Webcast Replay: Best Practices in Innovation Governance, Reporting and Communications

To supplement our Q2 research report on innovation governance, Innovation Leader editor Scott Kirsner presented some of the high-level findings and advice in an hour-long webcast. You can view the replay below.

Kirsner’s guests for the webcast were:

  • Dan Kaiser, SVP of Innovation & Development at the insurer CUNA Mutual Group
  • Chip Blaufuss, AVP of Development & Strategic Innovation at HCA, operator of 171 hospitals and 118 surgery centers
  • Andrew Lipstein, Head of Global Programs and Governance at Thomson Reuters Labs, part of the $11 billion media and information firm.

Blaufuss talked about the importance of testing ideas in a smaller petri dish — versus the whole company — to get a governance group comfortable with green-lighting projects that involve some risk.

    “So many times when people have an idea or a project, the immediate question is, ‘How would you do that at 180 hospitals?’ Instead of, ‘Is it a good idea,’ and answering that question first. [You need to articulate] that this is development work, a pilot. We’re trying it out at a facility, or a few facilities, and we’re going to come back to this group, if it’s successful, what that means for HCA’s strategy. Over time, [you get] into that cadence and workflow and decision flow. It helped the group get comfortable with saying ‘yes’ to more projects that carry risk, or may be in that Horizon 3 [category], because they recognize that we’re not necessarily making a commitment for the company yet; we’re just experimenting, trying something out, proving it, and we’ll come back at a later date and have a chance to really figure out what it means for the company. It has taken some time to develop that mindset around proof-of-concepts and piloting.”

Kaiser talked during the webcast about the importance of getting senior leaders comfortable with the fact that innovation needs a different approach to management and oversight:

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