuts and changes in strategy. Brant Cooper shares how teams can navigate priority changes and get inside the minds of senior leaders.

Web Photos (1)

Trailblazing CEOs from Apple, Tesla, Starbucks & More Talk Innovation


These are 10 of our favorite videos that feature CEOs, founders, and trailblazing innovators sharing insights on how new things get created in their organizations.


The Evolution of Online & On-Campus Education


Sian Beilock of Barnard College and Adam Medros of edX discuss how their organizations have pivoted to address the challenges that COVID-19 has created for higher education.


Why Pampered Chef is Reinventing a Well-Established Sales Model


The migration away from in-person selling actually predates COVID-19 for Pampered Chef, but they’re taking advantage of the moment to experiment with social media.


The Rise of ‘Conferencing Competence’ and the Decline of Fancy Footwear


Thornton May contends that many leaders — and many organizations — are moving too slowly in responding to the dramatic changes that 2020 has brought. More insights inside…


Innovation Software Showcase


At our first Software Showcase, in July 2020, Innovation Leader’s strategic partners share their digital innovation tools. Watch the pitch sessions here. 

Web Photos

Discover, Access & Manage Ecosystem Relationships in a Low/No Touch World


How do you build ecosystems when travel and serendipity are limited for the foreseeable future? Watch this webcast to learn how to form partnerships during lockdown.


New Data About the Market for Innovation-Related Jobs


We asked 159 innovation professionals about the hiring happening in their organizations — or how long they’ve been hunting for a new role. 


Leveling Up Customer Empathy at Fitbit & More


How can teams use empathy to understand their customers? Irina Kozlovskaya, Director of Industrial Design at Fitbit, shares how her team uses empathy to design better products.


Scenario Planning in 2020: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Doing


The business and societal impacts of the coronavirus pandemic will be “more like World War I or the Great Depression,” says Matthew Ranen, a scenario-planning consultant.


Inside the R&D Culture at Pixar Animation Studios


Pixar’s VP of R&D, Guido Quaroni, explains how and why the company encourages collaborative work. ”A culture of too much individualism…is always a dangerous place to be,” says Quaroni. Here’s how Pixar’s culture operates.

new normal illustration@4x-8

Highlights from June on Anticipating “The New Normal”

2020-07-02T13:00:00+01:00By , Illustration by Caitlin Lam

We’ve gathered the best pieces of recent advice from our live show, report, and other online coverage to help you imagine the future and plan your next steps.


Quiz: Test Your Innovation Knowledge


How much do you know about corporate innovation concepts, key thinkers, famous failures, and Silicon Valley disruptors? Try our 22 question quiz…

OQT_Firdaus Bhathena

CVS Health Exec on Rising to the Digital Demands of COVID-19


Firdaus Bhathena, Chief Digital Officer of CVS Health, shares how his team has pivoted to meet consumer needs — like exploding demand for deliveries — during the coronavirus pandemic.


What Comes Back and When? Exploring Life After COVID-19

2020-06-30T10:00:00+01:00By , Additional Reporting by Molli DeRosa

What’s changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? What’s likely to come back? And when? Innovation Leader’s ”What the Future Looks Like” report seeks to answer that question.


Why Underinvesting in Innovation is Riskier Than Ever

2020-06-26T17:10:00+01:00By Ali Geramian, KPMG LLP

As the world grapples with the current public health crisis and its long-tail impacts on society and the economy, many CEOs and their boards of directors are looking for reasons not to invest in innovation.

AARP's The Hatchery

How AARP is Pivoting Innovation in 2020 and Investing in Startups


At Innovation Leader’s recent online event for nonprofit organizations, Andy Miller of AARP discussed how his team helps build an innovative culture that permeates the organization — and how they’re making new investments in startups.


Stop Trying to ‘Bounce Back’ to Normal


Rather than trying to restore all of the activities from February 2020 in the US, we should be thinking about how to “bounce forward” toward something new. 


Pulling Back the Curtain on Disney’s Storied Imagineering Department


What can you learn from the creative cultures of Walt Disney Imagineering and Pixar? Leslie Iwerks, a documentary filmmaker, has made films about both organizations. She shares what she observed in this replay of “One Quick Thing.” Iwerks is joined on the show by two unnanounced guests: her father, Don Iwerks, who worked directly with Walt Disney, and a former Disney Imagineer, Josh Wachman. 


