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Here you’ll find actual documents used by our members — including templates, spreadsheets, powerpoint slides, project documents, and more — from innovation executives at large companies like Coca-Cola, Target, Intel, Disney, Marriott, Nike, Starbucks, Procter & Gamble, and many others. Choose the category "Innovation Leader Resources" to see those created by Innovation Leader, in collaboration with former executives at Pfizer, Transamerica, Keurig Dr Pepper, VMware, BNY Mellon, and other companies.

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3 Slides to Help Ensure Strategic Alignment and Deliver Value

By Innovation Leader

Short PowerPoint deck collecting graphics related to determining what job the organization expects innovators to do, and how they can get aligned with overarching strategy.


Suggested Metrics for Your Innovation Portfolio

By Target Corp.

Created by Ravi Kanniganti of Target Corp. to accompany an article on metrics, this PDF lays out ways to track the health of an innovation portfolio; pilot tests run with startups; intrapreneurial projects; and more.


Scenario Planning for the Impact of Coronavirus

By Innovation Leader

This PowerPoint deck, created by a former Director of Innovation in the aerospace industry, argues that scenario planning is crucial right now, and presents a simple approach to it.