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    Do Companies Still Need a Headquarters?


    In this new era of the online workforce, corporate office space is becoming a scalable, adaptive service. ”Even the most conservative business leaders have started to realize that a distributed, online workforce is both feasible and appealing,” writes product architect and author George Krasadakis.

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    What is the Future of Live Entertainment?


    Time spent streaming is up 60 percent since the start of the pandemic. But this not to say that digital will replace the physical. What’s the future of live entertainment?

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    What is the Future of Theme Park Vacations?


    Temperature screenings and face coverings are now part of the park experience. So what elements of the theme park vacation will remain forever changed? What will bounce back? 

  • Aaron Proietti, author of Today's Innovator.

    How is Sales Changing During COVID-19?


    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many business-to-business sales organizations are left with a pipeline of prospects that do not advance to later stages of the sales process…