Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Resources

Here you’ll find actual documents used by our subscribers — including templates, spreadsheets, powerpoint slides, project documents, and more — from innovation executives at large companies like Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, CVS, Fidelity, Intel, GE, Nike, Starbucks, Procter and Gamble, Target, and many others.

Culture, Personnel, and Org Structure

Innovation Team Building Blocks

Flowchart for organizing an innovation team around insights and standards.

American Family Insurance

Innovation Org Design

A flow-chart of the company's innovation organization.


Attributes of Innovators

An interesting one-page chart for assessing innovation potential in an employee or potential new hire.

BAE Systems

Grassroots Innovation and Senior Leadership – Tying it all Together

How the company bridges the gap between what senior leadership wants and how the company executes grassroots innovation.

Brown Brothers Harriman

Guide to Overseeing the Innovation Discipline

Nice, short internal guide that was created by the Chief Innovation Officer to brief executives on how they can best engage with and support the innovation team.


Creating the Culture

A 41-page PDF document outlining the company's thoughts on the defining characterstics of an innovative culture, and how they hope to achieve that goal.


#Innovation Roles

A one-page outline of the roles on the company's "#innovation" team, including roles geared to strategy, catalysts, and franchisees.


How Incremental and Disruptive Innovation Differ

Featured in a recent article with General Motors R&D executive Clay Phillips, this one-pager highlights skills and methods needed for incremental vs. disruptive innovation.


Assembling & Empowering the Teams

One-page chart focused on answering the question "What's a Win?" in innovation and R&D.


Employee Handbook

This unique employee handbook for the semiconductor giant is called "Freelance Nation," and discusses the company's culture around the concepts of freedom and flexibility.


Work Practices Innovation Team

The philosophy driving the company's work practices innovation team.


Work Practices Innovation Team

A one-page outline of the goals, challenges, and guiding principles for the company's Work Practices Innovation Team.

Liberty Mutual

Org Chart

A one-page view of the company's innovation organization inside its personal insurance division.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Innovation team org chart

An illustrated organizational chart for the company's personal insurance innovation teams.

Marsh and McLennan

Innovation Performance Review Worksheet

A worksheet that evaluates an innovation team member on concepts such as project work, "outside-in perspective," idea generation, and more.

Marsh and McLennan

Innovation Team Onboarding

Very interesting schedule that looks at the onboarding process for new innovation executives at the $12.3 billion risk and insurance firm.


DevDiv Culture

A presentation that reviews the company's cultural values and behaviors as discovered at a recent "devdiv" event.

Sealed Air

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

A manifesto outlining the company's culture of innovation.

Snap-on Tools

Building a Culture of Innovation: Process or People?

26-slide overview of Chief Innovation Officer Ben Brenton's approach, with a special focus on "driving innovation through customer connection."


Organizing for Disruptive Innovation

The organizational flowchart of the company's innovation teams, including the flexible headcount and an outline of the competencies common to all team members.


Shaping Stryker’s Innovation Culture

Includes a framework with four quadrants that comprise the major culture types, and how some companies need to "migrate" to succeed.


Innovation Ambassadors

An outline of the company's Innovation Ambassador program, which "help create, model, and nurture a positive, self-motivated" innovation culture.

Vodafone Global Enterprise

Innovation: The Catalyst for Change

Overview of the innovation program at the telecommunications company, with a special focus on how they created a global network of innovation champions; the impact so far; and best practices in setting up a similar champion network. Includes a chart summarizing comments from the employees who have participated.

W.L. Gore

Innovator Competencies

A one-page outlining the competencies required for innovation - including technical knowledge, disciplined execution, and others.

Events, Contests, and Competitions

Innovation Contest 2015

An overview of the company's innovation contest process, including timelines, judging criteria, and challenges.

BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria)

Capitalizing on innovation

Overview of how the Spanish bank runs its "Open Talent" competition for startups focused on the financial services industry, which generated 653 applications in 2015.


Innovation Day Pitch Deck

A slide deck template for participants in Boeing's Innovation Day competition.

Boston Children's Hospital

2014 Innovators Showcase Exhibit brochure

Quick two-page agenda and list of innovations featured in a 2014 Innovator's Showcase.

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Clinical Innovation Day Agenda

Sample agenda of an "innovation day," include session descriptions and and details on the hospitals Idea Lab

Capital One

Real Estate Innovation Forum

Guiding principles of the firm's Real Estate Innovation Symposium from 2013

Harris Computer

The Innovator’s Voice

A guide to the company's "Innovator’s Voice Competition," which enables individuals and teams to spend some of their time innovating and creating new, novel products and services for customers.


