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How Taiwan’s ‘Crypto Congressman’ is Infusing Tech Hustle into Government

In September 2017, the Beijing government made the decision to block websites offering initial coin offerings for cryptocurrency trading in China. But Congressman Jason Hsu of Taiwan had a different response: Taiwan welcomes cryptocurrencies and blockchain.This response earned Hsu the nickname “Crypto Congressman” from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. But Hsu’s endeavors are not without roadblocks, one of which is introducing innovation culture to echelons of older and more conservative Taiwanese officials. During a conversation with Innovation Leader in March 2019, Hsu shared the challenges he faces in fostering a culture of innovation in government.

Agile AF: How Kessel Run Experimentation Lab Innovates in the Air Force

In the world of the Air Force, rank and passing clearances reign supreme, often slowing down new projects. However, Kessel Run’s team of about 200 staffers seeks to move from initial whiteboard ideation to getting working software to users in as fast as 88 days. Find out more from Kessel Run Director Adam Furtado.

25 Corporate Innovation Hubs in London: An Annotated Map

London remains one of the world’s thriving financial centers. Explore our interactive map to see the key players in the ecosystem, from corporate innovation labs to venture capital to accelerators run by organizations like Visa, Barclays, Johnson & Johnson, and the BBC.

An ‘Office of New Urban Mechanics’ that Nudges City Government to Take Risks

Boston’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, created in 2010, is a civic innovation incubator and a research-and-development lab. But beyond that, it’s also the city’s “risk team, the failure team,” says co-founder Nigel Jacob. Innovation Leader spoke with Jacob to get his advice for other urban innovators.

How the I-Team is Working to Amplify Civic Innovation in Los Angeles

Launched in 2015, the i-team is working on ambitious projects, from working with the Los Angeles Police Department improve its recruiting process to helping city residents to stay in rental homes and apartments as their neighborhoods gentrify. We talk with Amanda Daflos, its director, about what they’ve achieved so far and how they measure progress.

How the United States Marine Corps is Accelerating Tech Acquisition and Embracing the Maker Movement

The United States Marine Corps works under an incredible imperative to continuously innovate for the purpose of securing our nation. However, it is also faced with the challenges of being a 242-year-old organization of over 300,000 “employees.” As part of our IL Live series of conference calls, Capt. Christopher Wood discussed some of the key inflection points in the Marine Corps’ history of innovation, and how the Corps is looking to foster the spirit of innovation today.

How the U.S. Postal Service is Hustling to Link Mail with the Digital World

“The postal service for years was a very operational culture,” says Gary Reblin, its VP of New Products and Innovation “We acted almost as a monopoly business for decades. We’ve got to change with the times.” Inside, Reblin offers a look at several recent initiatives to tie paper mail to the digital world.

Book excerpt: When rewarding innovators, do medals work best — or money?

Motivating and rewarding innovators is one of those topics that comes up frequently at Innovation Leader’s live events, in interviews, and in our regular conference calls with innovation execs. Innovation psychologist Dr. Amantha Imber addresses that topic in her new book “The Innovation Formula: The 14 Science-Based Keys for Creating a Culture Where Innovation Thrives.” We’ve got an excerpt.

Government exec on quick hits and innovating procurement

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ first Government Innovation Officer talks about the importance of quick hits; implementing a crowdsourcing initiative; and sponsoring competitions to diversify the pool of new vendors available to state government. Includes video and an annual report…

Mike Powell: Doing innovation as ‘just one guy’

The State of Maryland’s Chief Innovation Officer talks about catching criminals, reducing hospital admissions among “frequent fliers,” and hackathons to help the environment. And how he makes innovation happen in the state with limited resources and plenty of partners.