Live Call: What’s the Right Mix of Internal and External Innovation?

Incubating ideas internally can help companies broaden their innovation portfolio. So can spinning out some ideas as independent entities, or investing in fast-moving startups. But what is the right mix, and how do you make the case?

Join us on January 9th at 1 p.m. ET for a live call with Rob Martens, President of Allegion Ventures, and Elliott Parker Managing Director of Business Design and Corporate Innovation at the venture firm High Alpha. Allegion owns security brands like Schlage and Kryptonite, and launched a $50 million venture capital fund in 2018. Martens and Parker will discuss how venture capital and corporates can work together to bring internal ideas to life. Other discussion topics include how to quickly move ideas through the pipeline, how to invest in innovation, Allegion’s “Sprint Week,” and when to develop ideas internally versus externally.

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