Catalyst booklet: Innovation at Intuit

Booklet that includes an agenda from Catalyst, a day-long innovation event held at Intuit; an overview of the innovation mechanisms in place at the company, like 10 percent unstructured time and idea jams; and a section on tools and methods like "customer safaris," storyboarding, and empathy maps.

Liberty Mutual

Innovation Ideation Session

A guide to the company's 90-minute brainstorm session, including rules and exercises.


Innovation Days MIHQ Schedule

The complete agenda for Marriott's week-long "Innovation Days" program. Includes day-by-day sessions, descriptions, and more.

Marsh and McLennan

Innovation Workshop Agenda

The two-day innovation workshop agenda at MMC. Includes objectives, desired outcomes, assignments, and complete agenda.


Innovation Workshop Agenda

The agenda for a one-and-a-half day innovation workshop, including sessions on journey mapping, problem statements, and concept refinements.


Futurecasting Innovation Exercise

A fun internal Nike event called "Attack from Left Field," which includes disruption exercises for a number of the company's industries as well as team pitches and result predictions.


Idea Dash

A document outlining the company's idea challenge, called Idea Dash, including a 10-week timeline, key activities, and awards.

NTT Data

Running Global Innovation Workshops

Overview of the innovation workshop program at Tokyo-based NTT Data, an IT services firm with 76,000 employees. Includes slides on the benefits of running workshops.


Demo Days Agenda

The agenda for the publishing company's "Demo Days," which highlights pitches from startups and how they propose to work within Pearson.


Customer Dreaming Session Agenda

A look inside Xerox's "dreaming sessions." Includes full agenda and five preparation questions to maximize the value of the sessions.

Frameworks & Models

Ideas to Impact Framework

A short presentation identifying how the company uses its insights to imagine, identify, and capitalize on business opportunities.

American Greetings

Storytelling 101

A really well-written treatise on the company's approach to innovation, centered around telling stories.


Flavors of Innovation

Two slides lay out a great way to think about various initiatives, or "flavors of innovation," that a company might pursue, from a cultural initiative to a workshop series to a venture fund to a spin-out company. Each one has different levels of risk, different funding requirements, and different potential outcomes. Includes definitions of each kind of initiative.


Model for Innovation

A guiding innovation model for Aon Health & Benefits, including guiding principles, flowcharts, and an illustrated R&D process.

Associated Press

Cloud First Framework

A very detailed framework for determining whether a solution is suitable for the cloud, and then an step-by-step overview of migrating to the cloud.


Foresight at Assurant

An overview of the company's competitive landscape and strategy to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Boston Children's Hospital

How to cross the O-gap

The Chief Innovation Officer at the hospital discusses how to close the "operational gap" and other innovation challenges.

Boston Children's Hospital

Where are you in the innovation lifecycle

Explores key stages in innovation, from Initiate and Ideate, to Pilot and Operationalize (to name a few).

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Innovation Capabilities in Pharma RD

19-page presentation looks at "Continuous Improvement," innovation, and the organizational capacity; includes innovation roadmap, more.

Capital One

Innovation Guiding and Operating Principles

Excellent, short, two-page document that outlines both guiding principles and operating principles related to innovation at Capital One's commercial real-estate group.

Capital One

Innovation Strategy

A quick look at the firm's planning, testing and reporting methodology around innovation project management.


Building Engagement for Innovation Success

A 23-page presentation from VP Global Innovation Gerry Myers that emphasizes collaboration and social innovation; discusses their internal social business platform, CONNX


Innovation in the Knowledge Economy

Looks at innovation that must be open and collaborative, social and decentralized (with a "light-touch" approach), and focused on a portfolio approach.


Innovation Framework

Illustrates how innovation isn't a "function" at the company, but is rather embedded across the system; discusses their "three tiers" to guide innovation efforts.

CVS Health

CVS Health on digital vision and strategy

Short presentation from CVS Health Chief Digital Officer Brian Tilzer on how the company is working to "empower a connected health experience."


Innovation and Venturing at Dell

Explanation of how and why Dell integrated corporate venturing into the innovation system, expanding upon existing systems and procedures.

Dun & Bradstreet

Innovation Framework

A one-page overview of the company's approach to the "5-Ps Framework for Innovation."


Architecting Tomorrow

A look inside the oil and gas giant's "Architecture & Technology" innovation group, with details on roles, structure, objectives, tools, and more.


Innovation Playbook

An update on the company's innovation strategy.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Innovation Framework

Couldn't be much shorter or more precise: Outlines the innovation framework's goals in one sentence, and provides three bullets on strategy. Nice.

