Clearly Defining Your Innovation Strategy, Vision, and Mission

January 23, 2022

An organization will struggle to innovate effectively if someone says “innovation” in a room of 10 people…and those 10 people think 10 different things.

Yet in a recent “flash survey” we conducted of corporate innovators during a webcast, two-thirds of our respondents admitted that the definition of innovation is not clear in their organizations. (Another 22 percent said it is “somewhat” clear.)

Innovation can mean many different things, and without alignment on basic definitions and concepts, innovation teams and their stakeholders cannot communicate, much less collaborate. This short PowerPoint deck, developed inside a publicly-traded manufacturing company, was created to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the “What, Where, When, Why, How” of innovation. It includes explainer slides with annotations, followed by slides that can be easily adapted for use with your company.

(Featured image by David Travis on Unsplash.)



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