Wade Roush

Wade Roush is a journalist, author, and audio producer based in Cambridge, Mass. He has been a senior editor at Xconomy and MIT Technology Review, a reporter at Science, and a managing editor at NASA Ames Research Center. Roush is also the author of the 2020 book Extraterrestrials, and the host of the podcast Soonish, which explores the relationship between humans and technological change.

  • Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px) (3)

    Podcast: What Makes Novartis a Persistent Innovator?


    In the fourth and final episode of the “Persistent Innovators” miniseries, Wade Roush dives into Novartis, the Switzerland-based healthcare company, to explore how long-term innovation can thrive in the world of pharmaceuticals. 

  • Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px) (1)

    Podcast: What Makes LEGO a Persistent Innovator?


    Through the power of the simple, yet famous, LEGO brick, the LEGO company built an international phenomenon that includes theme parks, hundreds of storefronts, and a feature film franchise. However– the path to LEGO’s success wasn’t always so linear. In the latest installment of the “Persistent Innovators” miniseries, Wade Roush takes listeners through the innovative highs and plummeting lows of one of the most well-known toy companies in the world. 

  • Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px)

    Podcast: What Makes Disney a Persistent Innovator?


    With an innovative streaming project in Disney+, multiple award-winning film franchises, and some of the most well-known theme parks on the planet, The Walt Disney Co. is deeply ingrained in American culture – and deeply ingrained in the realm of innovation. How has Disney sustained long-term success, and become a model for other companies? Wade Roush tackles that question and more in the second episode of our Persistent Innovators miniseries.

  • Innovation Answered Season 6 (1080 × 720 px) (1)

    Podcast: What Makes Apple a Persistent Innovator?


    Apple has set the pace for the tech sector for decades, from the original Apple I personal computer to the modern-day iPhone. In the first episode of our “Persistent Innovators” podcast miniseries, Wade Roush takes a deep dive into Apple, the first company in the world to attain a $3 trillion market capitalization, to find out what has kept it on the cutting edge — despite occasional setbacks and leadership changes.

  • Innovation Answered - Sneak - 3

    Sneak Preview of Our Next Podcast Season: The Persistent Innovators


    How innovative companies stay that way is the focus of a special series coming soon from Innovation Answered. We’ll be looking at companies like LEGO, Apple, and Disney and asking what makes them so successful, decade after decade, and how they bounce back from challenges.