Garlock / EnPro

Driving Innovation

A 27-page PDF detailing the company's approach to innovation and its goals.


Governance Council — Overview

Overview of how the Governance Council that oversees the company's innovation group works. Also slides on creating an innovation culture — traits and practices.


6-Thon Framework

An open framework for executing innovation and measuring success.

Local Corp.

Innovation KPI Matrix

A look at the company's framework for analyzing Key Performance Indicators.


Innovation Framework

A one-page overview of the company's innovation framework, from "Needs Definition / Idea Submission" through to "Transfer to Program Development."


Startups and Innovation

A look at the company's approach to working with startups, told with a humorous "pac-man"-style narrative.

Sabre Labs

Framework for dissent

A framework for fostering productive discussions in order to make prototyping and project decisions.


Applied Innovation Overview

A structured framework of the company's Applied Innovation program, guided by senior leaders.

Thomson Reuters

Innovation Strategy Framework

An overview of the company's frameworks, including an innovation landscape map and a "sustained innovation capability maturity model."

US Bank

Framework for Payments Innovation

Delivered by the Chief Innovation Officer at the financial services firm, the document covers mission, current approach, training, and ongoing engagement.


xone Innovation Program

Provides a view of the goals, processes, and areas of focus of Vodafone's "xone" innovation initiative.


Innovation Dashboard

A visual representation of Whirlpool's now-famous dashboard (from 2013), which provides a snapshot view of initiatives, projected revenue, pipeline, and more.

Innovation Leader Resources
Innovation Leader

Innovation Maturity Guide: Five Stages of Innovation Evolution

What does progress look like when you’re the team tasked with doing the new stuff? It’s a question that comes up at most of our in-person gatherings. What are the characteristics of each stage of innovation, the things you ought to be focusing on, and the risks that you may not make it to the next stage? We worked on this large-format illustration with our friends at XPLANE. It lays out the important decision points, leader priorities, and potential dead-ends of building an innovation program that has broad-scale impact in the organization.

Innovation Leader

Survey Questions on Innovation Culture

Are you looking for a way to understand whether your company's innovation culture is improving, staying the same, or getting worse? R&D and innovation executives share with us the questions they've used as part of quarterly or annual surveys to "take the temperature" of the organization.

Innovation Leader

The Corporate Innovation Ecosystem: Map & Discussion Guide

Illustrated map laying out the key players inside the company, and outside it, who can contribute to (or sometimes inhibit) corporate innovation. Includes discussion questions useful in laying out innovation strategy and timeframe, and defusing some of the tensions that can occur. Useful guide for a management team discussing how to approach innovation with key employees who will be leading the charge. Developed by Innovation Leader and XPLANE.

Innovation Leader

Innovation Approaches

Collected from 15+ innovation execs in early 2015, this tries to capture what innovation leaders are doing when they are setting strategy; trying to change company culture; building capabilities for cultivating and testing new ideas; and investing in promising startups.

Innovation Leader

Lean Startup in Large Organizations — Survey Data

Overview of the results from our May 2016 survey on how the lean startup methodology is being used in large companies, including benefits and challenges; software being used and training programs being run; key allies and supporters to cultivate; and general advice. This is a summary document related to our Q2 2016 research report, "Lean Startup: Making it work in large organizations."

Innovation Leader

Getting Connected Products Right

Highlights from our 2016 Connected Products Survey, emphasizing investment levels, challenges, and success factors. Produced in collaboration with Altitude.

Innovation Leader

Best & Worst Practices in Measuring Innovation

Presentation from Front End of Innovation 2015 covering some of the ways companies do (and should) track innovation — and where metrics are headed.

Innovation Leader

2015 Innovation Benchmarking Report

Highlights from our 2015 Benchmarking Report, produced in collaboration with Innosight. Includes data on program focus, maturity stage, team size, tools being used, why projects get killed, and more.

Innovation Leader

The Innovation Imperative

Ideal for someone just getting started in an innovation role, making the case for sufficient resources, or working to get a program off the ground. This 2017 presentation collects some of the best advice we've heard on getting an initiative going; some of the choices that you'll face; some of our survey data about average maturity or sophistication of innovation efforts at large companies; guidance on what to measure; powerful CEO quotes on the value of innovation; things that can prove fatal to innovation programs; and examples of companies doing it right.

Innovation Leader

Ties Between Innovation & Business Units — Survey Data

2017 survey data on the relationship between innovation/R&D groups and the business units, including who supplies funding, who sets the agenda, and how well the hand-off works.

