Who’s a member of Innovation Leader?

Here’s a small sample of innovation executives at large companies who are Innovation Leader members:

From the Fortune 100

Head of Innovation / $268 billion Energy company
CTO and President, Venture Group / $152 billion Automotive company
VP Innovation / $157 billion Health and well-being company
VP Growth and Innovation / $179 billion Medical information technology company
SVP Commercial Technology / $103 billion Medical products company
VP Product Development & Marketing / $81 billion Global food processing company
VP Training / $91 billion Aerospace and defense company
VP Corporate R&D and Innovation / $76 billion Consumer packaged goods giant
SVP Innovation Lab / $75 billion Media and telecommunications company
VP Product Strategy / $53 billion Entertainment and media company
VP Consumer Innovation / $54 billion Health insurance and benefits company
VP Strategy and Innovation / $39 billion Private auto insurance company
AVP Strategic Innovation / $40 billion Health care services company
VP Planning and Strategy / $27 billion Private insurance company

From the Fortune 1000

VP Innovation Accelerator / $31 billion Athletics footwear and apparel company
VP and President Innovation Group / $18 billion Business process and document management solutions
VP Strategy, Innovation and R&D / $18 billion Branded consumer foodservice company
SVP and Chief Innovation Officer / $25 billion Tobacco company
VP and Chief Information Officer / $20 billion Medical technology and services company
Head of Global Innovation / $16 billion Fashion and apparel retailer
VP Concept Innovation / $19 billion Specialty coffee roaster and retailer
VP Global Innovation / $19 billion Insurance company
VP Research & Development / $14 billion Water and energy services company
VP Innovation and R&D / $17 billion Provider of analytical instruments
VP Insights, Strategy and Innovation / $15 billion Diversified global lodging company
Global Head of Innovation / $13 billion Risk and insurance firm
VP Innovation / $11 billion Power and hand tools maker
VP Product Development / $10 billion Beauty and personal care manufacturer
VP Corporate Innovation / $10 billion Specialty chemicals company
VP Global R&D and Innovation / $10 billion Medical technology company
VP R&D / $7 billion Food safety and product protection company
VP Product Development / $8 billion Consumer products company
SVP Global Innovation / $9 billion Commercial real estate company
VP Strategy / $4 billion Technology manufacturer
SVP Global Brands / $6 billion Toy company
SVP R&D / $6 billion Consumer products company
Chief Innovation Officer / $5 billion Building materials company
VP Enterprise Corporate Innovation / $4 billion Technology solution provider
VP New Product Development / $3 billion Market services and technology firm
VP Engineering / $4 billion Electrical and electronics parts manufacturer
SVP Engineering / $3 billion Industrial manufacturer
SVP Innovation / $2 billion Energy company

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