New York Roundtable Hosted by Tiffany & Co.

December 19, 2019

In December, we brought together innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations in New York. The gathering was hosted at Tiffany & Co.’s corporate offices.

Our roundtables are off-the-record to encourage a group of peers to openly discuss issues they’re grappling with — in this case, related to designing and executing long-term innovation strategies. David Duncan, Senior Partner at Innosight and co-author of the book “Competing Against Luck,” facilitated the conversation with InnoLead CEO Scott Kirsner.

Part of the conversation explored the language that companies use around innovation: creating a “climate” that supports experimentation, rather than trying to change the overarching company “culture”; the merits of talking about “growth” as an objective rather than “innovation”; “killing” a project versus “stopping and saving” (the saving refers to money that doesn’t get wasted); and “ships versus trains.” Trains are parts of the organization that focus on operational excellence, and need to run on rails. Ships are groups that are more free to discover and explore.

If you’re a corporate innovation, strategy, or R&D leader and you’d like to join an upcoming roundtable, you can request an invite here.