Downloadable Resources

Here you’ll find actual documents used by our subscribers — including templates, spreadsheets, powerpoint slides, project documents, and more — from innovation executives at large companies like Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, CVS, Fidelity, Intel, GE, Nike, Starbucks, Procter and Gamble, Target, and many others.

Culture, Personnel, and Org Structure

Innovation Team Building Blocks

Flowchart for organizing an innovation team around insights and standards.

American Family Insurance

Innovation Org Design

A flow-chart of the company's innovation organization.


Attributes of Innovators

An interesting one-page chart for assessing innovation potential in an employee or potential new hire.

BAE Systems

Grassroots Innovation and Senior Leadership – Tying it all Together

How the company bridges the gap between what senior leadership wants and how the company executes grassroots innovation.

Brown Brothers Harriman

Guide to Overseeing the Innovation Discipline

Nice, short internal guide that was created by the Chief Innovation Officer to brief executives on how they can best engage with and support the innovation team.


Creating the Culture

A 41-page PDF document outlining the company's thoughts on the defining characterstics of an innovative culture, and how they hope to achieve that goal.


#Innovation Roles

A one-page outline of the roles on the company's "#innovation" team, including roles geared to strategy, catalysts, and franchisees.


How Incremental and Disruptive Innovation Differ

Featured in a recent article with General Motors R&D executive Clay Phillips, this one-pager highlights skills and methods needed for incremental vs. disruptive innovation.


Assembling & Empowering the Teams

One-page chart focused on answering the question "What's a Win?" in innovation and R&D.


Work Practices Innovation Team

A one-page outline of the goals, challenges, and guiding principles for the company's Work Practices Innovation Team.


Employee Handbook

This unique employee handbook for the semiconductor giant is called "Freelance Nation," and discusses the company's culture around the concepts of freedom and flexibility.


Work Practices Innovation Team

The philosophy driving the company's work practices innovation team.

Liberty Mutual

Org Chart

A one-page view of the company's innovation organization inside its personal insurance division.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Innovation team org chart

An illustrated organizational chart for the company's personal insurance innovation teams.

Marsh and McLennan

Innovation Team Onboarding

Very interesting schedule that looks at the onboarding process for new innovation executives at the $12.3 billion risk and insurance firm.

Marsh and McLennan

Innovation Performance Review Worksheet

A worksheet that evaluates an innovation team member on concepts such as project work, "outside-in perspective," idea generation, and more.


DevDiv Culture

A presentation that reviews the company's cultural values and behaviors as discovered at a recent "devdiv" event.

Sealed Air

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

A manifesto outlining the company's culture of innovation.

Snap-on Tools

Building a Culture of Innovation: Process or People?

26-slide overview of Chief Innovation Officer Ben Brenton's approach, with a special focus on "driving innovation through customer connection."


Organizing for Disruptive Innovation

The organizational flowchart of the company's innovation teams, including the flexible headcount and an outline of the competencies common to all team members.


Shaping Stryker’s Innovation Culture

Includes a framework with four quadrants that comprise the major culture types, and how some companies need to "migrate" to succeed.


Innovation Ambassadors

An outline of the company's Innovation Ambassador program, which "help create, model, and nurture a positive, self-motivated" innovation culture.

Vodafone Global Enterprise

Innovation: The Catalyst for Change

Overview of the innovation program at the telecommunications company, with a special focus on how they created a global network of innovation champions; the impact so far; and best practices in setting up a similar champion network. Includes a chart summarizing comments from the employees who have participated.

W.L. Gore

Innovator Competencies

A one-page outlining the competencies required for innovation - including technical knowledge, disciplined execution, and others.