Go for Launch: Wellnys, Veriphix & LEAD

October 23, 2020

Presenting Startups 

  • Welnys (3:30) — Welnys enables fitness and wellness providers to create their own digital content and generate revenue from corporations who have workplace wellness programs. Content includes workouts, webinars, and in-person services. 
  • Veriphix (10:54) — Veriphix measures the emotional triggers behind how consumers really feel, below the surface, and quantifies what their subconscious motivators are. The company uses ethical self-generated data that is free of personally identifiable information.
  • LEAD (16:26) — LEAD connects the right employees across teams to break down business silos and facilitate personalized relationship building and social learning. LEAD makes it easy to launch virtual coffee or group lunches, encourage peer to peer meetups for learning opportunities, and helps build internal networks for new hires and existing employees.