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Here you’ll find actual documents used by our members — including templates, spreadsheets, powerpoint slides, project documents, and more — from innovation executives at large companies like Coca-Cola, Target, Intel, Disney, Marriott, Nike, Starbucks, Procter & Gamble, and many others. Choose the category "Innovation Leader Resources" to see those created by Innovation Leader, in collaboration with former executives at Pfizer, Transamerica, Keurig Dr Pepper, VMware, BNY Mellon, and other companies.

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Data on Innovation Metrics and Reporting, by Industry

By Matt Wolfinger, Innovation Leader

How do you create measurements to gauge innovation progress? Answering that question was a key focus of a 2021 report. This resource presents the data from that report in a series of visualizations that you can sort by industry.


Overview of the Lean Startup Approach to Innovation

By Alexandru Darie

Deck from 2019 providing a thorough overview of the lean startup methodology, along with many helpful templates. Used inside a manufacturing company to help guide the development of mobile apps, as well as hardware, IoT connected products, and research initiatives.

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Video: Hiring Dynamics in 2021

In this IL members’ meeting recorded in January 2021, innovators from across industries shared recent experiences adding to their teams, recruiting executives, and navigating the job market. Our guests included Tuck Rickards of Russell Reynolds Associates, Alex Pavlou of Bamboo Crowd, Maureen Rinkunas of Coplex, Paul Campbell of British ...