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Corporate Innovation Club

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If you work on the challenge of making new stuff happen inside an established organization (for-profit, non-profit, government agency), then the Corporate Innovation club on Clubhouse wants you!

The Corporate Innovation club on the Clubhouse app exists to foster high-quality, fun, inclusive, and useful conversations about fostering experimentation, spurring change, and finding opportunities for growth within established organizations.

Some examples of the types of discussions we are having in the Corporate Innovation Club are "The Disruptor’s Dilemma: Hard Truths About Big Change" with Fast Company co-founder Bill Taylor and Mona Vernon of Fidelity Labs; "ALIEN Thinking: What Is It? And How Can You Apply It?" with Cyril Bouquet and Michael Wade of IMD Business School; "Change Agents: Let's Shatter Some Innovation Myths!"; and "Innovation Metrics: Best (and Worst) Practices." To see our full schedule of events, click here.

Some things to know:

• If you follow the club on Clubhouse, you’ll get notifications about events as they start.
• If you are looking at an upcoming event on the Clubhouse app, you can click the “Add to Cal” link in the bottom right corner of the screen to add it to your own calendar as a reminder.
• If you would like to host discussions under the aegis of the Corporate Innovation Club, please contact
• Use this link to see a complete list of our upcoming events or to share them:

Clubhouse is a free, invitation-only, audio-focused app where users can gather and create discussion rooms. Not sure if you should join? Read our explainer for corporate professionals!