June 29th: An Innovator’s Checklist for Success


Innovation is something that every company needs to get right, and innovation management platforms are brilliant tools for realizing this need. However, it’s impossible to just drag and drop a platform into your business and expect it to solve all your problems overnight.

Join us June 29th at 12 p.m. ET for a Master Class, led by Marianna Canino, Director of Customer Success (EMEA) at Wazoku, where we’ll show you how to ensure that your organization is set up to adopt and generate value from your innovation management platform. Based on Wazoku’s 20+ years experience of landing and scaling schemes like this, we’ll outline the knowledge — illustrated through exercises and real-life customer examples — that will build a checklist for adoption success that you can rely on.

About the Speaker

Marianna Canino is the Director of Customer Success at Wazoku, working with a team of Innovation Consultants to deliver first-class services to customers across the EMEA region.

Marianna has spent the last decade building connections that deliver the most for her customers, and she has excelled in producing outcomes that defy expectations to businesses across a range of sizes and industries.

Overall, Marianna has worked with more than 100 companies, embedding and expanding Idea Management Programs to reach their full potential, advising on best practices to maximize outcomes, and leading a team of enthusiastic experts in the innovation industry, establishing Wazoku as a leader in this space.