How R&D Keeps the CPG Industry on the Cutting-Edge


Consumer packaged goods (CPG) describes any product that requires routine replacement — from personal care to food. No matter the item, companies in this space have to create new offerings that shoppers will buy again and again. To find out how big bets empower the process, we talked to Ranjani ...


Can COVID Actually Turbocharge Parts of the Economy? This VC Says Yes


Juan Enriquez, Managing Director of the venture capital fund Excel Venture Management, sees “crazy amounts of productive innovation taking place” as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. But the risk he sees is going back to the way things were pre-COVID in the life sciences sector.


The Three Crises Caused by COVID-19 — and How to Respond

2020-06-19T18:02:00+01:00By ,

Futurist Steve Brown sees the current pandemic as three overlapping crises — each requiring a different response. See how innovation plays into the solution…


Moving Museums and Universities into the Digital Realm


At our Innovation Strategy for Nonprofits event, Arthur Daemmrich of the Smithsonian Institution and Panos Panay of Berklee College of Music discussed how their teams have been pivoting to offer educational experiences online.


How MassMutual Is Reimagining Financial Education


In Good Company, a MassMutual initiative, wants to help participants manage their financial futures with workshops, free of charge. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 1.49.59 PM

The Secrets to Success at Intuit’s Lean Startup Program


In this episode of One Quick Thing, Bennett Blank shares how Intuit’s Lean Startup program generated $20 million in new revenue.

cxos and innovation feat img

The Changing Role of the Innovation Leader


How is the mandate for corporate innovation professionals evolving? What outcomes are C-suite leaders expecting? How does diversity, equity, and inclusion connect to innovation? This research report, part of our “CxOs & Innovation” series, features quantitative data and interviews with executives at Johnson & Johnson, Stanley Black & Decker, John Hancock, and more. It also focuses on how large organizations are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.


Podcast: Why Corporate Innovators are Like Pirates in the Navy

2020-06-16T10:00:00+01:00By Molli DeRosa

In this installment of Innovation Answered: Essentials, Tendayi Viki offers a look at his most recent book and discusses the importance of the “privateer” attitude. 


Batten Down the Hatches and Innovate

2020-06-15T16:00:00+01:00By Ludwig Melik, Planbox

Leaders navigating the uncertain seas of innovation are a lot like sailors preparing to brave a long journey. Planbox offers tips on preparing for a storm ahead. 


IDEO on Practicing Empathy & Running Sprints from Home


How can we make our food supply chain more resilient? What are the best practices for running an engaging virtual sprint? How can teams redesign their offices to make them safe for employees? In this video replay of The Solution Set, Owen Rogers, Melanie Bell-Mayeda, and Carl Fudge of IDEO answer these questions and more. Throughout the conversation, the trio share how design thinking can unlock innovation and solve challenges during the COVID-19 global pandemic.


How COVID-19 Reversed ‘Tech-Lash’ and Other Lasting Trends


Lauren Xandra, Vice President of National Research Group, explains COVID-19’s impact on the relationship between consumers,  entertainment, and communication.

Ron Martin2018

Panasonic on Entertainment’s Immersive & More Personalized Future

2020-06-10T16:00:00+01:00By , with additional reporting by Kelsey Alpaio

Two leaders of the Panasonic Hollywood Lab predict how entertainment will become even more personalized in a post-COVID world. They also discuss environments that promote healing and relaxation.


What the Future Looks Like


For our latest report, our team asked members of the innovation community and futurists to forecast what our “new normal” might be. Respondents discussed what aspects of life before the crisis they think will return, and which aspects of the world will be permanently altered.


Enabling Innovation During a Crisis at MassGeneral Brigham


In this episode of One Quick Thing, Chris Coburn discusses working to improve healthcare during a pandemic and the role of digital innovation in this crisis.


Be Part of Our Research Panel


Join InnoLead’s research panel to share your insights, and get exclusive first-looks at our freshest data. It takes three minutes!


How AARP Keeps the 50+ Market at the Center of Innovation

2020-06-09T10:00:00+01:00By Molli DeRosa

How does AARP use innovation to empower people as they age? Vice President of Product and Startup Engagement Rick Robinson explains…

SolutionSet_Featured Image

Leading Innovation Through Times of Change


How can you get operations leaders to think further into the future when constructing a strategy? How do you manage the transition to business unit ownership, so innovations don’t die on the vine? Ned Calder and Rob Bell of Innosight answer those questions and more during the most recent Solution Set webcast.