Innovation Leader

Corporate Innovation Roadmap

Getting consensus to launch a new innovation initiative can require tremendous time and energy. We put together this two-page roadmap/worksheet to help you think through some of the elements you’ll need to put in place to ensure that projects make it to the finish line, and that you can build your team, momentum, and reputation for delivering results over time.

Innovation Leader

Dealing With Failure

The best organizations in the world will experience failure — they expect it. And they are ready to learn from it and adapt. Here’s some advice from Julia Austin, CTO of DigitalOcean and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, about dealing with failure.

Innovation Leader

RASCI Matrix: For Clarifying Roles & Building Support for Projects

A RASCI matrix is a tool that can be used to build consistent support for innovation, while mitigating against common failure modes like role ambiguity, when people aren’t sure what exactly they’re supposed to do — or want to weigh in more than you’d like. This downloadable Excel spreadsheet is a sample RASCI matrix for a generic “innovation project,” showing how typical tasks might be assigned to various roles throughout the life of the project. Includes instructions on how to use. Developed by Aaron Proietti, former SVP/Innovation at Transamerica.

Innovation Leader

Sample Monthly Progress Report

This “straw man” report is designed to provide holistic, near-continuous feedback to stakeholders so that the organization can ensure that the best innovation investment decisions are being made. You can use this template to fit various types of work, from experiments to bigger projects to cultural work to business unit-specific launches that require innovative thinking. Developed by Aaron Proietti, former SVP/Innovation at Transamerica.

Innovation Leader

Making the Case for Innovation

Annotated presentation to help you define the vision for innovation; create a financial justification for investment; detail the benefits; discuss the competitive landscape; set up success milestones; and more. Developed for Innovation Leader by Aaron Proietti, former SVP/Innovation at Transamerica.

Innovation Leader

Six Types of Innovation Lab — Pros and Cons

This one-page PDF lays out the six primary types of innovation labs we’ve seen, as well as the pros and cons of each and examples of companies that have launched them.

Innovation Leader

Idea Evaluation Scorecard

This offers a complete system for logging, screening, classifying, and scoring ideas that an innovation group might devote resources to. Developed by Aaron Proietti, former SVP of Innovation at Transamerica, it's an Excel spreadsheet that can be easily adapted for your own use.

Innovation Leader

CEOs & Innovation: Four Archetypes

From the Fall 2017 issue of Innovation Leader's magazine, this one-pager captures, in a playful way, the different kinds of CEO personalities when it comes to innovation, including the Visionary, the Cheerleader, and the Advocate. Which one best describes the CEO you work for?

Innovation Leader

11 Major Barriers to Innovation, with Proposed Solutions

Building a successful and enduring innovation program requires that you identify the barriers that may inhibit progress — ideally, before you smash into them at full speed. Working to predict and mitigate the key barriers can make the business more accepting of new ideas. Below are eleven of the most common barriers we've seen in large companies. After each, you'll find a list of the symptoms that accompany each barrier; questions that can be posed to help your colleagues and senior management better understand the barrier; as well as some potential solutions which may help you prevail. Developed by Aaron Proietti, former SVP of Innovation at Transamerica.

Job Descriptions

Behavior Design Job Description

Job description for a Global Marketing Senior Manager, who would report to a Customer Experience Leader and participate in the development and execution of multiple and highly cross-functional initiatives.

BCBS of Massachusetts

Innovation Analyst Job Description

A nice, concise job description for an Innovation Analyst, who would be responsible for sourcing investment opportunities that strengthen the company's core business.

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Executive Director Innovation Job Description

Job description for Executive Director of the hospital's Innovation Hub, reporting to the Chief Quality Officer and SVP of Research.

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Innovation Strategist Job Description

Job description for a "highly visible" position responsible for creating and supporting a culture of innovation at the hospital.

Brown Brothers Harriman

Innovation Discipline VP Job Description

Key position will evaluate and analyze business ideas, recommend a course of action, present analysis to leadership, execute recommendations, and more.

Citi Ventures

Director Innovation Network Job Description

A job description for a director position on Citi Ventures' Innovation Network team, which is charged with supporting and accelerating the work at Citi's innovation labs.


Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Job Description

A job description for the company's chief strategy and innovation officer, including a position summary, key duties and responsibilities, and the impact the position is expected to have on the organization.

Delta Faucet

Innovation Manager Job Description

Official job description for the company's R&D Innovation Manager.


Director of Innovation Job Description

A short description outlining the responsibilities of the company's director of innovation.


Job Description for Head of Incubator

Outline's the tax giant's search for an entrepreneur to lead its Americas Tax Services Incubator.


