Feb. 29th: Venture Building 2.0 — Past Mistakes, New Principles, and a Path to Delivering Meaningful Growth


After two decades of failed attempts, can new corporate venture building models finally deliver an answer to the Innovator’s Dilemma?

From external accelerator programs to internal incubators and failed corporate venture funds, companies have invested billions in over-hyped innovation programs that have mostly failed to deliver tangible innovation outcomes. Now, a new generation of corporate venture building models are overcoming past mistakes to provide a new set of principles, methodologies, and governance structures capable of delivering meaningful near-term growth. 

Understanding and incorporating these new, foundational principles into your innovation efforts can significantly accelerate innovation efforts and deliver meaningful revenue growth. If you want to move on from endless cycles of experimentation to in-market activations, and from “valuable lessons” to meaningful revenue, this webinar is for you. 

Why Attend?

In this webinar Pilot44 Founder, Jon Corshen, will share the core principles of new Venture Building models and provide critical insights gained from Pilot44’s decade-long experience working with the world largest brands.  The session will discuss:

  • The fundamental challenges of venture building in a corporate environment
  • Key principles and actionable steps you can take to set your venture building programs up for success
  • Case studies and real world examples of these principles in action
  • Advanced methodologies & tools, including a simple checklist to evaluate your venture building preparedness

Be Part of the Discussion on February 29th from 1 to 2 PM ET!

Speaker Bio

Jon Corshen 

Co-founder, Managing Partner | Pilot44

Jon Corshen is Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Pilot44, a leading brand innovation and venture building studio based in San Francisco and Singapore. He brings 25 years of leadership developing successful enterprise and internet software companies, and deep expertise spanning nearly every aspect of software design, development, marketing, and sales.  Renowned for his strategic creativity and evangelistic zeal, Jon has a deep passion for disruptive technology, novel innovation, and sustainable corporate growth. His career is distinguished by a consistent ability to spot emerging opportunities, bring innovative products to market, and deliver meaningful growth to global organizations.