June 13th: How to Increase your Delivery of Breakthrough Results by 65% Using Cognitive Diversity


Join Jeremy Brown and Dr. Adam Kitt of Sense Worldwide, and Ed Essey of Microsoft Garage, on June 13th at 1 p.m. ET for an exclusive Master Class on cognitive diversity and breakthrough innovation.

Innovation needs people with different minds to deliver different outcomes. But many organizations follow the same strategy of hiring the same types of people: either ‘good team players’ or people with strong leadership behaviors. Cognitive diversity is about including people who see things differently and think differently. When you coordinate people with different perspectives into the innovation process, new ideas emerge which inspire novel innovations that were previously out of reach.

Each stage of the innovation process — be it discovery, ideation, evaluation, or implementation — requires you to find and curate the right minds for the job. Learn how 20+ years of practical innovation and three years of academic research have come together to produce a scientifically backed algorithm that ensures the Goldilocks balance of perspectives can be delivered consistently and at scale. 

In this webcast, we will share:

  • Why many organizations are getting innovation wrong, and what they can do about it.
  • How Microsoft Garage is embracing cognitive diversity to supercharge the largest private hackathon on the planet.
  • How you bring cognitive diversity into your teams to generate bigger and better ideas for your next big innovation.

About the Presenters

Ed Essey, Director of Business Value at Microsoft Garage: Ed manages and coaches teams in the Microsoft Hackathon – the largest private hackathon in the world — a community of 68,000 employees, from 89 countries. This has delivered 10,000 projects and resulted in hundreds of growth initiatives. Ed is leading the charge on AI coaching within the organization. He is a thought leader in innovation and intrapreneurship, with thousands of followers on his blog.

Dr Adam Kitt, R&D Manager at Sense Worldwide: Adam has over a decade of experience using academic research to help businesses develop their creativity, innovation, and leadership potential. He has published in top management journals and has helped shape government policy. He currently specializes in designing diverse, cross-disciplinary teams to deliver breakthrough innovation results.

Jeremy Brown – Founder and CEO of Sense Worldwide. Jeremy created one of the world’s first online social networks — The Sense Network — a unique global community of people who see things differently and think differently. He has pioneered the role of cognitive diversity to deliver breakthrough results. Since 1999, Jeremy has partnered with many of the world’s most innovative companies including Nike, PepsiCo, GE, Sonos, Barclays, and The National Theatre to help them to be more innovative.