Job Description: Director of Strategic Innovation

Job description for the company's strategic innovation director, including a summary, responsibilities, and qualifications.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Job description: Director, Innovation Commercialization

A brief job description for the company's Director, Innovation Commercialization position.

Marsh and McLennan

Innovation Job Description

Well organized job description covers the responsibilities and skills needed for an Innovation & Product Development Director.


Entrepreneur in Residence Job Description

A detailed job description for the company's Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program.

Safeco Insurance

Job description: Manager, Special Projects, Innovation

A job description for the company's manager of special projects, innovation, based in Seattle. Includes responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits.


Innovation Job Description

Job description for a Growth Initiatives Team Leader, which is "responsible for defining and driving disruptive innovation efforts against an identified strategic opportunity."



The job description for the company's entrepreneur-in-residence, including principal responsibilities and requirements.

Thomson Reuters

Draft CINO Job Description

A draft outlining the responsibilities, requirements, and even potential job titles for the top innovation job at Thomson Reuters.

Labs & Centers

Customer Innovation Labs

14-page overview describes 7-Eleven's "pragmatic approach" to creating new revenue-generating partners, channels and apps. Covers objectives and their business-driven approach.


Enterprise Innovation POV

A graphical overview of a company's innovation lab efforts, including an "Innovation Ambition Matrix" and models of corporate entrepreneurship.


Life Science iHub Overview

An overview and photos of the company's Life Science iHub center and team.

BNY Mellon

Global Innovation Centers Overview

Short overview of BNY's network of innovation centers, their approach, and focus.

Cambia Health Solutions

Cambia Grove overview

Two-page overview of the Cambia Grove, a collaborative space that insurer Cambia Health Solutions is opening in Seattle in 2015 with a vision to "catalyze the development of a vibrant local health care innovation cluster."

Eastern Bank

Overview of labs initiative

Short presentation from December 2014 about the team behind Eastern Bank's new Eastern Labs initiative, and what they're focusing on.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Accelerator Lab

Written like a press release, this quick one-pager explains the goals and results of the bank's second Accelerator Lab.

Hearst Corp.

Innovation lab overview

Short overview of the innovation lab at Hearst Health, including mission and some of the methodologies it uses to develop new offerings.

Hearst Health

Innovation Lab Methodology

Nice overview of the innovation methodology in place at the Hearst Health Innovation Lab, with examples of committee reports, challenges, lessons and more. Includes sample pitches.

Hearst Health

Innovation Lab Overview

Looks at the mission of the Hearst Innovation Lab, and explores its core capabilities, guiding principles, annual objectives, and more.


Driving Open Innovation

How Honda's Silicon Valley Lab is engaging with startups, including providing test vehicles, funding, mentorship, and collaborative workspace.


Mobile Innovation Lab Process and Approach

One-page visual representation of IBM's Mobile Innovation Lab, with a focus on the processes of Discover, Select, Plan and Build.

Intel Labs Europe

Open Innovation 2.0

Presentation focuses on how Intel Labs is seeking to create technology that is relevant to society by working with four outside constituencies: government, academia, citizens, and other companies. Includes slide on how company works toward making innovation "predictable, probable and profitable," rather than occasional and project-based.

John Hancock / Manulife

Lab of Forward Thinking — Overview and Hackathon Agenda

Overview of the new Lab of Forward Thinking (LOFT) at John Hancock / Manulife, and agenda for the group's launch event and employee hackathon.

Metrics & Scorecards
Adobe Systems

Innovation Scorecard

Scorecard for ideas proposed as part of Adobe's internal Kickbox Innovation Workshops. Considers factors like customer value, company fit, and risk level. Good, clear definitions of things like "addressable market size" and "fit with brand."

BCBS of Massachusetts

Innovation Overview

An overview of innovation inside the "Diversified Business Group" at BCBS of MA. Explains goals, process, sourcing, measurement, and more.

Boston Children's Hospital

Creating a culture of crowd-sourced innovation

A review of the hospital's experience with a recent hackathon, raising questions of metrics and "what's next?"


Measuring Insight & Innovation

How the company measures its innovation efforts, including a scorecard, key drivers, and a maturity model.


Innovation Roadmap

Explanation of EMC's international idea contest and innovation pipeline. Includes their roadmap, "incubation readiness levels," ROI metrics, and more.

Owens Corning

Innovation for Value Creation

Short PowerPoint presentation that covers Owens Corning's market intelligence and brainstorming tool; capabilities mapping; measuring the return on innovation; and the company's various awards for innovative and high-performing teams.


Innovation Scorecard

Very simple and innovative (can we say that?) rating system for scoring elements of the innovatino program. Uses simple red, yellow and green for 10 key questions.

