We go inside Google at our upcoming Field Study, and visit innovation labs of Ford, Adobe, others

At our Silicon Valley Field Study, March 30 & 31, 2016, we spent a half-day in the “Google Garage” — the collaborative workspace at the heart of innovation efforts inside the famed “Googleplex.”

We also visited innovation labs at Adobe, Ford, and Vodafone, and execs from Starbucks, Google, Intuit, J&J, and Intel led sessions at the event on topics like scaling pilots and recruiting top talent.

This Field Study also featured our highly-rated whiteboard sessions, where corporate innovation execs shared their learnings on topics and issues defined by our participants, and our participants helped drive the conversation.

As with all of our prior Field Studies there were no keynotes, no PowerPoints, no exhibitors, and no traditional speaker slots. Instead, we provided an intimate forum for senior innovation executives, enabling them to visit other innovation spaces, share best practices, discuss strategies and tools they use, and benefit from the insights of their peers.

Check out photos from our Silicon Valley Field Study here &raquo