UG: Special Report on Innovation Metrics

Special Report on Innovation Metrics

Since we started Innovation Leader, the subject of measuring innovation progress has come up in virtually every interview, off-the-record conversation, and Field Study gathering we’ve had.

Innovation executives want to be sure they’re using the right metrics, and reporting to business unit leaders and senior management teams in a way that ensures continued support and resources.

This report captures what we’ve learned so far — both what executives are tracking today, and what new dimensions they’re still working to capture.

    What’s Inside:

  • Untangling Innovation Metrics
    A look at best practices and next challenges
  • Executives on Metrics
    First-person insights from executives at General Mills, Lowe’s, Intel, J&J, Pitney-Bowes and many others
  • Charts and Graphics
    Survey data on what metrics companies track today, and a matrix showing where they’re heading.
  • Presentations & Slides
    Excerpts of presentations from EMC, Whirlpool, Owens-Corning, and others
  • Resources from Partners
    Additional reading and resources from Innovation Leader Supporters
    Chart Example:


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