Processes & Methodologies
Alaska Airlines

Product Development Process

A brief and informative overview of the company's product development process, including support functions and relationships, provided by the customer innovation R&D team.


Innovation Studio

An overview of Anthem's innovation approach, team and process.


Front End and New Product Development Process Flow Charts

A one-slide document mapping out Armstrong's processes around front-end and new product development.

Associated Press

Cloud First Decision Tree

A fairly technical methodology to help determine if a new or existing product or solution is appropriate for the cloud.

Associated Press

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

A 12-page technical document outlining the company's "Proteus" CD (continuous development) process.


Idea Crowdsourcing Challenges

A map of the company's process for running internal idea crowdsourcing challenges.


From Ideation to Production

Flowchart and accompanying slide describing how the company creates a channel for innovation in IT.

Boston Children's Hospital

Healthcare software innovation – Why in-house accelerators are better

Discusses some of the advantages of an in-house incubator, including the ability to rapidly create and test novel software solutions.


Innovation Platform

A slide deck describing the innovation platform and processes of the company.


New Approach to Innovation

Short document that looks at the "next generation" of Open Innovation, contrasting it with prior models and showing a case study.


Evolution of Design Thinking

A five-page document outlining the evolution of the design thinking framework at Clorox, along with questions to ask during the process and the concept of "connective thinking."


Agile Development for Innovation

An outline of the company's migration to a more agile innovation process, from a long, five-gate process to a new, shorter, three-gate process with "hard stops."

Constant Contact

Innovation at Constant Contact

Excellent view of innovation at the company, starting with buidling MVP or "Minimum Viable Products," progressing through Pilot, Scaling and Integration phases. Worth a look.

Constant Contact

Design Sprint Kit

An incredible document presenting the company's flexible product design framework.

Crown Equipment

Dimensions of Tension Method Guide

An overview of the company's structured exercise to stimulate discussion and surface assumptions around topics like the strategic rationale, the business opportunity, or the development approach.


Building a Disruptive Innovation Capability

A nicely illustrated document outlining the company's efforts to build a disruptive capability - including flow-charts and graphs.


Innovation Growth Board Process

An overview of the company's enterprise-wide process to identify, execute and oversee strategic growth projects.


Innovation Training for Sales Team Members

Overview of a training program Dell runs for account executives, sales engineers, and support staff who work in the company's services organization. Titled "Making Innovation a Way of Life."


Innovation Behaviors

The nine behaviors that drive the company's innovation efforts.


Innovation Process and Agile Methodology

An overview and timeline of the company's products and a review of their innovation process and "agile methodology."

Dyn Inc.

Innovation Process

Includes a nice visual process framework, their four-stage planning process, and the development concept of Tribes, Squads and Guilds.

EnPro / Compressor Products Int'l

Innovation System: Commercial Overview

A flow document outlining the company's innovation processes.


Guiding Principles

A well-illustrated guide to the company's innovation philosophy.

Ernst & Young

Delivering Agile Innovation

Includes "the nine principles of agile innovation," and visually explains EY's "innovation flight map." Partially a sales pitch, but includes nice research data and more.


Design Thinking Approach

A two-page overview of the testing firm's Design Thinking approach and a look at the goals of the company in developing new products and services.


Grassroots Innovation Forum

Overview of how ExxonMobil created an online "virtual café" where company IT employees can share ideas for improvements and cost-savings, and get funding and mentoring to move them forward.


Building a Toolkit for Innovation

Excellent document prompts you to think about your approach to innovation with key steps on objectives, tools, personnel, culture, and more. Includes examples.


Products Operating System

A one-page flowchart showing the systems and process for the company's product development and innovation.

GE Appliance

GE Appliance FirstBuild

A look at the co-creation strategy known as 1B or "firstbuild" at GE Appliance. Includes idea-filtering processes, product innovation strategies, compensation rewards, and more.


Innovation Process

A one-page chart showing the innovation process at the venerable tire & rubber company.


Process Framework for Customer Centered Innovation

A one-page look at the processes and skill sets required to perform innovation at the company.


Innovation vision and approach

A 13-page overview outlining the company's innovation approach, including focus areas, business drivers, and illustrated examples.


Looking at the edge to understand the future

An overview of how the furniture maker collects consumer insights, runs hackathons, and uses an innovation space in Copenhagen to explore future living trends. Includes video.


Work Practices Innovation Menu

A fun, one-page "menu" of questions, activities, and thought-provoking ideas to inspire innovation at the company.


Rapid Experimentation

This 26-page presentation is tough to follow with narrative, but it outlines how to do rapid experimentation, and even includes an exercise to try.

