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U+ is a global product development company working as part of corporate R&D and startups and collaborating with everyone from startup founders to venture capitalists to corporate innovators. FifthRow (previously, U+AI) is a fully AI-integrated InnovationOps platform that automates everything except the building of the ventures. With FifthRow, Fortune 500s have accelerated Market Research, Venture Discovery & Validation from 5 months to 2 weeks. It’s 100x faster and 10x cheaper than any consultancy.

Clients: Mozilla, Bridgestone, Cisco, HSBC, T-Mobile, Swiss Re, Porsche, RBC, Bridgestone, Cisco, Silicon Valley Bank, SwissRe, T-Mobile, Volkswagen Group, UDR, AXA Insurance

Expertise: AI-powered Venture Discovery, AI-powered Automated Market Research, AI-enabled Venture Building, AI-powered Rapid Market Validation & Testing, Digital Innovation, Corporate Innovation, Venture Building, Ideation, IP Prioritization, Idea Validation, Market Testing, Software Development, App Development, Design, Business Scaling

Resources: FifthRow AI InnovationOps Platform, U+ Guide Method,

Blog: Innovation Insights

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