Get Help Finding the Right Partner


We know it takes a lot of time and energy to find the right consulting firm or software platform to help you achieve your goals. Get our help!


How is Hiring Changing in 2020 for Innovation and Transformation Jobs?


Are you employed, but wondering what opportunities are out there for your next role? Unemployed, and actively looking? Nada Usina of Russell Reynolds Associates explains how applicants can stand out in 2020 in this video replay from our One Quick Thing series.

Untitled_Artwork 17

Highlights from May on Pivoting — and Planning for a Reopening

2020-06-02T13:30:00+01:00By , Illustration by Caitlin Lam

We’ve gathered the best pieces of advice on planning for a better future post-COVID from our live show, and other online coverage, to help you continue innovating this June. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.57.08 PM

Building a Strategy for the Low Touch Economy


The era after COVID-19 will have an economy shaped by new habits and regulations. Find out how behaviors will shift and what new opportunities are emerging.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 4.13.05 PM

Dignity Health is Designing the Digital-First Future of Medicine


In January 2020, only 337 of Dignity Health’s patients had experienced a virtual visit. By May 5, the number of virtual visits had raced past 82,000. Here’s how they’ve been training docs and bringing patients along.


Navigating Shifts in Reader Behavior at Dow Jones


When looking for updates on the impacts of coronavirus, many have turned to news publications for information. Edward Roussel of Dow Jones discusses the changes.


How Changemakers Innovate Within Government Agencies


Innovators in the public and private sectors face many of the same challenges: There’s resistance to change and internal politics that can bog down progress. However, teams in the government may have tighter budgets that come directly from tax payer dollars. These teams also face demands from both supervisors and ...


Peloton Exec: Emerging From the Crisis Stronger Than You Went In


Few companies have experienced more of a surge of customer interest than Peloton Interactive, the maker of Internet-linked exercise bikes. We spoke to Rick Paster, Peloton’s VP of M&A Integration…


How the Red Cross is Adapting to New Demands — and Getting More Digital


At Innovation Leader’s recent nonprofit forum, two innovation leaders from The Red Cross in the US and UK address how they are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Carhartt on Prototyping and Collecting Customer Insights from Home


Carhartt specializes in work clothes for industries including construction. Their Director of Global Product Innovation, Collen Hau, explains how the team is creating prototypes and staying in tune with customers.


Running High-Performance Innovation Labs


How have innovation labs shifted during this period of remote work? What sets labs up for success?  Linda Elkins, Chief Technical Officer of W.L. Gore’s Silicon Valley Innovation Center, shares.


Video Replay: San Diego Zoo Global CMO Ted Molter


Ted Molter, Chief Marketing Officer of San Diego Zoo Global, discusses social media, online educational resources, sponsorship shifts, and more in an al fresco Zoom chat with Innovation Leader. 


Book Excerpt: Think Like a Privateer, Not a Pirate

2020-05-15T13:00:00+01:00By Molli DeRosa

Steve Jobs once said that it’s better to be a pirate than to join the Navy. Pirates refer to startups that churn out innovative ideas. Jobs likens large organizations to the bureaucratic Navy.


Harvard Business School Prof: You’re Probably Over-Using Zoom


Harvard Business School Professor Tsedal Neeley offers insights on new approaches to prototyping, and what happens when some people begin transitioning back to the office.


New York Life SVP on How Corporate Venture Capital is Changing in 2020


How might corporate venture funds need to adjust their strategy in 2020? Joel Albarella of New York Life Ventures answers this question and more, as part of a recent episode of One Quick Thing.


What Corporate Venture Funds can Learn From VCs


What are the risks when large companies dive into the venture capital game? How are venture teams responding to challenges posed by COVID-19? All that and more in this episode…


State of Innovation 2020


As the coronavirus pandemic has led to shelter-in-place orders and sharply reduced economic activity, innovators are wondering about what the future could look like for their teams, organizations, and industries. To better understand what’s happening in corporate innovation and R&D right now, we fielded a survey from April 27-May 4, 2020.


