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    The Revolution in Consumer Products: 5 Lessons from New Brands


    Paul Earle, Contributing Columnist As a lifelong student, teacher and practitioner of innovation, I have always been fascinated by the quest to understand how. To find signal through the noise. What does John Lennon have in common with Bach and Banksy? What behaviors do Thomas Edison, Ben ...

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    The Revolution in Consumer Products Continues: 12 Brands You Need to Know


    Over the past five years, a full-scale revolution has fomented in the consumer products world. Rules are being rewritten. What up-and-coming brands are changing the game and reinvigorating the shopping experience? Contributing Columnist Paul Earle dives into the 12 brands you need to know for the future.

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    Why the San Francisco Giants Have a Fan Council — and Ambassadors


    October is big for baseball fans and all eyes are on the SF Giants, leading the playoffs after a five-year hiatus. For Faham Zakariaei, who directs the team’s special events, the busiest part of the season means Nike partnerships, fan groups, and influencer marketing.

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    How Consumer Goods Companies Can Turn Everyday Users into Influencers


    Jos Harrison, Global Head of Brand Experience and Design at the consumer packaged goods firm Reckitt, outlines how brands can leverage building positive relationships with the everyday consumer to grow a strong brand recognition and experience.

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    How the NHL’s Florida Panthers are Using Data More Strategically


    COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of entire industries, changing everything from where we work to how we watch sports. NHL Florida Panthers’ Chief Strategy Officer is leading the organization’s transformation with data-centered marketing and creative strategies to build a larger fan base.