What’s a ‘Reverse Pitch,’ and How Can It Help Attract the Best Startups?

At Corporate Innovation Night in Cambridge last month, seven multinational corporations, including Samsung, Embraer, Shell, and General Motors, described how they’re interested in engaging with startups. Includes audio from two of the “reverse pitches.”

Want to Win at Business Model Innovation? Put These Four Pillars in Place

“The typical three-year corporate innovation cycle thus has become all too common,” writes former Nike and Intel innovation executive Rick Waldron. “A giddy first year, filled with excitement and enthusiasm…a challenging second year…and a disappointing (and final) third year in which the pipeline has not generated profitable, new billion-dollar businesses.” Waldron shares his advice on escaping that fate.

Inside the ‘AnyWare’ digital strategy at Domino’s Pizza

Betting big on digital has been very good for Domino’s Pizza, the nation’s second largest pizza chain by sales and locations, after Pizza Hut. In its latest quarterly earnings report, the Ann Arbor, Michigan company said same-store sales grew by 10.7 percent at its domestic franchise locations. Chief Digital Officer Dennis Maloney explains how they’ve been doing it…

3 big company lessons from smartwatch startup Pebble

Pebble took 275,000 pre-orders for its first product, a $150 smartwatch, and also landed it on the shelves of Best Buy. Here’s what you should know about the Silicon Valley startup that is suddenly on the radar of much bigger players like Apple and Samsung. Includes a video interview with founder Eric Migicovsky.