How Hain Celestial Keeps Innovation On Track


Hain Celestial Group, known for teas and pantry staples, has pivoted down a new path in response to COVID-19: hand sanitizer. The company is also conducting remote product tasting with its senior leaders. SVP of R&D Jeff George explains…


An Ambidextrous Approach to Innovation Has Never Been More Important

2020-05-06T13:00:00+01:00By Dan Olley, Contributing Columnist and Chief Technology Officer, Elsevier

We all know that innovation is important. But do we really know how to innovate effectively, even in chaotic times such as these? It’s all about finding the right balance…


Innovating on the Frontlines of a Pandemic


Roberta Schwartz, Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer at Houston Methodist Hospital, discusses how her team is responding to the challenges posed by coronavirus.


10 Ways to Humanize Your Video Meetings

2020-05-05T15:16:00+01:00By Suzanne Hamill, Contributing Columnist and Former Head of Design Thinking, Fidelity Investments

The former Head of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments shares how to make online meetings more produtive and more human. 


Creating Culture at Wayfair

2020-05-05T10:00:00+01:00By Molli DeRosa, Additional Reporting by Kelsey Alpaio and Kaitlin Milliken

How can digitally-native companies maintain their innovative culture as they grow? To find out, we visited Wayfair’s co-founder Steve Conine at the company’s Boston office.


How Innovation Allows Wayfair to Keep Growing

2020-05-04T13:00:00+01:00By , Additional Reporting by Molli DeRosa

Wayfair, an online furniture and home goods retailer, maintained an innovative culture as it grew from a two person operation to a company with thousands of employees.


Highlights from Our April Coverage on COVID-19 and Innovation


We’ve gathered the best pieces of advice on adapting to the current public health crisis from our live show, and other online coverage, to kick-start your May.


Veteran Disney Exec: 5 Things That Impact Innovation


“Any step a company takes to foster innovation is praise-worthy,” says Marty Yudkovitz, formerly of The Walt Disney Company. “But…a lot of what is going on…is window dressing.”

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 3.10.39 PM

Why Now is the Time to Kill Zombie Projects and Clean House


Rita McGrath discusses the importance of killing zombie projects that somehow survive despite not making progress — one of her five steps for assessing your innovation portfolio in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


How COVID-19 Prioritized Digital Innovation at Wahlburgers


As the coronavirus pandemic spread, Wahlburgers SVP Dan Wheeler says it required careful thought about people’s safety, but it also “accelerated…my innovation agenda.” 


A New Model for Teams Adapting to Disruption


Tad Haas and Ivan Lloyd of edison365 discuss a revised model for innovation that combines an innovation office with a project management office. 


At Kaiser Permanente, a Major Moment for Telemedicine


During this global pandemic, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are spending long hours saving lives. To protect both healthcare workers and patients, hospitals have shifted most non-emergency appointments to the digital realm. Prat Vemana, the first-ever Chief Digital Officer at Kaiser Permanente, discusses the shift to telehealth and other changes ...


Pursuing User Research When Everyone’s in Quarantine

2020-04-21T15:30:00+01:00By Timothy Berendt, Contributing Columnist and former Director of Innovation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass.

We all know that the innovation and design world rely on interactions with customers and users. So how do you preserve that input into your process when everybody is locked down?


From Our Sponsors: Advice for Challenging Times


We asked our strategic partner firms to share their latest resources and advice for corporate innovators who are grappling with uncertainty.


Is Your Organization Earning ‘Trust Points’ with Customers — or Losing Them?

2020-04-16T15:00:00+01:00By , Graphics by Maddie Cameron

Every action your organization takes in the digital world either racks up or loses “trust points” with your customers. Apurva Shah, CTO of Duality, explains.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 9.42.05 AM

What's BANCA? Fidelity Investments on Their Criteria for Assessing Ideas


Sean Belka discusses how the financial services firm assesses new ideas and scales them when the time is right, along with more best practices for running an innovation lab. Belka is a Managing Director in Fidelity’s Corporate Business Development group.


Ex-DreamWorks Animation CTO: How the C-Suite Can Foster Innovation


”In my experience, the most powerful motivator to encourage innovation was peer recognition,” says Ed Leonard, Co-Founder of Bred Ventures and former CTO at DreamWorks Animation. Leonard shares more on what senior leaders do at companies like DreamWorks Animation and Disney to shape a culture of innovation…


At NASA, Introducing a New Openness to Innovation


In a safety-obsessed culture, how do you suggest new ways to innovate? Omar Hatamleh, the first Chief Innovation Officer for the engineering group at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, shares.