Kelly Services

Innovation Process

Three page output looks at the three steps in business process innovation at Kelly: Discovery, Incubation, and Acceleration. Includes roles and oversight for each step.


Crowd innovation pipeline process

An outline of the company's "What If?" pilot program for internal crowdsourcing of innovation ideas.

MassMutual Ventures


Overview of the program that allows MassMutual to participate in disruptive innovations emerging out of the early- and mid-stage private company markets.


Surviving the Innovation Danger Zone

Presentation from Chief Innovation Officer John Geyer that offers an overview of the insurer's innovation program, process, tools, and five keys to surviving the "innovation danger zone," when projects have gotten underway but haven't yet delivered results.


UnitedHealth Group Case Study

This brief case study looked at how the $122.5 billion healthcare giant created its "ignite! Innovation" process, which enabled leaders to engage employees and generate ideas.


Front End of the Pipeline Exploration

A one-page flowchart describing how the company identifies, defines, and prioritizes problems & opportunities.


Overview of Optum Garage

A full overview of the Optum Garage training program, which helps teams build new products, establish new businesses and expand customer value through a convenient immersion training program.


Imaginarium Approach to Design and Prototyping

Covered in a recent Innovation Leader profile, this two-page document outlines three stemps to innovating and testing approaches to clinical trials.

Seyfarth Shaw

Lean by Design

An article on client-centered service design written by the law firm's chairman.


How our global external innovation team works

How the open innovation team at Sherwin-Williams, the paint and coatings giant, scouts new technologies in academia and the startup world; evaluates promising technologies; and forges partnerships.

Stanley Black and Decker

Total Innovation

An overview of the company's "total innovation" approach, with current processes and best practices. Focuses on participation, culture, and showcasing innovation.


Customer Centered Design Principles

The company's reasoning behind customer-centered design, which it says allows teams to understand and deliver solutions to address unmet needs, hidden opportunities, and difficult problems.


Lean Product Development in a Very Big Organization

Overview of how the Spanish telecommunications company has been deploying the lean startup approach with consumers and business customers.

The Hershey Company

Innovation Imperatives in Large Organizations

Deborah Arcoleo has spent more than a decade as a senior innovation executive at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Campbell Soup, and now The Hershey Company. These slides share her "credo" on the six elements that must be in place to make true innovation happen inside a big company.


Innovation Portal: The Big Belly

A document outlining how the company implemented an idea-generation system, including vendor selection, promotion to employees, outcomes, and future challenges.

Vodafone Global Enterprise and Thomson Reuters

Co-creation methodology graphic

Printable process graphic that shows the process that Vodafone and Thomson Reuters went through, from discovery to executive commitment to validation, on a recent co-creation project.


The Secret Alchemy

Looks at the company's strategic approach to innovation, and focuses on the concept of "competencies." Provides examples and lots of helpful illustrations.

Strategy Presentations

Innovation Presentation

29-page presentation includes a cute history lesson, and four lessons of innovation. Includes a 7-Eleven "Digital Strategy Map" and more.


University Strategy

The $11 billion agricultural equipment company AGCO shares its codified strategy for working with academic research institutions.

Axel Springer AG

Product Innovation Strategy

An overview of the digital classified business and innovation strategies of the German company Axel Springer, one of the largest digital publishing firms in Europe.

Boston Children's Hospital

Innovation Progress Report

An outstanding example of an innovation progress report, this 24-pager covers programs in place, their approach, and status.

Brown Brothers Harriman

Innovation Briefing

Detailed 20-pager covers mission, long-term goals, approach, hiring, new products, elements to success, primary activities, and even "What We Do Not Do."

Chamberlain Group

Global Innovation Overview

A well-designed and informative presentation outlining the company's innovation efforts.

Colt Group SA

Innovation Toolbox

Long, 42-page presentation highlight's the company's "Toolbox Structure" to innovation, all centered around customer engagement.

Colt Group SA

Product Innovation Radar

Very interesting map of innovation, focused on ideas that generate revenue, as opposed to operational or efficiency innovations.

Denver Public Schools

Denver Schools’ Imaginarium

A look at the school system's innovation initiative, with the task of transforming learning and public education systems.

Ernst & Young

Internal Innovation Briefing

A short update outlining the processes and goals behind the firm's innovation movement.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Innovation Tapestry

Details on the innovation team's graffiti art project that visually represents significant innovations that have been implemented by the Innovation Team.

Fidelity Center for Applied Technology

Catalyzing Innovation

Brochure on Fidelity's Center for Applied Technology provides a nice visual representation of the center's objectives and programs.

