Is This the Fate of Employee Idea-Sourcing Initiatives?

By Scott Kirsner |  October 7, 2014

We appreciate the candor of this slide from Mona Vernon, a Vice President at Thomson Reuters in charge of the media company’s Data Innovation Lab…

…Especially since the first thing new innovation leaders often do is kick off some sort of ideas challenge or crowdsourcing initiative. But as Vernon astutely points out, if you don’t have a system in place for evaluating and implementing the best ideas, and measuring their impact, the end result is almost guaranteed to be disillusionment.Instead, Vernon advocates for more focused challenges, seeking ideas related to specific problems or opportunities, and the “

lean startup” methodology, which gives employee teams the tools to build rough draft prototypes and test them with actual customers. You can find Vernon’s complete presentation, with audio and downloadable slides, here.