Maintaining C-Suite Support: The Four Key Questions


For many innovation teams, this is a chance to create significant short-term value for business unit leaders who may become your long-term allies. Unfortunately, when it comes to cutting costs, it is all too easy for senior executives to simply put innovation teams and their budgets on the chopping block.


AXA Next on Shifts in the Startup World, and Fueling Innovation Virtually


The team from AXA Next US shares tips for running distributed teams, and changes they are seeing in the startup landscape. 


SNHU’s Paul LeBlanc on Higher Ed in a Time of Intense Change


Paul LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University, discusses how colleges are managing the shift to online education and adapting during the coronavirus pandemic.


Every Online Event We’re Hosting


We have a really simple aim: to put on the best virtual events on the Internet. Here’s what is coming up, both for members and non-members.

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 5.00.49 PM

Coming Soon: Innovation Answered Season 4

2020-04-07T15:00:00+01:00By , Molli DeRosa

Innovation Answered’s fourth season starts May 5, 2020. Find out what you can expect to learn from the show’s producer, Kaitlin Milliken, and intern, Molli DeRosa.


New Resource: Strengthening Your Case for Continued Investment


Will you need to defend your initiatives in 2020? Is it possible to make the case for continued, or even increased, investment in innovation right now? Here’s a new downloadable resource to help.


How One Corporate Innovator Assembled a Volunteer Team to Print Face Shields


Shashi Jain’s day job is Intel. But he’s working almost another full-time shift  as an organizer of the Portland 3D Printing Lab, which has been producing face shields for healthcare workers… 


What Innovation Metrics Matter Most in 2020


Innovation execs shared what metrics their teams track on a recent IL member videoconference. Contributors joined in from the pharmaceutical, food and beverages, financial services, health care, luxury goods, tech, and materials industries.


Five Tips to Navigate Uncertainty This April


Innovators have faced unprecedented challenges in the past month, as COVID-19 grew into a global pandemic. Suddenly, teams have become completely remote and, in some cases, may be dealing with budget scrutiny or strategic pivots. This March, our coverage has focused on providing your team with resources to navigate this uncertain period. 


How Your Team Can Acclimate to Remote Work


Scott Berkun, author of the book The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work, shares best practices for running a distributed team. Watch the video.


What We Stopped: 16 Activities That May Not Improve Culture


As part of our recent research, we asked 259 leaders of innovation if there were activities they’d stopped doing that were initially intended to influence organizational culture…


Pursuing Innovation During COVID-19


Experts share best practices for teams as they navigate uncertainty. Topics include shifting teams’ priorities, switching to remote work, and cultivating a “service oriented” mindset.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.15.58 AM

Changing Culture in Large Organizations


In our view, fostering a culture that is supportive of innovation has never been more important than right now. 2020 will be a year of tremendous stress, pivots, and reprioritizing in every organization. Will your organization be able to source and act on the best ideas — ideas that may come from anyone? Test them fast enough? Get them deployed with help from colleagues who are working from home? 

Ed Leonard

Working from Home: Seven Tips for Doing It Productively


Christian Ponce from LogMeIn shares tips to help teams effectively innovate from home, stay connected, and balance their jobs and home lives.

OneQuickThing_ftimage copy

One Quick Thing: IL’s Live Zoom Meeting


Join us for a half-hour Zoom meeting to talk about what’s happening right now in the world of corporate innovation.


12 of the Best Tools for Real-Time Team Collaboration


What are you using to collaborate, run brainstorming sessions, and move projects forward at this moment of remote work? Here are some tools our community recommended.


Navigating through Chaotic Times


Do you feel like challenging times may be ahead? Experts with experience at DuPont, Starbucks, Bayer, and more discuss how they’re reading the tea leaves.


Eight Practices to Fire Up Your Innovation Culture


Victor Assad and Arthur Liberian share eight practices that can help companies fire up their innovation culture. Find out how your team can unleash creativity. 


