Nokia Blends Sci-Fi and Reality to Help Envision the Future

At the Finnish communications and IT company, there are essentially two kinds of scouting that take place: scouting related to mobile networks and how they’re used, and everything else. Leslie Shannon focuses on the “everything else.” She explains how science fiction can be an important bellwether of what technologies will take off.

How science and trends drive innovation at pet foods giant Nestlé Purina

“We really take a long and wide view when we look at innovation,” says Nina Leigh Krueger, President and CMO. “That includes everything from products to processes to package design.” Krueger and VP of Research and Development Dan Smith offered Innovation Leader a look at how the pet food giant created a hit new product, and how human eating and shopping trends impact its business.

Trek exec on trends, social media, and why a skunkworks didn’t work

Of a skunkworks R&D group set up separate from headquarters, Trek exec Chad Manuell says, “There was a gap in buy-in between when they developed a technology, and when one of the business units [said], “Hey, that technology is cool. Let’s put it on our product.” Listen to our half-hour conversation with Manuell or read the highlights…

Collective intelligence: Trends and technologies worth watching

We’re sharing some material here that came out of one of our whiteboard sessions at the recent New York Field Study, which set out to create a list of technologies and trends that will increase in importance over the next five years. The room included about fifteen executives from retail, media, telecommunications, financial services, consumer products, and other industries. Here’s what was on their radar screens…

Innovating amidst changes to the U.S. consumer market

Maurice Nicholson of The Relevance Company, left, discusses the four forces that will affect the relationship between companies and consumers. James Chung of Reach Advisors highlights companies that are winning with a “more for less” strategy. Audio and slides inside…