Photos from our recent live events

Minneapolis Roundtable Moves the Needle 2019

Minneapolis Roundtable on Embracing Failure and Learnings

In July, we brought together 15 innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations in Minneapolis. The gathering was hosted at Target’s headquarters.

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Chicago Roundtable PA Consulting 2019

Chicago Roundtable on How to Achieve Organizational Agility


In mid-July, we brought together 10 innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations at Hyatt Hotels’ headquarters to discuss organizational agility. 

London Field Study 2019

Inside London's Ecosystem: General Assembly, Barclays’ Rise & More


Our 2019 London Field Study brought executives together to discuss creating an innovative culture in established organizations. See pictures from the event here…

Boston Roundtable 2019

Execs Discuss Digital Challenges at Google


Our June roundtable focused on the challenge of creating an organization that is digital at its core. Photos inside…