Gap Inc.

Sustainable Innovation

Explains how the sustainable innovation group at Gap Inc is focused on "new concepts and models that raise the bar for social and environmental performance."

Gap Inc.


A colorful and action-oriented step-by-step look at Gap's innovation "brand" called Mindspark.

GE FirstBuild

GE FirstBuild — How we built a fully-functional icemaker prototype

15-page PDF overview of how GE used its FirstBuild community makerspace to develop a countertop icemaker that was successfully launched on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

General Mills

Connected Innovation

Great 26-page overview of General Mills' "Connected Innovation" program, which focuses on collaboration through its Worldwide Innovation Network (G-WIN).


InnovationLink Site Overview

A review of the company's "InnovationLink" - a web site open to all full-time employees that allows them to post, search, find and collaborate on projects and ideas that address their problems.

Heathrow Airport

Emerging Technology & Innovation briefing

Overview of the "Emerging Technology & Innovation" program at Heathrow, including mission, goals, and several recent project examples.


Innovation Team Presentation

Excellent 32-page overview of Humana's innovation initiatives, with details on their "innovation engineering" approach. Includes case studies, hypotheses, pipeline and more.


Case Studies

Fifteen case studies at companies like Walmart, HP, and even NASA. Addresses the company's objective, the approach taken, and the business results.


P&G Growth Factory – An Innosight Impact Story

Case study with the world's largest consumer products company looks at the concept of using "innovation assembly lines" to build a growth factory.


Innovation Blueprint

At 62-pages, this might be the biggest resource we've made available. Covers innovation at the hotel company, with many examples and success stories.


Innovation Programs Overview

MasterCard Labs is MasterCard’s global Research and Development division, focused on the evolution of technological and consumer trends and the implication of these evolutions on the payments and commerce industries. This document offers an overview of their programs (as of Oct. 2015).


Innovation Briefing

A general overview of the company's innovation efforts entitled "Meaningful Innovation for the 21st Century."


Internal Innovation Newsletter

A newsletter designed to inform the company's workforce of innovation efforts, including how to work with the team and soliciting people to participate in innovation workshops.

New York Life

Annual meeting report

An article reviewing the first annual meeting of the company's Strategic Technology Investments Group, including an update on the group's efforts to introduce new technologies.

Procter and Gamble

Open Innovation

This 35-page presentation outlines innovation challenges and solutions, with plenty of examples and lessons.

Reliance Industries

Innovation at Reliance

Overview of the innovation programs at the $43 billion Indian conglomerate. Includes seven innovation habits, and a slide about the company's "innovation DNA."


Enterprise Growth Initiatives

Looks at objectives, mission, guiding principles, organization, and even talent profiles for certain positions.

Tata Communications

Innovation Engine

Overview of the challenges facing the $3 billion telecom firm, and the "Shape the Future" program that Tata runs to solicit and cultivate employee ideas. Program includes an "immersion week" in Silicon Valley.

TE Connectivity

Opportunities for Wearable Technology

A 12-page document outlining the company's work and strategy in the growing industry of wearable tech.

Thomson Reuters

Africa Innovation

The "4 Pillars" of the company's approach to doing business in Africa.

United Airlines

Innovation at United Airlines: The story

Information on how United has created an "intrapreneur-friendly" environment; the scorecard it uses to evaluate ideas; and how the innovation program is structured.

Vodafone Global Enterprise and Thomson Reuters

Co-creation lessons learned

Eight-page report on how the two organizations ran a co-creation project to develop new mobile banking services for the African market, and what they learned from the experience. Written in December 2014.


Investment Request Template

If you're looking for a generic investment template, this one was submitted by an Innovation Leader member. At 12 pages, it walks you through description, team, milestones, risks, financials, and more.


Templates and Processes for Internal Crowd Sourcing

Examples of idea submission templates and crowd sourcing processes from a large global company with 30,000 employees.

Cancer Centers of America

Idea Disclosure Form

A template used by the company to collect information about an idea and to capture the key value and potential opportunity of ideas.


Project plan template

A template for new project ideas, including funding requests, milestones, risk assessment, and strategy.


Idea Resume Template

Simple, elegant quick tool to help bring new products or ventures to life. Captures salient components of an idea on a single page, and includes explanations for each.


Innovation Process and Template

The company's "Advanced Concept Ideation Template," outlining its brainstorming process and idea development.

Seyfarth Shaw

Idea Submission Form

A four-page form for employees to submit ideas to the innovation committee.

Thomson Reuters

Meet the Innovators Questionnaire

A questionnaire given to employees who have been nominated by their peers for an innovator's award.