Innovation Answered: Taking You Inside the C-Suite

By Kaitlin Milliken |  February 2, 2021


Kaitlin Milliken: Hey, you’re tuned in to Innovation Answered, the podcast for corporate innovators. I’m Kaitlin Milliken, the host and producer of this show. For those of you who are new, InnoLead is the world’s biggest network of corporate innovators. We focus on providing guidance for anyone who is responsible for driving growth and prototyping the future inside a large organization — whether that’s a Fortune 500 company, a university, or a government agency. This show is dedicated to answering the most pressing questions that innovators face today. 

And this season of our podcast is very special. We’re going to take you inside of the C-Suite of some very well-known, well-established organizations. In each episode, we’ll interview a different C-level leader to talk about their innovation priorities. That includes how to secure their support and how to push projects across the finish line. 

 Innovation Answered’s fifth season starts in February Twenty-Twenty-One. We’ll gather success stories from the Chief Innovation Officer at CSAA Insurance. We’ll sit down with Takeda Pharmaceutical’s CTO to get best practices for working with data. We’ll have storytelling tips from the Portland Trail Blazers CMO. And we’ll get best practices for working with the CEO right from Lundbeck’s top leader.  And that’s just a quick sample of what we have in store. 

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Thanks for listening to this quick sneak peek. We’ll see you soon.