Keeping Innovation Alive in the Time of COVID-19

2020-03-17T14:30:00+00:00By Blade Kotelly, Contributing Columnist and Senior Lecturer, MIT

“We’ve entered an unstable and economically volatile period that may serve up the biggest challenges of your career,” writes MIT senior lecturer Blade Kotelly, ”and will require every business to innovate in ways they never have before.” Here’s his concrete advice on how you and your team can keep innovation moving forward as teams suddenly go remote…

Santana Row

How to Create the Foundation for a Corporate VC Program


Amish Parashar, a Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist, share tips for building more successful corporate venture programs. Get tips on staffing, collaboration, and more.


Podcast: Loonshots — Crazy Ideas that Just Might Work

2020-03-10T10:00:00+00:00By , Molli DeRosa

How can companies embrace risky — but potentially revolutionary — ideas? Authors Safi Bahcall and Hugh Molotsi tackle this question at Innovation Leader’s 2019 Impact event.

lab1886_820081 (1)

An Annotated Map of 20 Corporate Innovation Hubs in Atlanta

2020-03-09T15:00:00+00:00By Molli DeRosa, Kaitlin Milliken

We put together this map of 20 key corporate innovation hubs in Atlanta. The list includes innovation centers, accelerators, and corporate venture capital funds. 

Silicon Valley Deep Dive 2020

Scouting Emerging Tech at Our Silicon Valley Deep Dive


At our Silicon Valley Deep Dive, innovation leaders met in Sunnyvale, Calif. to discuss tactics for scouting emerging technology and plugging into the startup ecosystem. 

Brick Wall

Boundaries, Blockers, and Overcoming the Limits of Innovation


Learn  methods for recognizing the boundaries to innovation practices, and how to work around them. Get advice on how to move your organization into a position to thrive.


Overcoming Politics and Internal Resistance: Advice from Your Peers


At our Silicon Valley Deep Dive event in February, we asked a group of 30 innovation, emerging technology, and R&D leaders from industries like apparel, financial services, telecom, and manufacturing to discuss the things that can help overcome organizational resistance to innovation — as well as some of the things that can increase it. Here’s their list of do’s and don’ts…


Five Innovation Best Practices to Kick Off March


We released one video from Impact 2019 each week this month. We have also gathered five best practices from our February online coverage below.


Don’t Celebrate Failure, Celebrate Trying to Solve Hard Problems

2020-02-27T12:00:00+00:00By Brian Mullen, Contributing Columnist and Assistant Professor, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Instead of celebrating failure, writes Brian Mullen, a former hospital innovation team member, teams should celebrate attempts to solve problems.

Impact 2019

General Motors and IBM on the Role of a Silicon Valley R&D Outpost

2020-02-24T15:00:00+00:00By , Molli DeRosa, Video by Andrew Starzak

R&D leaders from General Motors and IBM discuss the mission of the companies’ Silicon Valley outposts, and the importance of tracking first movers in an emerging market. 


Six Ways to Integrate Startups Without Crushing Their Spirits


Raphael Guillet was a co-founder of the first startup that the $4 billion hospitality company Accor acquired. Since then, Accor has bought about a dozen other startups…

Jodi Benson

How General Mills Uses ‘Breakup Letters’ to Better Understand Consumers

2020-02-18T13:00:00+00:00By , Molli DeRosa, Video by Andrew Starzak

Jodi Benson shares how General Mills puts consumer needs first, and how a 150+ year old company is evolving the way it innovates to better meet those needs.


How to Create a Culture of Experimentation


Relying on intuition often leads teams down the wrong path. Stefan Thomke, a professor at Harvard Business School, explains how to rely on experiments instead.

Impact 2019

‘Loonshots’: How to Support Crazy Ideas That Just Might Work

2020-02-13T13:00:00+00:00By , , Video by Andrew Starzak

Ideas that have the potential to reshape industries may end up stuck in the corporate basement. So how can companies embrace risky ideas? Authors Safi Bahcall and Hugh Molotsi serve up answers in this video.


Drones, Self-Driving Cars & the Silicon Valley Problem


While drones present a world of opportunities, these unmanned aerial vehicles face regulations across different levels of government. Chris Anderson — CEO of 3DR, a drone software company — shared his experience building and deploying drones at Innovation Leader’s 2019 Impact event. During the conversation, Anderson also discusses use cases ...


Six Tips for Getting ‘Customers’ to Buy What You’re Selling

2020-02-06T16:30:00+00:00By Chris Mayer, Contribu