How MassMutual Is Reimagining Financial Education


In Good Company, a MassMutual initiative, wants to help participants manage their financial futures with workshops, free of charge.

So, you want to retire near the ocean. Do you know where “near the ocean” is? Is it within a 15 minute drive? Do you want to be on the sand? Do you want to be in the Northeast, or do you want to be in the South? 

These are the kinds of specific questions that In Good Company — a MassMutual financial education initiative — wants to help you and your employees answer with their workshops, free of charge. The next step: Building the right financial decision making skills to make those dreams a reality.

In Good Company, led by Ryan White, Head of Innovation & Design at MassMutual Financial Advisors, operates in its own building under the MassMutual wing. The Brookline building is the former headquarters of the MassMutual investment advisory organization Society of Grownups. Part of White’s job is to maintain that level of separation, while still frequently touching base with MassMutual and its other innovation projects, he says. White reports to Jen Rutley, Head of Marketing at MassMutual Financial Advisors.

The idea for a financial literacy program was born from the need to reimagine what the first floor of financial agency would look like in five years.

“We thought rather than [using] marketing campaigns and putting our case out there for people to consume through social media or print ads, an opportunity to meet a need — which was financial education — would be a great way to introduce people to when and how they might work with a financial advisor,” White says. “One of the things we identified was that people don’t want to be sold to. They want to walk into a safe environment, take in some information, process it, and make a decision on their own. So from the very beginning, we approached it in that same manner.”

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