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    Three Approaches to Innovation Metrics in 2020


    What metrics matter most right now? On a recent videoconference, Innovation Leader members shared a few…

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    Strengthen Your Case for Continued Investment


    This downloadable Word document assumes that your senior executive team’s innovation priorities may be shifting. It lays out two pathways for addressing that: Capitalize & Grow, or Protect & Defend.

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    Collected Data from Innovation Leader’s Recent Reports


    Innovation Leader publishes in-depth quarterly special reports on a variety of topics, from startup engagement, to working with risk and compliance, to executing on quick wins, and more. This presentation collects charts and graphs from Innovation Leader’s recent research reports for your use.

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    Gensler: Everything You’d Ever Want (or Never Want) in an Innovation Hub


    An innovation hub is a distinct environment strategically designed and actively nurtured to promote a way of working that is fundamentally different from an organization’s norm. (Some call them labs, centers, accelerators, or incubators.) But not all innovation hubs are created equal. Innovation Leader and Gensler, the design and architecture firm, teamed up to create an illustrated guide to innovation hubs — the good and the bad. 

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    Capital Group: Applying Design Thinking Methods


    Details how the investment management firm is applying design thinking.

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    WD-40: Project Management Guide


    Lots of definitions and templates related to the project management process at WD-40.

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    Dunkin’ Brands: What Happens in an Internet Minute?


    Why do you need to move fast? This graphic lays out all of the things that happen on the Internet every minute, from Amazon sales to Netflix movies viewed.

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    LogMeIn: The Innovation Journey


    Explores how the collaboration software companies thinks about horizons; lean startup; training; and scaling projects that work.

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    Citigroup: Startup Coach Job Description


    Job description for a Singapore-based position at Citi Ventures — a D10X Startup Coach and Entrepreneur-in-Residence who will play “a critical role in the D10X program by helping the D10X startup teams keep their ‘eye on the prize’, providing an outside-in perspective, staying true to the D10X process and generally ...

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    Disney: Director of Technologies, Innovation Enablement


    Job description for a role at Disney that will “be responsible for establishing this new function through the development of strategies for the Emerging Technologies portfolio, and facilitating the delivery of innovative projects from ideation through implementation.”

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    Google: Innovation Principles


    Created by the Google for Work Innovation Lab, which helps to train Google employees, this 19-slide deck lays out a set of principles that guide innovation at the company, including “be prototype-driven” and ”focus on the user — and all else follows.”

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    Technology Trends Radar


    Submitted anonymously in 2018, this slide looks at technology trends that apply to a company’s core business — or could be relevant to adjacent or white space projects. Includes blockchain, quantum computing, AI, and drones as examples.

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    Medtronic: Meaningful Innovation Brief


    Short overview of how the medical device maker defines “meaningful innovation,” along with some examples of successful projects. Breaks innovation down into “therapy innovation,” “system innovation,” and ”procedural innovation.”

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    ECMC: Project Submission Form


    Form for submitting ideas for projects to the innovation team at the student loan company ECMC. Includes definition of an “ideal project” — as well as what is less than ideal.

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    Exelon: Driving a Culture of Innovation


    Overview of trends and digital transformation strategy at the $33.5 billion energy company — as well as the challenges of pursuing innovation in the nuclear power industry.

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    Chick-fil-a: Needs, Problems, and Opportunities


    A bit hard to follow without notes or a presenter, but covers the ART process (Audience, Reframe, Translate) and getting to a real understanding of customer problems.

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    Black & Veatch: Growth Accelerator Overview


    Slide deck outlining the growth accelerator at Black Veatch, a $3.2 billion engineering firm based in Kansas City, Mo. The accelerator “works both outside our core business and with our core businesses. In either case, we seek to discover new opportunities for clients and the global communities in ...

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    NBA: Developing an Innovation Strategy


    Five steps to creating an innovation strategy. Just one slide, but captures the key questions to ask.

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    Caliber Public Safety: Hackathon Flyer


    Hackathon overview, definition, and agenda, from a technology solutions company.

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    Intel: Corporate Innovation Program Metrics


    A succinct one-page guide to creating metrics for various aspects of a corporate innovation program, from process to people to customer development to decision-making.