Play the Game of Urgency Bingo

By Scott Kirsner |  July 10, 2019

How much urgency is there surrounding innovation in your organization?

You may not win fabulous prizes playing the game we call “Urgency Bingo,” but it can help you understand some of the dynamics at play when it comes to getting sufficient resources, allies, and momentum behind an innovation effort. It can be useful when you’re having discussions with your team, or senior leadership. 

The rules are simple. Print out a copy of the bingo card for each attendee at the meeting. Ask each attendee to circle the conditions which they see as applicable to your organization on the card, and perhaps to fill in some conditions of their own that may be increasing or decreasing the feeling of urgency.

Once you’re done, discuss: are there some conditions that certain people see as important, but others didn’t circle? Are there more conditions present that are decreasing urgency, or increasing it? Given these conditions, how can you make the case that innovation requires more support and investment — and who should do you need to make that case with?

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