Webcast Replay: Building MVPs to Get Products to Market Fast

This 2017 webcast was led by Bob Klein of Digital Scientists, an Innovation Leader partner. Hosted by Scott Cohen of Innovation Leader, the conversation focused on trends at large companies when it comes to prototyping and developing “minimum viable products.” Exploring the methodology that Digital Scientists uses, the conversation touched on common problems and best practices. One frequently-cited pitfall: lack of focus on the customer.

Klein outlined a six-step process for building MVPs:

    • 1. Observe
    • 2. Ask questions
    • 3. Hypothesize
    • 4. Prototype and test
    • 5. Build
    • 6. Iterate.

“Larger firms are really learning how to incubate their own ideas,” Klein says. “Everyone is figuring out how to generate concepts and place bets on those concepts. This isn’t about an acquisition strategy, or a line extension. We’re looking at horizons a little further out. It’s a little further outside of peoples’ comfort zones.”

Learn the latest tactics on rapid prototyping, “concept pitch decks,” user research, and market testing new digital offerings in this 45-minute webcast.


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