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Why Agile Retail Needs to be on Your Radar

As 2019 unfolds, physical retail is undergoing a major transformation — one characterized by freshness, nimbleness, and curation. Conversely, losing relevance is the inflexible model of old — one marked by multi-year leases, high fixed costs, and risk. Lindsay Angelo, a former strategy manager at apparel brand lululemon, explains.

TGI Fridays and AI? The Restaurant Chain’s Chief Experience Officer Explains

“Consumers are what disrupt industries — how they think and how they interact, and what they want from a brand,” says Sherif Mityas, the Chief Experience Officer of TGI Fridays.
Mityas sat down with Innovation Leader to discuss how artificial intelligence and personalization can turn occasional customers into regulars. Listen to the interview or read the transcript inside.

Four Ways Retailers are Combatting Disruption in 2019

At the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2019, 16,000 retailers from 3,500 brands discussed how to vie for attention from customers that have access to thousands of options at their fingertips. Find out what big retail companies are working on in the age of Amazon to persist past disruption.

Innovation and Blurring Sectors: Where Will You Blur the Lines in 2019?

Contributing columnist Lindsay Angelo predicts that in 2019, the blurring of sectors will gain steam. She says we’ll see more sectors colliding and combining to create something bigger and more impactful than each could do on its own. Think co-working spaces meet retail, art meets yoga, burgers meet shoes. Where will you blur the lines in 2019?